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Acceptance… Part Four.


(Photo source…. Pandora Knight)

Wow! Kitten’s had a day! Now to find out how it ends…

If you need a refresh here are the previous parts…

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Part Three.

I hope you enjoy! ❤

I twisted the tap into the off position with my foot and laid my head back against the edge of the tub. I had got in before it was even half filled and it had just finished covering me in hot water and bubbles. I sighed deeply as the heat seeped into my muscles. You had been right, a bath was a great idea, I could feel the nervous tension in my body beginning to ebb away. I took a sip of the glass of wine I had poured myself, the cool crisp yet sweet flavours washed over my tongue and down my throat, relaxing me further. I tried to organise my mind, get everything that had happened today clear in my head. I had had a few shaky moments true, but everything else, it all seemed to further cement my feelings for you, Michael… My Partner… My Sir… I thought about what I would do when you got home, to reassure you that I was certain in all of this we had together. By the time my glass was empty, my bath water had cooled and my finger tips had shrivelled up, I knew what to do.

I heard the front door unlock from where I was at the kitchen table reading. I could of sat in the living room, but I wanted to appear before you. I got up, placing my book down, and waited just to the side of the kitchen door. A clatter of keys on the side table came after the door was shut.


I didn’t respond, I waited for the light tap tap of your shoes on the floor, telling me you were coming through the living room towards the kitchen. That’s when I appeared in the doorway.

‘Oh Kitten…’

I slid my arms up the door frame, the long sleeves of one of your white shirts sliding down my arms just a little. The shirt was open, the soft cotton material parting more to frame my bare breasts. Below it I wore stockings, a suspender belt and heels.

You took a step closer to me. ‘I believe, Kitten, that that is my shirt’

I put my hand to my mouth in a ‘shocked’ look. ‘Oh!… I’m so sorry Sir… Here, I had best return it…’ I reached for the shirt, making a show of caressing my breasts before moving the material away from my body. I kept my eyes on yours as first one shoulder, then the other was revealed to you before I let it slip down my arms. I held it by my wrists for a moment before releasing it for it to drop to the floor with a gentle rustle. ‘I’m so clumsy’ I turned on the spot, widening my stance as I threw a look over my shoulder at you. I could see your fingers flexing where you wanted to touch me, and the large bulge in your trousers telling me how much you wanted me. I slowly bent at the waist, my hands following my legs down to the floor to pick up the shirt, baring my wet pussy to the cool air, before moving back upright again. You hadn’t moved from where you stood. I turned and held the shirt out to you. ‘Here you are Sir’

Your hungry eyes never left mine as you took slow steps towards. So slow it felt like an eternity with every clap of your shoes against the hardwood floor until you stood arms length away from me, the shirt pressed against its twin at your chest. One minute you were there the next you took the shirt, threw it to the side and pulled me tightly to you, seizing my hips with one hand, the other pressing against my back, almost squashing me to your chest as your captured my lips with your own. I moaned into your mouth as you kissed me hard, your tongue sweeping along mine, your teeth nibbling at my bottom lip. Your hand on my back slid upwards, tangling into my hair before twisting and pulling my head back, my lips away from yours, making me gasp and groan with pleasure.

‘We’ve had quite a day, haven’t we Kitten. I wasn’t sure how you would feel once you’d had some time to yourself’ You pressed your lips back to mine briefly.

‘I have thought about everything Sir, long…’ I rubbed my hand along your trapped length. ‘..and hard’ I squeezed it. ‘With you, I can do anything. I give everything to you, it all… the power to destroy me, and the trust that you will not. I am yours’ I sank to my knees before you, legs wide apart without breaking eye contact. ‘I am your Kitten, now and always’ I reached for your belt buckle and began to pull at the leather, but your hands closed around mine stopping me. You joined me on the floor, still holding my hands. ‘You say you give me everything, but I am nothing without you Nico, I love you’ You leaned forward and captured my lips with your own.

You had never kissed me like this before.

There was no sweep of your tongue.

No nibble of your teeth.

No movement of your lips.

Just the hot hard press of your lips against mine for what seemed like an eternity. Like you were trying to imprint yourself into my soul. I forgot to breath and my head began to spin till I pulled back and let out a little gasp for air. You smiled as you stroked my cheek. ‘Would you like your present now Kitten?’

‘Yes please Sir’ I sat back on my feet and waited.

You reached into your jacket pocket and as you did I heard a small jingle, like metal on metal. What could it be? I then saw black before the item fully came into view…

It was a collar.

I went to reach for it but stopped. ‘May I?’

You smiled, I knew it was because I had asked permission, and nodded.

I picked up the collar expecting it to be cold and unyielding, but it wasn’t. The leather felt warm and soft to the touch and was lined with black fur. The silver buckle at the back had an extra loop on the pin, for what I assumed was for a small padlock. The little jingle I had heard was from a large silver ring, or more likely the tag hanging from it. I held it up to the light to see my name ‘Kitten’ in beautiful script. I ran my thumb over it to discover it was engraved, forever marked as yours. I looked up to find you looking slightly nervous. ‘Do you like it?’

‘It’s beautiful, thank you. Could you?’ I said, handing it back to him. Your shoulders visibly relaxed as you took the collar back. ‘It would be my honour Kitten’ You undid the buckle and wrapped it gently around my neck, it was so soft it almost tickled my throat. I closed my eyes and touched the tag again, making sure it was real as you closed the collar with a gentle tug. A calmness washed over me. I felt so relaxed, almost serene as you lent back to admire your handy work. ‘You look stunning Kitten. I have truly never seen anything so beautiful’ Warmth rose across my cheeks. You had complimented me before of course, but this felt different, unique… special. ‘Are you wet for me?’ I nodded. ‘Prove it, touch yourself’

I moved my right hand between my legs, my fingers slipping easily between my labia, and swirled them around my clit a few times. A smile spread across your face at the noise it made. ‘Does it taste as sweet as it sounds Kitten’ I brought my slicked fingers to my lips and sucked on them hard, putting on a show of hollowing my cheeks and moaning. You stood up. ‘Despite your teasing, I’m going to give you what you wanted, my cum down your throat. Suck my cock’ I pulled my fingers from my lips with a clear pop and reached for your belt buckle once more. You went to loosen your tie.


‘Yes Kitten?’

‘Could you… stay dressed…please?’

‘And why is that?’

I bit my lip, wondering how I could phrase this when I found it hard to explain it to myself, let alone you.

‘When I’m naked… or virtually… and you are dressed, especially like you are now… It just… does something to me I can’t find words for. A feeling so…’


‘Yes! I can feel something burning inside me so raw… so primal…It just makes me…’ I had began to shake as that raw feeling began to throb in my belly. I lick and bit at my lip again as my eyes slid closed so I could focus on that feeling, to try and put it into words. I sharp click echoed in my ears and I felt a slight pull at the front of my neck. I opened my eyes to see your arm, before it slowly moved away and a chain began to slip between your fingers. I reached up to find the chain had been attached to the collar next to the large silver ring. I looked back up at you.

‘It makes you feel owned’ You tugged gently on the chain. ‘I feel the same way Kitten. Seeing you on your knees before me, naked, open, exposed while I am dressed… knowing you trust me like that… That beast I mentioned inside me? God it makes him hungry for you, makes me hungry for you…’ You confession had your chest rising and falling with need, your cock still strained against your zipper in front of me. Your talk of hunger had stoked the flames of my want of your cum slipping down my throat. I popped the button and yanked the zip down before pulling your length free of your boxers. I gripped it firmly, my thumb underneath it teasing the cut edge before sliding to the base. I held your gaze. ‘Then let me sate the beast’ and I sucked you down nearly all the way.

‘Ah fuck!’ One of your hands slid into my hair, the other pulled on the chain. It was new, exciting… it made me drip with need for you as I began to bob my head. I grabbed your trousers and moved them lower out of my way so I could grip and tug at your balls.

‘Move your hand Kitten, take all of me’

I let you go, sliding my palm up to rest fingers splayed on your stomach, feeling you breath and your muscles clenching. You began to thrust, the tip of your cock kissing the back of my throat. Even knowing it was coming the urge to gag was real, but I held firm, swallowing around the head next time I felt it. I squeezed your balls once more before pressing my finger tips behind them, rubbing your perineum in little circular motions. ‘Shit… haha!’ You tilted your head back as you chuckled before looking down at me again. ‘Such a naughty Kitten… trying to hurry me along. You want my cum that badly?’ I blinked once as I continued to suck, scratching my nails lightly on your stomach. ‘Kitten…’ Your voice sounded deeper now as you pulled on the chain again, tugging me forward, your cock sliding further into my mouth. I pressed down on your perineum briefly before moving back to encircle your length once more. Leaning back I let your tip slip from my mouth. ‘Please Sir, I need to feel your cum slip down my throat. I’ve wanted it all day’

‘And I want to savour you for a little bit longer, turn around’ You dropped your arm, letting the chain go slack. I resisted the urge to pout as I swivelled on my knees, my stockings sliding easily on the hard wood floor. ‘Unclip and roll down your stockings Kitten, I don’t want you sliding away from me as I fuck you’ I felt my collar, my collar… shuffle around my neck as I did as you commanded, pushing my stockings just below my knees. ‘Hands and knees Kitten’ I put my hands on the floor and walked them forward till I was stretched out almost like my namesake. I made a show of wiggling my behind as I made sure my legs were wide apart. I heard movement behind me, you must of been getting on your knees as a moment later I felt your hand caress my bare bottom before two sharp smacks rang out, one on each cheek. I cried out in surprise as the warmth began to spread across my skin. ‘That, was for teasing’ You growled out as your kneaded my hot flesh. ‘This isn’t going to be sweet or slow Kitten’ I felt the tip of your cock just nudge inside me. ‘This is going to be hard and fast’ and you thrust all the way home.

My voice left my throat in a strangled cry of pleasure as you stretched and filled me at the same time you pulled back on the chain. My head came up higher just like if you had pulled on my hair but instead of the pressure and pain on my scalp, it was now around my neck. It was kind of scary for a moment as the soft leather pressed into the front of my neck but I knew you would not hurt me. I felt your hands around my waist, the cool steel of the chain pressed into my right hand side as you did as you promised, fucked me hard and fast. The room began to echo with the sounds of debauchery.

The sharp snap of flesh on flesh as your hips slammed against my ass.

The lapping wetness of your cock driving in and out of me.

The deep rumbling growls in your chest.

My breath coming out in short high pitched pants.

The gentle rustle of the chain as it swung between us.

I tried to lower myself to the floor, the pounding having it’s affect on me but the chain and collar wouldn’t allow it. You wouldn’t allow it. ‘Please..’ I managed to whimper out. ‘Please what Kitten?’

‘Please Sir…. please can I cum?’


I wanted to cum so badly. I was wound so tight, like the spring in a Jack in the Box. I felt like I could explode any second but I knew you were holding me on that precipice. Teetering on the edge of cumming, but never doing that one little thing to push me over the edge. A squeeze of my clit, a slap to my ass… anything to make me shatter… I both hated and loved you in that moment. Your left hand swept across my back, then moved lower. I was stretched wider for a brief second as one of your fingers slipped in alongside your thick cock, before disappearing. I then felt it again, but this time at my tight puckered hole. My breath left my lungs in a gasp as you pressed just inside. I had never been touched there before, by you or anyone else. It felt strange… different… but not unpleasant. ‘One day Kitten, I will claim you here too. Make you completely and utterly mine. I will fuck My ass like I fuck My pussy’ Your words made me clench around you as I moaned out your name.

I felt the chain at my neck go slack, the pressure easing off my throat slightly as you released my hips and pulled all the way out of me.

‘Finish me off Kitten, suck me dry’

I turned on my knees as quick as I could, my muscles protesting as your glistening cock bobbed before my eyes. I opened widely, taking it eagerly all the way down, the tip hitting the back of my throat just as I reached up to press on your perineum once more. One hand sunk into my hair, holding me in place as with a primal growl you came, your essence coating the back of my throat. I felt your thumb slip inside the front of my collar. ‘That’s right Kitten, take it all’ You said as you rubbed up and down my throat, feeling the movement as I swallowed your cum greedily. ‘There’s a good girl… you can cum now’

I released my hand on you to bury my fingers between my folds. I had never felt myself so drenched. I worked my clit as fast as I could, but my body was working against me. It was like I was too wet, pulled too taunt to finally find release. Your cock slipped from my mouth as I snarled in frustration. I looked up into your eyes. ‘Please… Please Sir… I can’t….’

You tugged on the chain. ‘Up Kitten’ I raised myself to my knees, my fingers still between my legs. You slid forward pressing me hard against your chest while pulling back on the chain as your arm slipped around me. I panted against your lips ‘Help me Sir…please’

‘Ssshhhhh I’ll always take care of you Kitten’

Your hand slipped between us, overlapping my own. I went to move mine out the way but your held it tightly. You shook your head. ‘We do this together’ I let you manipulate my hand till both two of my own and your fingers stretched and rubbed at my sensitive entrance. You moved gently, short shallow thrusts. I could feel the tension building inside me once more, I leaned backwards, my eyes sliding closed as my head began to swim. ‘Eyes on me Kitten’ I opened them again, your handsome face filling my vision once more, but you were now a little blurry…. ‘…Sir…’

‘I got you Kitten’ My fingers slipped out as you moved yours to suddenly clasp my clit tightly as you blurred even more to seize one of my nipples between your teeth to suck and bite hard.

I screamed as I felt the furnace in my lower belly explode sending fire along every nerve in my body. I had been pulled so taunt for so long it was almost a shock to finally feel the snap as your ripped my orgasm from me, my breath catching in my throat.

The next thing I remember I was opening my eyes. Your face came into view, this time clear as a summer’s morning. You smiled and kissed my forehead. ‘Welcome back Kitten’ I blinked a few times and looked around. You were sitting crossed legged on the hardwood floor and I was in your lap as you held me tightly to your chest, I could even feel your heart beating steadily under my palm. ‘Are you alright? You were really out of it for a moment there’

‘I was?!’

‘It can happen when a session is particularly intense, and yours has lasted all day’ You kissed my head again. ‘How are you feeling?’

I took stock of how I felt. Heavy, like I had every ounce of energy drained from my body. My knees felt sore, I looked down and could see they were red.. and sated…I felt so incredibly satisfied. ‘I’m good Sir, though I don’t think I could move…’ With barely a grunt of effort you moved from sitting to standing without letting me go. ‘You don’t have to move Kitten, I got you. Bath time, and then dinner in bed’ I grabbed the side of your neck and leaned in to kiss you with everything I had left. ‘Thank you’ I whispered as I pulled back and snuggled into your chest.

‘Anything for you Kitten’ as you began to ascend the stairs.

That was a hell of a ride! And not just for Kitten, for me as well! This has been the longest piece I have written, so far, hopefully I have a few more rattling around my brain.

If that wasn’t enough for you, you can find more Smutty Goodness by clicking the banner below!


Acceptance… Part Three


After an exciting time at the office, Kitten goes for a late lunch and a break from all the teasing…or does she…

Part One.

Part Two.

I hope you enjoy!

The dark corner booth was thankfully free when I got to the little deli down the street from my office building. I loved this place, food was cheap, tasted great and it made a great place to people watch. I kicked off my heels and brought my legs up on the well worn leather seat, much more comfortable. While I waited for my order I checked my phone, you hadn’t replied to my picture, but I decided to send you another one anyway. Then decided I would send you video instead. I took one more look at it, smiling as I watched my pussy flutter before adding the caption ‘I took this earlier, I don’t know what came over me xx’ and sending it off to you just as the waitress came up with my order.

‘Large latte, chicken salad and half serving of fries?’

‘That’s me, thank you very much’ I smiled up at her as she placed my food on the table. I noticed a sway to her hips as she weaved between the tables and chairs heading back to the kitchen. It was quite mesmerising. Like her body was made of liquid, moving first one way then the other effortlessly. There were no footsteps either, a silent graceful dancer… My phone vibrating on the table brought me out of my little trance. Wow… I have never noticed a woman like that before. I put it down to my near constant state of arousal and picked up my phone. You had replied to my messages with one simple word.


I smiled as I popped a whole cherry tomato in my mouth, the sweet flavours bursting over my taste buds as my teeth pierced into the flesh. A thought suddenly flashed through my head…Could I take a picture here? After the conversation we had earlier, about being caught and watched… you would certainly approve. I looked around the deli, considering it was still lunchtime, they weren’t busy. An older gentleman sat in the far corner very engrossed in a broadsheet newspaper, didn’t really have to worry about him, and by the door sat three college students sipping milkshakes and talking in hushed whispers. How could I do this?

An idea came into my head and I just went with it. I put my legs back to the floor, pinched the material of my skirt and gradually pulled it up. When I thought I had it high enough I switched my phone’s camera on and started it recording before placing it on the seat next to me. I stabbed about three chips with my fork, popped them into my mouth and put the fork back on the table, badly. My vision went into slow motion. The fork slowly slipped off the edge of the table, spinning as it tumbled with a high pitched clang to the tiled floor. ‘Damn it’ I muttered to myself. I brought one leg up on to the seat and as I bent down to grab the fork with my right hand, I slid the phone between my legs with the other. A quick glance around the diner, no one was looking my way. The fork had gone a bit further than I thought it would and I had to go even lower down, perfect chance to put my hand up my skirt and spread my lips and rub my clit a little. Even after everything you had done to me, I had done to myself, every thought, word and touch… it still felt amazing. I had just started to swirl my finger around when a pair of well worn black shoes appeared on the floor on the other side of the table. Shit! The waitress squatted down and reached for the dropped fork. ‘Hey are you…’ I met her wide eyed stare with my own. From her position she could see my skirt hitched up high with my hand between my legs and my phone screen lighting the insides of my thighs.

How the fuck do I get out of this?!?! Oh God! Oh God! She’s going to ring the Police! I’m about to be arrested for indecent exposure or whatever! Why was I touching myself in a diner? Well Officer, my partner, who is also my Sir, has been edging me, or telling me to edge all day and I’ve been sending him pictures to prove what I’m doing. Oh edging? Yes I can explain that…

A wry smile pulled at the corner of her mouth before she picked up the fork and said ‘I’ll get you a fresh one honey’ then with a wink she was gone. I blinked… Did that just happen? I righted myself quickly, catching my head on the edge of the table. ‘Fuck! Ow!’ By the time I had sat up and was trying to pull my skirt down the waitress was walking back to me, a clean fork in her hand, and that same smile on her face. Okay, act casual, nothing to see here… my face is as red as that tomato I ate isn’t it? She seemed to swerve at the last moment, coming up to stand on my left hand side. She placed the fork down slowly. ‘There you go’ I managed a quick glance up to meet her eyes. ‘Thank you’

‘Oh!’ The exclamation went a little higher pitch than her previous soft sounding tone. She bent at the waist, giving me a very close up view of her ample cleavage and delicate silver choker adorning her throat and she picked up my still recording phone that I had left on the seat. Fuck Fuck Fuck! She held it up to her face, winked and blew a kiss to the screen, A small giggle escaped between her lips just as she passed it back to me. I went to take it with my left hand, then remembered where it had been and quickly switched to my right. She smiled another knowing smile and walked away. I sat almost stationary, not still but virtually frozen… Okay…What the fuck just happened?! My mind whirled with so many thoughts. Is this what my life will be like? Have you just been going easy on me up till now? Am I going to spend the rest of my life in a state of constant arousal where everything around me would have sexual connotations? Could I deal with that? I needed to speak to you. I grabbed my phone and held down the number 1 for speed dial. You picked up on the fourth ring. ‘Hello Kitten’

‘Michael, I don’t know if I can do this…’ I began to shake as the words left my mouth.

‘What wrong Nico? What’s happened?’ You voice was brimming with concern.

I took a deep breath, my voice came out in a whisper ‘I…I was trying to take a picture to send to you and I got caught…’

‘Caught? Someone saw you?’

‘Yes! That’s what being caught fucking means!’ I hissed through clenched teeth.

‘Okay Nico, I want you to breath with me okay? In’ I heard you take a deep breath on the other end of the line. I inhaled a shaky breath. ‘And out’ I pursed my lips and released. ‘Good girl, again?’ Five more times we breathed together, by the end my heart had stopped racing. ‘There we go, that’s better. It’s all going to be fine Nico. Where are you? Can you get to me?’

‘I’m at that little diner just down the road from work… I was having my lunch but…’

‘No don’t come to me, stay there, try and eat something, it will make you feel better, trust me. I’ll be there in…’ There was a rustle of clothing, you were probably looking at your watch. ‘Ten minutes, I’m leaving now’

‘Okay…’ and then the line went dead.

Ten minutes isn’t a long time really, but it felt like an eternity. I glanced at my lunch, I didn’t really want it anymore, my stomach felt like a knotted mess. But you told me to eat something… I picked up the clean fork the waitress had brought me, I shivered as everything that happened flashed through my mind again. I put some chicken and lettuce in my mouth and began to chew slowly. Another mouthful, and another. A sip of my now lukewarm coffee, a mouthful of coffee cause it wasn’t going to burn me. Hang on…. How were you going to get here in ten minutes? Your work is about twenty five minutes away… I focused on that as I ate more, a slice of cucumber, a chip, another cherry tomato.

I looked up as the door clashed open, the bell above it clanging sharply rather than ringing gently. You were standing there in the doorway, your chest heaving, your shirt hanging loose rather than neatly tucked in. Your hair looked like it had been blasted in a wind tunnel. Had you just ran here… For me? My heart constricted in my chest. Your eyes met mine and held them as you ran a hand through your hair, righted your jacket and moved inside to let the door close behind you. You walked towards me, slowly, every step seemingly measured and precise. I stood up as you approached, weaving your way around the tables just as gracefully as the waitress had earlier. You stopped when you stood directly in front of me, barely a whisper of air between us. I felt myself begin to shake again, my vision began to blur as tears welled up in my eyes. You seized me, pulling me tightly against your chest, holding me in a vice like grip. I broke right there in your arms. I felt myself shatter into a thousand pieces, a sob cracking in my throat. ‘Ssshhhhhh, I got you Nico’ You rubbed my back and I felt your lips press against my forehead, like you would do after you spanked me or the sex was intense. My world narrowed. Everything else just melted away to nothing. All I could feel was you. You heart, so strong and steady beating against my ear. Your arms holding all my broken pieces together. ‘Nico? Shall we sit down?’


You lowered me gently back down to the seat, and sat next to me, never once braking contact. You wrapped your arm around my shoulders and held my hand. ‘Now, what happened?’

I told you it all.

How I noticed the waitress.

How I got into taking the video

What the waitress did after she spotted me

And how everything just swirled around in my head and I just needed to speak to you.

‘I don’t know if I can do this anymore if it’s going to be like this all the time… my nerves are shot…’

You squeezed my hand. ‘Nico, look at me’ I had looked at our joined hands the whole time I was talking, and you had let me, until now. I took a deep breath and met your gaze. The love, adoration and concern in those deep brown eyes blew me away. ‘It’s been quite an extreme day I’ll admit, the run in with Stephen, and now this. It isn’t always like this. Some days are more intense than others, just like with anything else, and there will be days where nothing will happen at all’ You released my hand to caress my cheek. ‘I will always be here for you. You are never alone. I will always take care of you’

I smiled ‘I know…I mean I knew that anyway but seeing you burst through that door, running all the way here… I can’t quite believe you did that…’

‘Nico… You are mine. My most precious possession. I love you more than anything in this world. Of course I would come running for you…’

‘I love you too’

You smiled, and seemed to visually relax. ‘Trust me Kitten, you can do this, you want to do this. I can see it in your eyes, feel it in the way your body moves against mine’ You leaned in to me, and pressed your lips gently against mine, like you if you kissed me any harder I would break all over again. I kissed you back, showing you I wouldn’t. You pulled away slowly, like you didn’t want to stop. ‘Are you okay?’

I nodded. ‘I am now, yes…thank you, Sir’ The smile that spread across your face when I said that last word. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so happy.

‘Now, let me see this video you recorded here while you finish off your lunch. The one with the waitress’

I loaded up the video and handed you my phone. I shoved a few, now cold, chips into my mouth and leaned over to watch with you. First there was just the ceiling of the diner and my shoulder and arm. Then my face appeared briefly before the camera moved between my legs. It was dark sure but no mistaking what was on the screen. My fingers appeared and spread my lips apart as I began to play with my clit. You looked at me and grinned before focusing on my phone once more.

My hand froze on screen, then the ceiling appeared again after I sat up. It stayed that for a while then the camera was jostled as the waitress picked it up and her pretty face appeared on the camera. Your eyes widened and you began to chuckle as you rewound the video and paused it on her winking face. ‘What’s funny?’ You held the camera up to me and pointed at the screen ‘See her necklace?’ You said as you pointed to the silver choker with a single hoop connecting the two strands.

‘Yeah, I saw it earlier. What about it?’

‘It’s not just any necklace. It’s what’s called a day collar. A sub who wears a collar for their dom sometimes wear a day collar when not wearing the actual collar. It’s a discreet way of always feeling connected with their dom, to know they are owned, and feel it always’

‘What?! How can you tell?’

‘I mean it’s not definite, but it very much looks like one. They commonly have a ring in the middle like that. There’s a high possibility that this waitress is a sub. May be why she reacted the way she did. She knew what you were doing, she’s probably done it herself’ I stared at the waitress’ cute face on my phone screen, I then looked up, to find her watching us by the counter. Her hands were linked in front of her, her posture almost demure. She smiled at me again, her head slightly tilted to the side. I returned her smile, and when I did she started to come closer. When she reached the table, she did the slightest of bows. ‘I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable’ Her voice was light and sweet, and she really did sound genuinely sorry. ‘It’s fine really, I’m… still a little new to all of this’ She turned slightly to face you. ‘I’m sorry she had to call you Sir, I hope she won’t be punished…. too severely for this…’

You turned to face me, bringing your hand up to caress my cheek as you replied. ‘It’s been a very intense day, for us both, I will go easy on her tonight’ You brought your thumb round to rub across my lips. My tongue flicked out to lick it, almost on instinct, before sucking the tip between my lips. A quiet giggle echoed in my ear and I suddenly remembered we were not alone. I looked over at the waitress smiling yet again before she turned and headed away. I put my head in my hands while you sat there laughing. I smacked your arm ‘It’s not funny!’

‘Oh but it is’ You pulled me hard against you as you lowered your voice to whisper in my ear. ‘Seeing my Kitten all flustered makes me smile… and hard’ You took my hand and placed it on the slight bulge in your trousers.

‘Just your touch makes me forget everything, even where I am’ I looked around to emphasise that we were in a public place. ‘I especially forget myself… It scares me sometimes… this power you have over me…’

You leaned in and kissed my forehead. ‘The only power I have over you is what you give me and when you give it. You can take that back at any time and I will stop. I’ll admit… It never felt like you wanted me to stop so I haven’t. You respond so beautifully to everything I do or say… I guess I can’t help myself but to touch you and tease you, no matter where we are… I’ll do better Kitten… I’ll do better Nico… I promise’

I nodded. ‘Thank you. I feel better talking about it… I promise to talk to you more Michael, not let things build up’ Your smile melted my heart.

‘I’m glad everything is okay. Now, about that video you sent me…’

My eyes widened, with the waitress and our talk, I had completely forgotten about the video I had sent you! ‘Yes Sir?’

‘How did that video happen Kitten? Describe it to me’

I bit my lip, my eyes flickering down briefly before meeting yours once more. ‘I was in the toilet after our video call, taking a couple of pictures for you when I just pressed record…It was like something inside me took over’ I exhaled as the words rushed out of my mouth.

Your hand came up to caress my face briefly. ‘How did it feel to be such a naughty Kitten?’

I looked straight a head for a moment and shut my eyes, taking myself back to that moment… Something in me just hitting the video button on my phone screen, holding my labia wide as I dipped my finger inside my dripping pussy before sliding it up and around. Just thinking about it now I could feel the ghost of my finger swirling around my sensitive clit. I shivered. And the pressure of my teeth into my bottom lip as I bit it to keep quiet… I bit into it again now. I opened my eyes. ‘It felt soooo good Sir’

You smiled. ‘So it seems. It came naturally to you, being naughty, like submitting to me’

‘Only you’

My hand was still on your groin and I squeezed your cock gently. Your eyes widened. ‘Careful Kitten, I don’t care where we are… I’ll drag you into the toilets, the ally or I’ll touch you right here.’ You let the words hang in the air. Letting me decide if I took the power back, or fed you more. I stared into your eyes, I knew you spoke the truth, you would touch me right here, location and eyes on us be damned…

If I let you…

I moved my hand to your thigh and gave it a squeeze. ‘Let’s wait till tonight Sir, keep the edge running just a little longer’ I leaned in to peck you on the lips. As I pulled away your hand moved as fast as a snake’s strike to rest against the back of my neck. I gasped. ‘Oh no Kitten, kiss me like you mean it’ I bit my bottom lip at your words before kissing you once more. I kept my mouth closed at first, pressing my lips hard against yours before opening just enough to nip at your bottom lip. I felt you smile. I bit your lip again then licked the plump flesh before you captured my tongue and sucked it into your mouth to caress it with your own. You had said to kiss me like I meant it… so I relinquished control. I panted ever so slightly against your lips, something I knew you loved, and I felt your thumb and index finger squeeze the back of my neck before you claimed my lips as yours. You kissed like you fucked… hard and possessive. I felt my heart speed up, the blood rushing around my body spreading fire along my veins. Your other hand came to rest on my knee, squeezing firmly, digging your nails in. I groaned, and you swallowed it. Owning it, taking even that from me, it was yours…

I was yours.

With a little bite of my bottom lip you pulled away. I ran my tongue where you had bitten, my eyes still closed. I felt warm, light headed and very aroused, like you had kissed all the air out of my lungs. Your hands kept me grounded as I came down from my high. With a short inhale of breath I opened my eyes. You had a slight smirk on your lips, like the cat that got the cream…or the Sir that got the submission. I once again felt like we were the only ones in the whole world… Until my phone vibrated violently against the table. I sighed and whispered ‘Back to reality’ You pressed a quick kiss to my forehead before releasing my neck. I reached forward to grab my phone and open the text.

Peterson’s decided they are
changing the whole damn
agreement! Fuck knows what
they are thinking! Rescheduled
meeting for tomorrow afternoon!

I read the message over a couple more times. It was from my boss and I knew she would pacing around her office shouting down about three phones right now. I turned to you. ‘I had better get back, shit has just hit the fan, I need to help Caroline’

‘I had too… I ran past Rebecca and just shouted I’ll be back in a bit. She’s probably wondering where the fire is…’

I caressed your cheek. ‘I still can’t believe you came running for me…’

‘Anything for you Nico’ You turned your head slightly and kissed my palm. ‘You know that’

‘I knew it, but I’ve never truly understood what that felt like… till today’

You took my hand from your cheek and stood up still holding it. ‘I’ll go and pay and I’ll be back for you’ You bent and kissed the back of my hand before heading towards the counter. I sighed again, popped the last cherry tomato in my mouth and checked I had everything. You came walking back but you had the waitress walking behind you. You held out your hand to me. ‘May I escort you out my lady?’ I smiled, took your hand and you pulled me to my feet. The waitress handed me a small piece of paper. ‘My number’ She said. ‘In case you wanted someone to talk to who understands what you’re going through’ I took the number and slipped it into my bag. ‘Thank you, that means a lot’ She beamed, like it meant a lot to her too. ‘Enjoy your evening’ She said as she began to clear away my lunch things as we headed for the door.

You kissed me once more outside, though brief I felt it all the way down to my toes. ‘I’m going to go and pick up your present then head back to the office, text me when you get back yeah?’

‘I will, I can’t wait to see my present’

‘You will be able to feel it too’ I sly smirk spread across your lips.

‘Does it vibrate?’

You laughed loudly, a deep, throaty sound so full of warmth. ‘Straight to the point Kitten, but no it does not vibrate. You will have to wait and see. Now go back to work, I’ll see you tonight’ You pressed one more kiss to my lips before turning and walking away. A deep sigh fell from my lips. I felt drained emotionally, like crashing after a sugar high. Yet, lighter having spoken to you and clearing the air about how I felt. I took a deep breath and headed back to the office, I needed to get my head clear to deal with the situation back at work.

I freshened up in the toilets before heading back to my office. With my lunch starting later than planned and being out longer it was now nearly four in the afternoon. I fired off a quick text saying I was back before heading down to Caroline’s office. The door was shut, but her blinds were open and she was pacing back and forth with the phone to her ear having an extremely animated conversation. I knocked but stood by the window so she could see who it was. She waved me in and I opened the door.

‘I don’t give a damn if he thinks he’s doing the right thing, he may well be but just suddenly changing it all at the last fucking minute is a logistical and statistical nightmare! Speak to him and get back to me’ With a firm press of her perfectly manicured index finger she hung up. I bet she wished she was on the land-line so she could of slammed the phone down.

‘Nicole, thanks for coming back so quickly. I don’t know what Peterson thinks he’s doing but it’s fucked up the rest of the day and half of tomorrow’ She placed her hands on her hips and exhaled, causing her fringe to be blown up and gently flutter down.

‘What do you need me to do?’

‘To be honest, I don’t think there is anything for you to do right now as I have no information to give you. I may not even get any until the meeting tomorrow. Why don’t you head home, relax, get a good night sleep so you are in top form to deal with it all tomorrow’

‘I can’t leave you to deal with all this on your own’

She took her suit jacket off and placed it over the back of the chair. ‘It’s fine, honestly. Plus, I’m not on my own, I have Jackson updating me when he gets info and Stephen running back and forth when I snap my fingers’ I smiled. She had previously joked to me she could teach Stephen a thing or two, and not to do with law either. ‘Go on, go. Get Michael to give you a good night’ My mouth dropped open.


‘What? Oh come on! I can tell when you’ve had a good seeing too the night before, or even that morning! You have this look about you’

‘I do?!’

‘Yeah, like…’ She looked thoughtful for a moment. ‘Like you’ve just let go of every stress or worry you had in your head… Content… You look content’ I smiled. Letting go was an understatement, as was content.

She waved her hand at me in ‘Shoo!’ gesture. ‘Go on, I’ll see you tomorrow’ Her phone began to vibrate across her desk.

‘Thanks Caroline’ I closed the door behind me as I headed back to my office.

On the ride down in the lift down to the car park I messaged you saying I was headed home for the day. As I reached my car my phone began to ring. I quick glance around showed me there was no one around. ‘Hello Sir’

‘Hello Kitten. Everything okay?’

‘Yes I’m fine’ I said through a smile. ‘I can’t help with anything right now so Caroline sent me home. Wants me at my best for tomorrow and whatever is going to be thrown at us’ I had unlocked my car, threw my bag on the passenger seat before moving around to sit behind the wheel.

‘Ah I see. Glad it’s nothing else’

‘What time do you think you will be home?’

I heard you exhale through pursed lips. ‘Probably another couple of hours yet. When you get home Kitten, have a nice hot bath, candles, music, whatever. You’ve had a pretty intense day, it will help you relax’

‘Yes Sir, I will. Caroline says you should give me a good night, help me get a good night sleep’

‘Oh did she now?’

I giggled. ‘Yes, she says she can always tell, and I quote “When I’ve had a good seeing to the night before or that morning”’

You barked out a laugh. ‘A good seeing too is one way to describe it’

‘She said I looked like I had let everything go and was just content’

‘I hope you are more than content Kitten?’

‘Yes Sir, so much more…’ I wished at that moment I could be in your arms. It felt like something I should be saying to your face, not down the phone. I heard a harsh knock on your end of the line.

‘I have to go. Enjoy your bath Kitten, I’ll see you soon’ Then there was a single beep to say you had gone. I put the phone in my lap and just sat there for a moment. Being on edge all day had built a tension inside me that I had never felt before, like every cell inside me was vibrating, needing to explode. Yet I also felt drained… It was odd having two conflicting emotions swirling around inside me at once. I think you were right, a nice hot bath would do me good.

I threw my phone in bag and grabbed my keys. That bath was calling me.

Fourth and final part.

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Acceptance… Part Two.


Last time, Acceptance…. Sir had been teasing Kitten in the kitchen, now… she’s at work…

As the elevator doors opened on to the floor at the law offices I worked for, I felt like everyone knew that I wasn’t wearing any knickers. I mean, they couldn’t tell of course… could they?

‘Morning Miss Warner’ I jumped and turned to see one of our interns, Stephen, coming up behind me. ‘Oh Stephen! Morning’ He stopped next to me. ‘You look a little flustered, are you okay?’ I swear I just heard myself gulp… ‘Yeah, yes, yes! I’m fine thank you! I just…’ Think Nico Think… ‘I had the heater on a little too high in the car…’ I smiled at Stephen and hoped, for the love of God, that he believed me. ‘Oh, okay… Well see you later Miss Warner’ and off he jogged down the long corridor. I breathed a sigh of relief…How was I going to get through a whole day if just someone saying hello can put me on edge?


My heart leaped in my chest. I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out my phone. It was you.

‘You should be at work now Kitten, I hope you’re ready to play’

I typed back.

‘Ready as I’ll ever be Sir’

You replied quickly.

‘Good Girl. Now, every 30mins or so, you are going to rub that sweet pussy of yours against something, discreetly of course. Edge of a table, chair, a book, your fingers… I don’t mind what but you will rub Kitten xx’

I stood like an idiot in the corridor just staring a gasp at my phone screen. Are you fucking kidding me?!?!

‘Please tell me you’re joking?!?! Xx’

‘Not even a little Kitten. You will do as you’re told… willingly xx’

Could I really do this?

I thought back to that moment when I realised how dominant you were in the bedroom, and how I began to crave and thrive on the feelings you brought out in me.

How I took a chance…

How I trusted you…

How wonderful my whole life, not just my sex life was now because you were in it…

How I would do anything for you…

I took a deep breath, straightened my shoulders and typed back before continuing walking to my office.

‘Yes Sir…. Would Sir like pictures? Xx’

After settling in my office, turning on the PC and setting the coffee machine to warm up, I checked your reply.

‘Oh Kitten, pictures are very much encouraged! 😉 xx’

It was still early, the corridors and kitchen I had past on my way here were quiet. I locked my door and looked around my office. What had you said again? Desk, chair, book, anything really… Let’s start simple. I walked to the edge on my large oak desk and hitched my skirt up. ‘This was going be happening a lot today’ I said to myself. I didn’t open my lips but rubbed my clit through them on the edge of the desk. Wow….  that actually felt good. I rolled my hips in a circle, head back, imagining you were watching we debauch myself against my desk. I grabbed my phone and snapped a quick picture of my lips on the dark wood, and another of them held slightly open. I righted my skirt, unlocked the door before pouring myself a coffee and taking a seat. ‘I still can’t believe I am doing this…’ I muttered to myself as I sent the first picture saying I had imagined you watching me while I did it. My phoned pinged almost instantly.

‘Good start Kitten, I wish I was watching you too’ xx

I smiled, put down my phone, and started work.

Have you ever tried rubbing your pussy against something every thirty minutes? It’s very time consuming! And with several meetings which could easily last an hour dotted through the day, it was virtually impossible. I had managed to rub myself against two more objects that morning, the arm of the chair and the phone (I cleaned it before and after!) I also hid under my desk, with the door unlocked may I add, and fingered myself. Each time I sent you the resulting photo, and each time you had sent back words of encouragement, promises of rewards later and even a photo of you cock straining against your trousers saying how you were “Twitching thinking of me fingering myself”

I text you an apology saying I had to go into a meeting and would send another as soon as I was out. I also sent the other picture I had taken that morning with the caption ‘Pussy misses her Sir’

Nearly an hour and a half, and two more grey hairs later I walked out of the meeting. I was so fucking horny! I had no idea those few little rubs I had done earlier would haunt me like they had… I just wanted to touch myself more. If it wouldn’t of got me fired, I would of happily climbed on to the conference room table and given everyone a good view of my dripping cunt as I fingered myself to within an inch of cumming. I power walked down the corridor towards my office and was grateful when I got there with no one stopping me. I damn near slammed the door shut and locked it before leaning against it taking in a few deep breaths. I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see you had messaged me.

‘Sir misses his pussy too. Tell me when you are out of the meeting. We can video call xx’

I typed out a quick message that I would ring him in a couple of minutes and then sat down at my desk. My phone buzzed.

‘Ready when you are Kitten xx’

I took a deep breath. I still couldn’t quite believe that I was about to do this. A shiver ran through me, one of doubt and fear yes, but also excitement. I pressed the button.

My heart sped up as the connection was made and your gorgeous face appeared on the screen. ‘Hello Sir’ You smiled.

‘Hello Kitten. How are you feeling?’

‘Truthfully Sir….So Fucking horny!’ You let out a chuckle and the screen jostled as you seemingly put the phone some where. You were in your office like me, I could tell by the view from the window behind you. Your suit jacket was gone and the sleeves of your crisp white shirt were rolled up to your elbows. ‘Balance the phone on the desk Kitten, I want to see more of you’

‘Yes Sir’

I glanced around my desk and grabbed the stapler and used it to prop my phone up and scooted back in my chair. ‘Better Sir?’

‘A little to the left… Perfect! Now Kitten, tell me more about being so fucking horny’

‘I didn’t realise that all those little touches would linger and in the meeting I just…’ I glanced down and fiddled with them hem of my shirt.

You cleared your throat. ‘You what Kitten?’

I looked back up, you were too far away for me to see your eyes, but I could still feel your heated gaze on me. ‘I just wanted to touch myself, right there’

‘In front of all those people? It would be quite a show Kitten… Quite the show, but it’s my turn for a show now. Skirt up Kitten, feet on the desk’

I stood up.

This was really happening.

I was really going to do this.

I bent down to grip the edge of my skirt and slowly pulled it up my legs, gathering as I went till it was completely bunched at my waist. I sat down on the edge of my chair and placed one heeled foot on the edge of the desk. I took a deep breath and raised the other foot, exposing my pussy to you. ‘Bend those knees, come closer’ I hooked my foot on the edge of the desk to pull myself nearer before returning it back. I looked at the screen to see you rubbing your groin. ‘Are you wet Kitten?’

I placed my hands on my knees and slowly slid them down my thighs. Just that simple touch made me break out in goose bumps. I reached my lower lips and spread them wider apart. ‘Mmmmmm. There’s that sweet pussy’ I smiled as pressed two fingers to my clit. ‘…Fuck Sir. So wet’

‘I want to hear how wet Kitten’

I could see the outline of your cock through your trousers now. Hard and thick straining against the zipper as I slipped my fingers lower, rubbing and tapping my entrance. The noise was so…dirty, obscene even. It seemed to echo around the room.

‘Jesus Christ Kitten! You’re not wet… you’re soaked! What were you thinking about in that meeting?’

‘Please Sir…can I touch my clit while I tell you?’

I heard a small chuckle. ‘As you asked so nicely first… you may, but, slowly, and if you stop talking mid sentence you will have to stop, and you will get extra spanks tonight’

‘Yes Sir, thank you Sir’ I moved back up to my clit and as slowly as I could began to circle it with my fingers, a contented groan leaving my throat as I did. I held my lips open so you could watch me.

‘As I sat in the meeting all I could think about was I just wanted to touch myself, rub my pussy against something… I just wanted anything Sir…. I physically ached…’

‘Eyes on me’

I hadn’t even realised my eyes had shut and my head had rolled back as I savoured every sweep of my fingertips. I opened them to find you rubbing your cock through your trousers. ‘What else Kitten’

I dipped my fingers inside myself, scissoring them apart, the stretch and squelching making me shiver. ‘Ahh… I… I wanted to climb up onto the conference table on all fours, right to the middle…’

‘How many people in the meeting?’

‘Fifteen Sir…’

‘And what did you want to do in the middle of the table in front of fifteen people? Leave no detail out Kitten’

I circled around my clit again, faster this time. ‘I wanted to pull my skirt up, like it is now… Oh! And go onto my…elbows and knees, ass in the air and rub my pussy Sir’

‘Mmmm anything else Kitten?’ You had pulled your cock out now, it stood straight up and your were teasing the base. I wish I could wrap my lips around the tip and suck it.

‘Ahhh! I then I would go on to my back, open my shirt and pinch my nipples while they would all see my fingers go in and out of my wet cunt’

‘Fuck Kitten yes! If I was in that meeting I would climb up on that table and help you cum’ You stroked your thumb over the tip of your cock as I dipped my fingers inside me before raising them to my mouth and spreading the juices across my lips. ‘How would you make me cum Sir?’ I sucked on my fingers before rubbing my clit once more.

You moved your hands to grip the arms of the chair, leaving your cock to stand tall. ‘As you played with your tits I would spread your legs wide, everyone getting a good view of your sexy little pussy, right before I suck it dry’

‘Fuck yes Sir!’

‘I would grind my beard against your folds, so you would feel me there for days’

‘Please Sir Please’ I moved my fingers a little faster.

‘Then, once your came all over my mouth, I would take you, hard. Everyone watching my cock drive into you over and over and over again as you chanted my name. Every single one of them knowing that you were mine’

I moved my fingers to the left side of my clit, where I was more sensitive and rubbed harder ‘Oh… Oh… Oh…’


Your shout startled me out of my trance. I stopped, breathing heavily, my whole body tingling with how close I had been.

‘That was close enough Kitten, we are edging, not cumming remember?’

I nodded, I wasn’t sure I could find my voice just yet. ‘You can right yourself now Kitten’ I slowly did what I was told, first lowering my feet. My legs burning as I wobbled on my heels to pull my skirt back down. I didn’t do it perfectly but would do for now before I sat down again. I let out a long breathe. ‘Are you alright Kitten?’

I finally focused on you. You had tucked yourself back in, but the bulge was still prominent. Your chest was rising and falling steadily as you lounged in your office chair. I nodded again. ‘Yes Sir…’

‘Well done Kitten, you did beautifully’ you smiled.

Your praised washed over me, like the aftershock of the orgasm I didn’t have. It made me shiver. ‘Thank you Sir…. Wow… that was insane..’ I exhaled upwards, my breath catching a lock of hair that had fallen over my eyes.

A thought crossed my mind. I had just masturbated in my office at work. Okay, so the door was locked, but not the point. My legs had been wide open, directly facing the door. I had no knickers on. My Sir, my partner, who is known around the company from work events, had been watching me, talking me through it, his cock in hand… I had done that… and loved every fucking second of it!

The risk, how ever small, of being caught was… there still was one… and the thoughts I had had during the meeting, how I wanted to touch myself in the middle of the table… and you! You said you would fuck me in front of everyone…. That thought made me feel things… confused…scared… excited… Did you want to do that? Did I want you to do that to me… my mind began to swirl…

‘I can see you thinking Kitten.. What’s wrong?

I blinked back to the now. ‘It’s nothing Sir… ‘ I smiled and tucked my hair behind my ear. ‘Just an overactive imagination’ I knew you were narrowing your eyes at me. I could feel your stare. ‘I won’t press you now, but we will talk about this. I won’t forget’

‘Yes Sir’

You ran your fingers through your dark hair. ‘That was more intense than I had expected Kitten. We will leave the other one this time. I still want you to rub your pussy on things, and I still want pictures’

I was glad of a chance to recover… but also disappointed that we wouldn’t get to do this again today. ‘Did you have fun too Sir?’ I small chuckle came through the phone’s speaker. ‘Oh Kitten, that was amazing! I loved every second of it. Did you not see how hard my cock was for you?’

‘I wanted it Sir…’

‘Oh? And what did you want to do with it?’

I smiled coyly at you, ‘I wanted to be on my knees again like this morning… I wanted to suck you’

‘Mmmmm I think that can be arranged’

The intercom buzzer in your office sounded. A sharp call of having to go back to reality. ‘Damn, I gotta go Kitten. You did wonderful. I love you’

‘I love you too…’

You moved closer to the phone for a brief moment before you disconnected. I suddenly felt…low.. like a wave of sadness had washed over me. The high had gone, and I had just dropped… I sighed heavily, and didn’t want to move, but a glance at the clock reminded me I had meeting in twenty minutes. I grabbed my bag from the floor so I could go smarten myself back up. As I unzipped it to pop my phone in I noticed the little side pocket, which was always empty and closed, was open and a brown packet was poking out. That’s strange… I thought to myself and opened the pocket wider to find a folded up piece of paper and a bar of my favourite chocolate and caramel. I tore at the wrapper and groaned aloud as the first square of sweet milk chocolate began to melt on my tongue. I unfolded the piece of paper…

To my darling Nico,

I snuck this into your bag this morning in case you

had a drop after we spoke. I already know you are

going to do amazing today, you always do. You

are my Kitten yes, but are also a fearless strong

woman who can do anything she puts her mind too.

                     I love you

Michael xx

I smiled as my heart filled with warmth. I held the note to my chest for a brief moment before kissing it and folding back into the little pocket. I popped another piece of chocolate into my mouth as I typed out a quick message to you.

‘Thank you for the chocolate, it’s just what I needed’ xx

As I pressed send a naughty thought crossed my mind and I sent another text.

‘My tongue is covered in chocolate… later it will be covered in your cum, Sir’

I put my phone in my bag and went off with a smile to make myself look more decent.

By the time I had got to the ladies bathroom I felt better. My whole body felt warm, and despite no orgasm, content. My phone vibrated just I locked the cubicle door.

‘You’ve been a good girl Kitten, you’ve earned my cum. I’m looking forward to feeling it slip down your throat’

A image came with the message. A close up of some black material bulging outwards with a small damp patch on it. Knowing you were affected too made me feel giddy. I pulled my skirt up again before lowering the seat, placing my bag and one foot upon it. I spread my lips wide taking another picture of my glistening pussy. I slid my fingers inside me, shuddering as I pumped them a few times before them out taking a shot of them spread apart with my juices stretched between them. I know it was cheating, but least I had a few shots to send between meetings. I moved my bag to the floor, sat on the seat and took another pic of my legs spread wide. Just as I was about to lower my feet, something inside me took over and I hit record on my phone’s camera and touched myself, biting my lip as to not make a noise. I hit stop and lowered my feet. Holy crap what I’d I just do…

I threw my phone in my bag, did my business and then focused on refreshing my make up and hair, ignoring the slight pink tinge to my cheeks. I got back to my office, I still had five minutes and checked what I had just recorded. My phone was on mute so there was no audio, I didn’t know whether to be disappointed or not. Though it seemed to add rather than take away from the video. The angle was slightly tilted to the left, where my phone hand must of been balanced against my leg. I spread my lips wide using my thumb and middle fingers before dipping my index finger into my wet cunt then swirling it around my clit a few times. The video came to a stop. Did I just see what I thought I saw?

I played it again. As I pulled my finger out of my hole it quivered at the loss. Wow… I thought. That’s kinda hot! I decided to save that one for later and sent you the first pic I took before picking up the folders on my desk and heading out to the next meeting.

Though no where near as long as the last one, just a few I dotting and T crossing, I was still like a dog on heat during the meeting again. I must now have a permanent flush on my cheeks and I wouldn’t be surprised if my juices were starting to run down my legs! I started down the corridor to my office and as I rounded the corner I walked straight into something hard and bounced off. My arms whirled to try and regain my balance but it was a battle couldn’t win and I began to fall backwards. A pressure seized my wrist and yanked me forward. I gasped a breath and realised I was pressed against a very firm chest. I looked up to see Stephen, the same intern I had seen that morning. ‘Miss Warner! Are you okay? I’m so sorry!’ My tongue swept across my lips as I found my voice. ‘Stephen.. Yes… I’m fine thank you…except…’

‘Except what? Shit! Did I hurt you?’ Out of the corner of my eye I saw his hand come up, as if he was going to touch my cheek, but as it drew level with my shoulder it closed into a fist before flexing back out and lowering again. Stephen seemed to take a deep breath in through his nose… Like he was keeping himself in check… Did he like me? Or maybe smelling my perfume… or Shit!… could he smell me?!

I shook my head. ‘No, you didn’t hurt me, it’s just you still have hold of me…’ I looked to my right where his hand was still wrapped around my wrist. He was holding it so tight his finger tips were red. ‘Oh… I’m sorry…’ He let go, though he seemed reluctant too. ‘It’s fine really… You saved after all…’ I smiled to tell him it was fine. He looked like he wanted to say something else, his mouth opening and closing slightly. ‘I erm.. I had better get going… Sorry again Miss Warner…’ And before I could say anything more he went off at a jog the way I had just came. I stood frozen to the spot just staring after him. Did he like me? I mean it didn’t matter of course… but still… I needed to speak to you. I continued round to my office, locked the door and grabbed my phone off the desk. You had replied to my earlier picture. ‘What a beautiful view, I wish I could bury my face in it xx’ I smiled and asked if you were free for a quick phone call. ‘Anything for you Kitten xx’ You answered on the second ring. ‘Hello Kitten’

‘…Hello Sir’ I couldn’t hide the tension in my voice. ‘What’s wrong Nico?’

‘I erm… I just came out of a meeting and bumped into Stephen, you know that new intern we got? And I mean literally bumped into him!

I would of hit the deck if he hadn’t of grabbed my wrist to stop me falling’ I managed to take a few shaky breaths. I put the phone on speaker and put it on my desk.

‘Are you okay?’

‘Yes… yes I’m fine thank you…’

‘So what’s the problem?’

‘I… I think he likes me…’ I had done nothing wrong yet I felt nervous to say it.

‘Oh? And what makes you think that Kitten?’

I had been pacing around the room as we spoke but I sat down at my desk, switching my phone to loud speaker and put both thumbs and index fingers on my head, eyes shut to try and recall everything that happened. ‘Well, when he thought he had hurt me his hand rose as if to touch my cheek, but he stopped it and he seemed to take a deep breath in, could of just been to keep a hold of himself you know? Or maybe he could of smelt me…’ It had all came out in a bit of rush so I took a few deep breaths.

‘And how does that make you feel Kitten?’

My head shot up in shock and I stared at the phone on my desk. ‘What?!’

‘It’s a simple question. How does it feel thinking that he could smell that you were so wet and horny?’

‘I….’ I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. How does it make me feel… I said the first things that came to mind


‘Why excited? And before you answer… pull your skirt up and touch yourself while you do’


‘Now Kitten’ You voice had took on a hard edge to it. Even though you couldn’t see me, I obeyed. Standing, I pulled my skirt up before perching back on the edge of my chair. I slipped my fingers between my folds ‘Oh…’ Fuck! I was still soaked and began to circle my clit. ‘There we go…now why do feel excited Kitten?’

I laid back in my chair and shut my eyes again. The gentle sweeping of my finger tips actually made me feel calm, centred, more focused. ‘It made me think of earlier, when I said I wanted to climb on the table in the meeting and touch myself in front of everyone’ I dipped my fingers inside myself, enjoying the light burn of the stretch, before circling my clit once more. ‘And how you wanted to climb up on the table and suck me and fuck me in front of everyone’

‘Why did you think of that Kitten?’

‘I…Oh!’ I had squeezed my clit hard. ‘I wanted it Sir. I wanted to be taken and claimed by you in front of all those people. Everyone knowing I am yours. And seeing Stephen that way… I imaged he had been there, and had gotten hard watching you take me… and him smelling me had taken him back to that moment and how he wished he was in your place’

My fingers moved faster around my clit, I could feel the heat beginning to coil in my stomach.

‘My Kitten seems to have a little exhibitionist streak running through her. You like the idea of someone watching you?’

I heard the clink of metal on metal come through the speaker Are you undoing your belt? Do you like the idea of us being watched too? I lifted my leg onto the edge of the desk, opening me up, and rubbed a little harder.

‘I dunno if I actually could do it Sir, but the thought… someone watching me as touched myself…Ah… or you touching me or fucking me… them getting wet or hard… it makes me feel…’

‘Tell me Kitten, tell me how it makes you feel?’

‘…So… hot… like a fire burning inside me…’

I dug my fingers nails into my leg, the sting adding an extra level of pleasure.

‘Thank you Kitten’

The simple statement made me stop. ‘What for Sir?’

‘For your honesty. You could of not told me about Stephen, or how you felt, though I knew you were thinking something earlier. But you didn’t. Thank you for trusting me Kitten’

‘Anything for you Sir’

‘Mmmmmm, Anything?’ I could hear your smile. I tried to put on my best husky voice.


‘Good girl, then stop touching’

My head went back and I laughed, I couldn’t help it. ‘Yes Sir’ I said through the giggles.

‘I have two meetings now, and I won’t be home till half six. You may touch and send me more photos’

‘I have something better than that Sir’ I said recalling the video I have saved on my phone.

‘Oh? I’ll look forward to that Kitten. I’ll let you know when I’m on my way’

‘Yes Sir, I love you’ I said getting closer to the phone.

‘Love you too sweet Kitten’ and you were gone again.

I didn’t feel sad this time, I felt lighter, getting everything that had been swirling around inside me out. I licked my fingers clean before standing up and righting my skirt. I smiled as I sent you the second picture I had taken earlier, my slick fingers, with the text ‘The things you do to me xx’ I threw my phone in my bag and wandered off to find some food, being horny all day is hungry work!

I hope you enjoyed Part Two!

Part Three.

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The next chapter in what has come to be known as…

‘The Adventures of Sir and Kitten’

Well, technically Part 1 of 4. This is longest piece I’ve written so I thought I would publish it in bite sized chunks over the next 4 weeks… and who doesn’t love a good tease 😉

If you haven’t read the previous two piece they can be found here Kitten’s First Playtime and here Morning Playtime and even if you have read them, a refresh is always good… (Put the kettle on and get your smut on 😉

As always I want to thank everyone who has encouraged me including Asrai ❤ and of course the Mysterious Sir ❤ who helps me with Michael.

I hope you enjoy! x

We kept our ‘Sir’ and ‘Kitten’ names for ‘Play Times’ as you called them. We weren’t embarrassed by what we did, it made us stronger as a couple I thought. However, the world can be, how shall I put it… judgey and full of assholes, plus, it was no one else’s business.

So when one morning, as I was washing my coffee cup in the sink and you slid your arms around me from behind, I was surprised to hear…

‘I want you to edge yourself at work today Kitten’

I froze… I mean, I had read about it, and you had delayed my orgasm yourself before.. but I had never done it myself… and I have never touched myself at work! You took the cup out of my hands and placed it to drain, before switching off the tap. Turning in your embrace I wrapped my arms around your neck. ‘Sir?’

You pressed a quick kiss to my lips. ‘I want you to edge yourself at work’ Another kiss. ‘Twice’ Another ‘and you are going to video call me so I can watch you and talk to you and make sure you don’t cum’

My mouth was suddenly very dry. ‘But I’ve never done it before…’

‘Which is why I’m going to give you a little demonstration now’ Your hands slide from my back to my waist and began to gather my skirt between your fingers, hitching it higher and higher up my legs. My chest contracted. How could such a simple act make my breathing quicken? You never broke eye contact the whole time you were raising my skirt. The slight smirk at the corner of your mouth the first time the air left my lungs in a slight pant made my heart flutter.

When my skirt was bunched at my waist, I felt your hands stroke slowly up thighs before caressing the material of my knickers. You glanced down. ‘Black lace…My favourite’ You fell to your knees with a thud to rub your cheek across the soft lace. My fingers slid into your hair, I noticed the first few flecks of silver among the black, it would match your beard soon. You took hold of my wrists. ‘Nah ah… No touching just yet for you Kitten’

‘Yes Sir’ I gripped the edge of the worktop instead.

Your thumbs hooked under my underwear and pulled them slowly down my legs. ‘Foot up Kitten’ I raised my right foot up and you pulled the thin material over my heel. ‘And the other’ You slipped my knickers into your pocket and stood up. You leaned in to kiss me but just before our lips met you pulled back. ‘That’s what I need you to do Kitten’ You did it again. ‘I want you to get so close…but not quite there’ You stroked my slit. ‘I’m sorry Sir… I was gonna shave tonight’ I had been so busy recently I had let it grow a little.

You shook your head ‘It’s fine. I don’t mind it like this’ You brought those same fingers to my mouth ‘Suck Kitten’

I opened my mouth and your fingers ran along my tongue. ‘Nice and wet Kitten, like you are sucking my cock’ I swirled my tongue around your fingers a few times before digging the point into the tips. I then used my throat and began to suck, your fingers moving in and out of my mouth, all while holding your gaze. ‘Good Girl, I can almost feel you doing that to me…My cock is twitching’ You took one of my hands and placed it over the growing bulge in your trousers. ‘Feel what you do to me Kitten, the power you hold over me’ I squeezed your cock and watched your nostrils flare. ‘I think that’s wet enough’ You pulled you fingers from my mouth. I went to steal a kiss, but you moved back. ‘No yet’

You slowly rubbed my slit once more. ‘Are you going to purr for me for me while I stroke you little Kitten?’ Then your fingers slipped inside to press my clit. ‘There we go…’ Your voice dropping an octave. ‘That’s what I wanted… Do you know when I first touch you, your eye lids always flutter? And your breath hitches ever so slightly?’ You began to circle my clit. ‘It does things to me Kitten, it feeds a beast inside me, makes it roar with need for you’ You moved your foot against mine, opening my legs wider and slid your fingers inside me. ‘Fuck, your so wet… Was it sucking on my fingers? Were you getting wet imagining sucking my cock? Maybe if you do well I’ll reward you with a little taste before you go’

Your thumb pressed gently against my clit. I bit my lip, waiting for you to start pumping your fingers… but you didn’t. ‘I won’t be there later, you wanna feel good, you grind Kitten. Grind on my fingers, but remember, you’re not aloud to cum’ And you raised you hand so I had stand on my tiptoes. I gripped the side with both hands for leverage and began to slowly circle my hips on your fingers. Just when I would find the angle that pressed your thumb against the left side of my clit you would move it. The third time you did it I narrowed my eyes at you, you slapped my thigh with your free hand. ‘You want it, you gotta work for it Kitten’

I ground harder.

Rolling my hips.

Bouncing on my toes.

Fucking your fingers.

Shivering every time your thumb caught my clit.

I could feel the heat slowly blossoming out from my pussy and start to curl in my belly. I glanced down to see the outline of your long cock straining against the zipper of your trousers, you were just as turned on as I was… I wasn’t even touching you and you were rock hard. That thought flooded me with….something… power, warmth, love, all these things and more as my clit caught your thumb just right. ‘Oh oh…’ I went to rub it one more time and you pulled your hand away. ‘No!’

‘That was close enough Kitten… What did I tell you?’

I took a deep breath. ‘That I wasn’t aloud to cum Sir’

‘Yes, and you nearly disobeyed… Only I stopped you’

I looked down sheepishly for a second before meeting your stern gaze once more. ‘I’m sorry Sir..’

‘If you had cum I would of punished you this evening Kitten, severely. I would of spanked you, not let you cum, and, more importantly… not given you the present I had planned for you if you did well today’

I felt my eyebrows raise. ‘There’s a present?’

I sly smile spread across your face. ‘There is… but only if you are a good girl’ You popped your fingers in your mouth and sucked my juices off them. ‘Mmmmm as sweet as ever. Now, on your knees Kitten’ And you took a step back.

I slid down the cupboard, opening my legs wider as I went, flashing my wet pussy to you before landing on my knees. My face came level with your erection. I looked up at you, your eyes were dark with desire, and silently telling me to do it.

I bit my bottom lip as I lowered your zipper. I loved your cock, so long and thick. I had never felt so full then when you fuck me, and I loved to suck it. You were firm, but never forceful, never made me feel uncomfortable. I pulled you out and licked you from base to tip before closing my lips around the head and sucking deeply. Your hands slipped into my hair to gently grip my head as I started to bob back and forth.

‘Mmmmmmm so good. Bury two fingers inside you Kitten, fill your pussy up as my cock fills your mouth’ I did as you commanded, slipping my fingertips just inside to rub my sensitive entrance. I used my other hand to grip and tug at your balls. ‘Fuck yeah, such a sweet mouth you have Kitten. Can you take more of me?’ I relaxed as much as I could and let you slip further back, the ridge of your cut head began to rub the back of my throat. I moved my fingers to my clit, shivering at the electric current I sent through myself. ‘Did I tell you to rub your clit Kitten?’ My hand froze and my eyes widened staring up at you. ‘What? You didn’t think I would notice?’ You pulled back, your cock slipping free from mouth.

‘I know you, Kitten’ You said squatting down so we were eye to eye. ‘It’s like playing with a bad poker player. You have tells when certain parts of your body are touched, and when your clit is rubbed’ You hand slipped between my legs to touch my wet pussy, I gasped. ‘You do this little shiver’ You smirked. ‘You see? It’s involuntary. You can’t help it. Your body is the instrument, and I know just where to touch it to make it sing beautifully’

‘Yes Sir’

You rose and offered your hand to me. I placed my hand in yours. ‘But you haven’t…’ You pulled me to my feet. ‘I like to edge too Kitten, I’m gonna be just as horny as you today, may be even more so’ I followed your gaze as you glanced down. You leaned forward and whispered in my ear. ‘I’m gonna be walking around work today with your lipstick marks all over my cock’ You tilted my chin so I faced you once again and claimed my lips in a kiss so fierce and full of passion I felt it down to my toes. When you stepped back again I felt breathless. ‘Now, you touched when you shouldn’t of so…’ You whirled me around on the spot and in quick succession spanked both my cheeks, hard. I gripped the side as the heat and pain washed over me. The slaps causing the air to leave my lungs in a loud cry. ‘Every time you sit down today you’re going to be reminded that this!’ You seized my pussy from behind at the same time as you laced your fingers in my hair and pulled my head back against your shoulder. ‘Belongs to me, and you are only aloud to touch it when I say so, Understand Kitten?’ Your finger slipped between my lips, flicking my sensitive clit. ‘Ahh! Yes Sir, I understand’

‘Good Girl’ You removed your hand, and righted my skirt, pulling it back into place and smoothing the material back down my legs. You then  turned me back round to face you. ‘I shall be texting you instructions soon, you must obey them. When you are free you will video call me and I will watch you do as I tell you to do, understand?’

‘Yes Sir’ I was still nervous… but I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel excited. I held out my hand, palm upwards. ‘What?’

‘My knickers? You still have them’

A smile graced your lips. ‘Oh no, Kitten, I’m keeping them, they are staying in my pocket. Now, off to work you go’ And you tapped my bottom and walked away tucking yourself back into your trousers.

Part 2!

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Masturbation Monday: Week 243 by sub-Bee




Masquerade –

A false show or pretense.


An Act.

A Façade.

But tonight there would be no falsehood.

Everything would be laid bare for all to see.

No clothes shall grace our mortal bodies, only light.

No jewels shall adorn our throats, only collars.

For even though we shall be wearing masks

We shall be free of the shackles

And be who we are really meant to be.

Photo Source… Pandora Knight

I need it….

Just a quick few words that came to mind after reading (Addict by Rachel Orman) and having a conversation with my beautiful friend Asrai It all then reminded me of one of my favourite songs I hadn’t listened to in a very long time…

Photo Source…. Pandora Knight

I slipped my knickers down my legs and kicked them away. I stood there naked before you as per your command. My hands went of their own accord to cover my body but your growl from the shadows made me stop and put them back by my sides.

I was already wet with excitement, I had been wet all day knowing that all the little things we had spoken about, you had shown me or done to me would all come together tonight.

I had wanted it for so long… No… I had needed it, despite never knowing that I needed it…

I needed the smell of the soft leather collar that you locked securely around my throat.

The feel of the cool metal chain as it hung between my breasts.

I needed the feel of the rope as you weaved it expertly over my bare skin.

I needed the nip of your teeth on my shoulder.

I needed the rough feel of your beard against my cheek.

The bite of the ice you held against my nipples to make them stand out even more.

The pinch as you clamped first one nipple then the other.

The sharp smacks of your palm against my bottom.

The way your hands held me exactly where you wanted me.

The blunt tip of your long hard cock stretching me before thrusting inside me over and over and over again.

I needed it all…..

My breath hitched as I felt your warm finger tips trace slowly down my spine

‘Shall we begin?’

Its not enough.
I need more.
Nothing seems to satisfy.
I said
I don’t want it
I just need it
To breathe, to feel to know I’m Alive.
Stinkfist – Tool

You know by now where to get your kink on!


Morning Playtime.


Two stories in a row of morning sex?! I hear you shout.

Yes! Though I have no idea why, where they came from… well, the last one, Morning Dick, was Asrai’s fault…so we’ll just blame her for this one too… hehe

This story involves a couple I have written about before, Michael and Nico, or Sir and Kitten. If you so wish you can read Kitten’s First Playtime before this one. It’s not necessary…but go on… you know you want too. You have time, put the kettle on and enjoy a double dose of kinky goodness.

Thank you again to everyone who has ever encouraged me, especially through the writers blocks, yes more than one… or was it one long giant one? I’ll never know. And, once again, thank you to Sir for helping me with Michael, what he may say or do, for helping me bring him to life.

I hope you enjoy!

I opened my eyes, to find myself in the same position I wake up every morning, in your arms.
Your heart, a steady rhythm against my back.
Your arms held me tightly against you.
Your ankles a tangle with my own.
Your breath tickling the hair at the nape of my neck.
I leaned back, trying to get even closer to you, when your morning erection rubbed against me. You must of felt it too cause you growled low in your throat. I smiled and wiggled slightly, your semi hard cock slipping into the cleft of my bottom. Now I wiggled more. Suddenly your hand moved from my stomach to seize my hips as you began to grind against me. Your voice rumbled low in my ear.
‘Someone’s feeling playful this morning…’
I turned my head to rub my cheek against the scruff on your chin and whispered ‘I want you..’
You edged away, pulling me on to my back and kissed me. You started slow, like it was our first kiss, not our thousandth, as you walked your fingers up my body to palm my breast then squeeze my nipple. I groaned against your lips, so you did it again.  You kissed along my jaw and up to my ear. I bared my throat to you.
You licked and nipped at my throat, neck and collarbone as your hand left my breast to scratch down across my stomach. Your fingers reached the apex of my thighs, tapping lightly where I was squeezing them together. ‘Open for me Kitten’ I opened my legs wide, hooking my right over your hip. You slipped two fingers between my lower lips to press against my clit.
You claimed my lips again as first one way, then the other you made slow circles around the swollen nub. I shivered against you. ‘I love that one side of your clit is more sensitive’ You rubbed a little harsher down the left side, drawing a strangled cry from my throat. ‘Such a needy Kitten…. do you want Sir to make you cum?’ You slid your fingers just inside me, your thumb now teasing my clit.
‘Please Sir….please make me cum’ I still wasn’t quite used to my own voice sounding so wanton.
‘I will, I’ll always take care of you Kitten’ A kiss was pressed against my neck. ‘I think it’s time for your collar… it would look amazing against your pale skin’ Another kiss. ‘Maybe a chain attached, I could pull it as I fucked you’ I clenched around your fingertips ‘Oh… Kitten likes the sound of that’ Your whispered words continued.
‘Do you like the sound of a collar round your throat Kitten?’ I whimpered.
‘Your back bowing to me as I held the chain?’ You nipped at my ear making me shiver.
‘Your bottom all beautiful and peachy turning red as I spanked you?’
‘Then I would fuck you hard, just the way my Kitten likes it’ Your fingers began to tap my entrance sending little jolts of electricity through me.
‘Please….Sir…’ I begged between breaths ‘Can I cum?’
‘Hold on a little longer for me. I wanna feel you quiver round my cock’ You removed your fingers and unhooked my leg from around you, I whined in frustration as I had felt so close. A sharp sting resonated across my thigh and a loud slap rang around the darkened room. I gasped ‘Really Kitten, whining??’
‘I’m sorry Sir…’
‘I was going to give you what you wanted… I was gonna make you cum. Now you have to wait… and be punished’
We both liked the room quite dark to sleep, so I couldn’t really see anything, the slight crack in the curtains barely letting any light from outside through. I felt the bed jostle. Then I heard the tell tale sound of wood against wood. You were opening one of the drawers on your bedside table. I few small sounds then you closed the drawer with a loud thud that made me jump.
‘Turn over Kitten… hands on the head board’
And with those simple instructions, I knew what you had taken out of the drawer. As I turned over onto my hands and knees I could visualise you. You would be on your knees, legs wide apart. You hard and heavy cock pointing straight forward. You chest would be rising and falling in slow deep breaths…and between your long slim fingers you would be holding a wooden paddle.
I still remember holding it myself for the first time. Running my fingers over the smooth dark wood, surprised at how warm it felt. The feel of the soft leather wrapped around the handle, looped off to make the wrist strap.
‘Now Kitten!’
I had got lost in my memory and hadn’t moved fast enough. I raised myself up and gripped the cool metal bars of the head board tightly. I slid my legs wider apart and stuck my bottom out. My breath hitched as I felt your hand caress first one cheek, then the other. I could feel my heart starting to beat faster in my chest, waiting in anticipation for that first glorious sting.
The air left my lungs in a gasp as heat and pain blossomed across my left cheek. ‘One’
You struck my right cheek next, pleasure rippling through my body. ‘Two’
The heat, pain and pleasure had rolled into one wave, crashing over me from my fingertips all the way to my toes. ‘Three’
You hit harder this time, harder than you had ever before. I let go of the bars and dropped to my hands and knees ‘Oh God!!’ Your hand caressed my lower back. Concern touched your voice ‘Kitten?’
I inhaled deeply, my voice shaking just a little. ‘Four… five… six…’
‘Good girl, I knew you could take it a little harder. Are you still green?’ We had kept to the traditional red and green safe words. I took a few more deep breaths and nodded. ‘Still green Sir, was just more intense than I expected’
‘You did really well Kitten’ You hand moved from my back to rub where you had spanked me and I heard you whisper ‘So hot…’ Something soft pressed against the skin next to your hand, and again. ‘Words can not convey how fucking sexy it is to feel the heat from your skin upon my lips’ You peppered more kisses across my bottom. ‘I wish I could see it all red. We should get a spotlight just for me to shine on your ass while I spank it’
I’m up for that, just not one that you clap to turn on and off… Ow!!’
You had pinched me. ‘I should spank you more for that sass Kitten, but I think you’ve had enough for now. On to your back, I wanna taste that sweet pussy of yours’
I rolled over to lay on your side of the bed, turning my head I inhaled deeply the scent from your pillow, your deodorant, cologne, sweat and that something underneath all of that, that something that was unique to you. ‘Sniffing like a dog more than a Kitten… maybe I should of kept you on your hands and knees…’
‘I’m sorry Sir… I just love the way you smell’
Your warm breath washed over the inside of my thigh as you chuckled. ‘It’s alright Kitten, I love your smell too’ You kissed, licked and nipped up my thigh, drawing closer and closer to my wet pussy. Just as your next kiss would be on it, I expected you to start at my other knee. I felt you part my lower lips, whispering to yourself how wet I was, then you growled low in your throat ‘No more teasing’ and you licked me from my hole up before greedily sucking hard on my swollen clit. I gasped loudly, my back arching, my fingers sliding into your dark hair. ‘Oh fuck yes!’
Your tongue flicked back and forth rapidly and just when I thought you were about to pull an orgasm out of me before I could even say anything, you stopped. I let go of a breath I didn’t know I was holding. Then you began again, long lazy sweeps up and down this time, dips inside me making me clench around your tongue, the glorious rough feel of your beard against my sensitive folds.
‘You have the sweetest little pussy Kitten’ Your breath tickled my wet skin.
‘A perfect fit for my fingers, mouth and cock… like it was made just for me’ You kissed the inside of my thigh.
‘You were made just for me Kitten. You are mine!’ You gripped my bottom to lift me to your lips once more. Licking, sucking and nipping like you were a desert wanderer, and I was the water that would save you. I ground myself against your face, raising my legs into the air to open myself even wider. I knew you would chastise me for it, delay my orgasm, maybe punish me again later for it, but right now, in this moment… I didn’t care. I needed it.
I needed the bite of your teeth.
I needed your long sweeping tongue.
I needed your firm yet soft lips.
I need the scratch of your beard.
I needed you.
‘Yours Sir…’ I managed to gasp out between breaths. ‘Only…ever…yourssssAAAHHHH!’ My last word turned into a scream as you grasped my clit between your teeth. My whole body was pulled taunt and as I began to shake, you never let up sucking and flicking your tongue to make my orgasm explode throughout my whole body.
You lowered me back down onto the bed, my pussy still clenching. It was brighter outside now, letting a little more light into the bedroom. I turned my head to look at you. The morning sun caught the grey in your hair and beard making it shine like silver. Your lips and chin were glistening with my juices. Your eyes were wide and dark with desire, I looked down, your cock was still rock hard and pointing at me.
‘Did I tell you you could raise your legs Kitten?’
You leaned over me, your hands either side of my chest.
‘Did I tell you could grind your pussy against my face?’ You pressed your lips to mine, hard and quick, but I could still taste myself.
‘No Sir’ My heart, which had been slowing began to speed up again.
You slid your cock between my quivering folds making me gasp.
‘Did I tell you, Kitten, that you could cum?’
‘No Sir’
You clicked your tongue three times ‘… Such a naughty Kitten’ You ran your hand down my thigh. ‘You knew I hadn’t told you you could do all those things….yet you still did them anyway…’ You reached my still wet cunt and began to circle my clit once more with your thumb. ‘Is my Kitten getting a little bratty streak already?’ You squeezed my clit ‘Oh God!’
‘No…that’s not my name’ You let go, then I felt the blunt tip of your cock stretch me. ‘What’s my name Kitten?’
Then you thrust home, hard.
My back bowed for the second time that morning as I gripped the bed sheets fiercely between my fingers. You pulled out nearly all the way. ‘What’s my name Kitten?’
Then you slammed back in. You pulled back out. ‘Again!’ Your voiced echoing around the room. ‘Sir’ Another hard punishing thrust.
‘Sir’ and another.
‘Keep saying it Kitten. You need to remember who I am and who owns you’
I began chanting Sir like a mantra and every time your name fell from my panting lips you thrust inside me, almost bruising strikes of your hips against mine. Over and over you body struck mine, and over and over the bed frame banged against the wall.
I could feel another orgasm building. Blooming and blossoming out from where you pounded me over and over. It weaved along my legs, making my toes curl. I fought against every nerve screaming for release, every fibre of my being begging to go over the edge. Not till you said. I had stopped saying Sir now, I could barely get the air in my lungs to breath, let alone speak… but you hadn’t stopped. I was certain we would both be sore the rest of the day and beyond by the force of your body against and inside my own… and I would savour every glorious ache.
Your lips brushed against my own. A kiss so in contrast to what your body was doing to me. ‘Are you alright Kitten?’ The words whispering across my cheek. I opened my mouth to speak but found I couldn’t… You slowed down, just enough to allow me to breath deeply a few times, clawing air into my lungs. ‘I’m…..alright….. Sir’
‘Good girl’ Another quick press of your lips to mine and your pace quickened again. If felt harder and faster than before if that was possible. I couldn’t move, I could barely think. Just lay there and be used by you. Your voice boomed through my haze.
‘Look at me Kitten!’
I hadn’t even realised I had closed my eyes. The light was even brighter now, I could see your muscles flexing and straining. The sweat beading on your skin.
‘I…wanted…to feel you… quiver…round…my…cock…Kitten… are you gonna…quiver…for me?’
I bit my lip. I was losing the battle. The lambent flames you had started were now burning every inch of me. Swirling around my stomach. Flashing across my chest. Scorching your name inside my heart. ‘Please…Sir….I…can’t…hold…’
That single word was all I needed to hear…
I let go.
My whole body going ridged for that sweet moment of tension that always feels like it will go on forever before every nerve fired at once and I fell over the precipice. ‘Oh…fuck!’
You seized my hip, holding me still as you thrust two more times, burying yourself inside me as you came with a deep resonating growl. Through the haze of my own orgasm I could feel your cock twitching. ‘Oh yeah… quiver for me Kitten…’ You began to rub my over sensitive clit making my body shudder with shockwaves and my dripping cunt pulsate around you more.
The bed jolted as you collapsed beside me. My heart still thundered in my chest as you pulled me hard against you, swaying me gently in your arms. I took a breath in and I felt my body begin to shake. You squeezed me tighter ‘I got you Kitten… I got you… Look at me’ You took my head in one hand to raise it. ‘Nico… look at me baby’ Light creeped in as I managed to open my eyes. You were a blur at first, just lighter in some place than others, then the image began to sharpen. Your handsome face appeared before me. The dark hair and beard peppered with silver, the firm bridge of your nose came next, followed by the deep chocolate of your eyes. Last came the little lines around them, from where you were always smiling. My face must of showed I had you focused cause you spoke.
‘There we go, hay baby. I want you to breath with me okay… deep breath in’
I felt your stomach move away from me slightly. I copied. ‘And out slowly’ Air caressed over my cooling skin as you exhaled through your nose, I did the same. ‘Good girl… keep going’ You breathed in again. We stayed like that for, I don’t know how long, just breathing  in and out in sync with each other staring into each others eyes.
I realised I had stopped shaking, and I couldn’t feel my heartbeat hammering in my chest anymore. I wiggled one hand out from where they were trapped between us to caress your cheek. You smiled at me. ‘Are you alright?’ Your voice no more than a whisper now, like you were scared if you spoke any louder I would shatter to pieces. I nodded.’I’m fine, more than fine, just….wow…’
‘I know, that went a bit more intense than I thought it would… I’ll make sure I have water near by for next time…or chocolate… I would of gone and got some but I didn’t want to let you go…’
I pressed my lips to yours ‘Thank you’
‘You did amazing Kitten’ You captured my lips again. ‘Stay there, I’m gonna run us a nice hot bath and we can have a sofa day, thank God it’s Saturday!’ You rolled me onto my back gently before moving to the edge of the bed.
‘I ain’t going anywhere! I don’t think I could move even if I wanted too!’ I heard you laugh and I glanced at you standing by the bedroom door. ‘Hair a mess, thoroughly fucked, my cum drizzling out of your pussy…You look beautiful Kitten’ Then you blew me a kiss and left the room.
I hope you enjoyed! 
If you need some more smutty goodness, you know where to go!

Morning Dick


I got this idea in my head from this Twitter post from my wonderful friend Asrai    http://asraidevin.com/

Hope you enjoy! 


A blast of cool morning air hit my back as you left the bed, causing me to gasp. I heard you chuckle, knowing what you did as you shuffled over to use the on-suite. Bastard.

Not long after the bed dipped heavily as you eased your large frame back in behind me. You pulled me against your bare chest, the fine hairs tickling my skin, your body warming me up again quickly. I sighed and tried to edge even closer to you. You were always warm to the touch, maybe because there was so much of you. At 6’5” and big everywhere you towered over my short ass 5’2”…. Then for what was probably the millionth time since we had started going out… I wondered what you saw in me. I was short and not toned at all. My tummy stuck out a little, my legs were chunky and I was just so… plain…

Then there was you…tall, black hair and beard, deep brown eyes, and you were all muscle. I couldn’t encircle your lower arms, even using both my hands! Dark ink tattooed your chest, back, shoulders and all the way down your arms, stopping just before your wrists. You were just so beautiful… like an artist had carved you from marble.

You squeezed me against you. ‘I can hear you thinking, stop it’ Your deep voice, even heavier from sleep, rippled in my ear as you nuzzled the back of my neck before kissing it. I smiled and laced our fingers together over my stomach. You always seemed to know when my mind went to that dark place. ‘What time do you have to get up?’ I asked, pulling your arm up so I could see your watch.


It wasn’t even seven am yet…

I let go of your fingers and turned in your arms, placing my hands against your hard body before kissing the black and white roses that adorned it.

‘Good… Gives me time to try something…’ I continued kissing your chest, following the rose thorns with my lips as I slid my hand down your stomach to grip your cock. I felt your fingers in my loose pony tail, pulling my head back so you could claim my lips. It was a slow kiss, almost light, yet I felt it everywhere, my body coming alive under the simple act of your lips against my own. I moved my hand lower, gripping your balls briefly before rubbing back up to tease my thumb over the head. ‘And what, pray tell, are you trying with my dick in your hand?’ You said against my lips.

I smiled as I squeezed you gently, enjoying the sight of your eyebrows raising slightly and nostrils flaring, two of your subtle signs that you’re enjoying what I was doing to you.

‘I read something online….’ I used my free hand to push your shoulder gently, hinting for you to lean back, you complied and I followed you to straddle your thighs as I continued to slowly tease you up and down. ‘An erotica author I follow Tweeted that…’ I paused to slide further down your legs. ”Early morning dick is the best dick…” and I wanna see if it’s true’ Then I took you in my mouth till you hit the back of my throat.

You hissed between clenched teeth, your large hands slipping into my hair. You didn’t fist the strands, or force me down further, they were just there. I swallowed around the head before pulling up so I could suck and rotate my tongue around the tip. I looked up to find your dark eyes watching me, your chest rising and falling.

I crawled up your hard body, planting a quick kiss to your lips, but as I leaned back your hands suddenly grabbed me by the tops of my thighs, pulling me forward. I squealed as my hands hit the wall and your tongue teased my wet folds.

Nuzzling me open with your nose, you latched your lips to my clit, sucking hard. I groaned, loudly, and banged my fist against the wall. ‘Ah fuck!’ My hips began to grind against your face as I grabbed the headboard with one hand and slid the other into your dark hair. You flicked my clit before releasing it, licking lower and then higher, then sucking and biting. Your lips, tongue and teeth seemed to be everywhere at once, sending ripples of pleasure through my whole body. The scratch of your beard against my skin was glorious. I knew I would feel the burn later, the thought making me rub a little harder against you.

My thighs began to shake as I felt my orgasm building. ‘No…Not yet…’ I managed to gasp out. You licked and nibbled a few more times then lowered me down to sit across your chest. ‘Well, I dunno about morning dick…’ You smirked at me, your mouth slick with my arousal. ‘But morning pussy is very good’ A chuckle escaped me between panted breaths as I leaned down to kiss the taste of me from your lips.

I edged my way down your body, digging my fingers into your skin and scratching as I went. You groaned, your back arching to press my nails even deeper. I reached your hips, raising myself up to reach between my open thighs to grip your hard cock. I rubbed you against me a few times, feeling the slight ridges of your frenum piercing bump my sensitive clit. You surged upwards and growled in my ear.

‘Stop being a ‘literal’ fucking cock tease!’

You gripped my hip with one hand and reached between our bodies with the other to grab your dick and place it against my quivering pussy.

‘Are you ready to know what morning dick feels like?’ You said as you teased yourself just inside me. I groaned at the stretch. ‘Fuck yeah, give it to…’ You thrust up before I even finished my sentence. I gasped, nails digging into your upper arms at the sudden sensations of being filled up so hard and fast. We stayed that way for a moment, staring into each other eyes, chests rising and falling in unison, in perfect sync with each other.

I clenched around you before raising myself up and slamming back down. I encircled my arms around your neck and did it again. You hissed. ‘Yeah baby, take it all!’ You gripped my hips as I raised up and this time you pulled me down harder. ‘Ah fuck….’

I quickened my pace, bouncing up and down on your hard cock as you moved up to scratch your blunt nails down my back. I arched and you took advantage, sucking and biting at first one nipple, then the other.

‘Ah shit baby, the way your ass is bouncing against my balls I’m not gonna last long’ Your confession spurred me on to fuck you even harder.

‘Touch me…’ I sounded so needy. My fingers gripped your hair, pulling your head back so I could look into your eyes to beg you… ‘Make me cum with you’ With one hand still gripping my hip hard, you moved the other lower, your fingers slipping between my wet lips to rub either side of my clit.

My eyes shut, my head rolling back. Every noise in that room amplified in that moment.

The creak of the bed springs.

The dull rap of the head board against the wall. The sharp slap of my flesh against yours.

The wet sound of my greedy pussy every time you slammed into it.

They all stoked the flames that burned inside me.

I felt your tongue sweep the underside of my jaw, before your lips pressed against my exposed throat. Your head dropped to my shoulder and your teeth grazed the slope of my neck. Your whisper ghosted over my heated skin ‘Come with me beautiful’ And you brought your finger tips together.

The air left my lungs in a gasp as every cell in my body froze, before exploding in white hot pleasure. You held me tightly as I shuddered in your arms. I felt your hips raise one… two… three more times as your teeth bit into my shoulder, a loud guttural growl emanating from your throat and echoing in my ears.

You laid back down, taking me with you. The only sound in the room now our ragged breaths. I felt so sated, I could easily have gone to sleep right there on your chest as it rose and fell gently.

Your cock slipped free as you wrapped your arm around me and rolled us to the side, I instantly felt its lost. Your trapped arm, now free rubbed my swollen clit, causing aftershocks to shiver through me. Then your fingers dipped inside. ‘I fucking love feeling my cum in you’ You kissed my cheek as I chuckled between breaths. I felt you jostle the bed and I opened your eyes to see you leaning your head on your palm, looking down at me. Your fingers left me, catching my clit one more time making me gasp. You smiled and caressed your wet fingers across my lips.

‘So, how was morning dick? Is it the best?’

My tongue swept first up then down across my lips, tasting both myself and you, I hummed contently. ‘Sooooo good…. I think she was right ya know… it may be the best’


I smiled up at you and wrapped my arms around your neck, pulling you down for a quick kiss

‘I think, in the interest of science, a second experiment should be had’

‘What an excellent idea’ And just as your lips touched mine again…


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By the Moon’s Light


I awoke gradually, not wanting to start the day just yet, when I realised I wasn’t in my bed anymore. I sat up, the room was small, the king size bed I was in dominating a space lit only by moon light glowing through the curtain-less window. I could see no other furniture.

I don’t know why, but I wasn’t scared, I felt safe, secure.

The quilt was thick with crisp white covers, same with the pillows behind me. A shadow appeared between the bed and the window.

Not a shadow…a silhouette.

A man’s.

With the only light behind him I couldn’t see his face, but he was big. Tall, muscular, a hint of darkness of tattoos stood out on the skin of his shoulders. He reached forward and pulled the covers from the bed, and me. A chill crept over me and I shivered, and not just from the cold.

It was then I realised I wasn’t in my usual comfortable cotton pyjamas, but a dark silk strappy nightie which barely covered my thighs. The bed dipped as he put first one knee up and then the other as he slowly crawled towards me, over me, causing me to lay back down, till he rested on his arms above me. Despite him being so close now I still couldn’t see his features.

Mr Mysterious dipped his head and rubbed his cheek against mine. I groaned, loudly. He had a short beard and it felt glorious. My legs parted of their own accord, I have a weakness for scruff against my skin, and he took full advantage to lower himself onto me, pushing me into the plush mattress. I could feel now he wasn’t wearing any clothes. The soft hairs on his legs brushing my own, the unmistakable feel of his erect cock pressing against my stomach.

He was heavy…but it felt so good.

He turned his head and began to kiss me, I kissed him back, slow, lazy kisses, the softness of his tongue and lips a contrast to the roughness of his beard. He lips left mine and moved lower, kissing, licking, nibbling along my jaw and neck down to my breasts while his hands moved to pull the straps from my shoulders. He pulled lower, more of my skin was revealed to him, and he peppered it with soft kisses and rough rubs of his jaw, leaving a trial of fire in his wake.

After throwing the nightie to the floor, he stalked back up, parting my legs further as he once more loomed over me. My hands flew into his long hair when his mouth closed around my nipple piercing and sucked hard. My eyes flickered shut. I felt his teeth scrape my skin at the same moment he pushed inside me. Not slow, not gentle, a hard and punishing thrust.

I gasped, my eyes flying open…. to see my ceiling…with the small crack in it.

I sat up, breathing heavily to find myself in my room, my bed, my red and black bedding, sun light straining to push through my curtains, then my alarm started it’s rhythmic beeping…

….it had felt so real…

…but it was just a dream…

So, I was having a Twitter conversation with the lovely and gorgeous Mischa Eliot (You should really check her out, you won’t regret it!) and we were talking about dreams. Which reminded me I had written down one of only three dreams I remembered in my life, so I thought I would share it here for you all to read. (Unfortunately, the other two are not smutty, but alas, nightmares)

I am still working on two pieces, slow going I know. I have been taking a lot more time for me recently when not working my day job. I feel more settled mentally than I have for a while, and I know it’s a long road ahead but even the longest journey begins with one simple step forward.

Love to you all ❤