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Smutty Stories!

Taken in a Tomb My first ever attempt at erotica! 
This is M/F and third person. 05/2017

Nights Cold Embrace First ever attempt at first person erotica.
Which is now all I write! This is solo F. 05/2017

More… A short piece of F/F erotica. 05/2017

The Table has been Laid. A M/F piece where the characters took over what was happening and wrote the story themselves! 06/2017

I was writing both Frustrated in Traffic. and Homecoming at about the same time. They weren’t originally connected but somehow ended up being. 07 & 08/2017

Kitten’s First Playtime. My first attempt into the BDSM erotica world.
This is M/F. 02/2018

Morning Dick Sometimes you just wake up horny!
A M/F piece 12/2018

Morning Playtime. The second adventure of Sir and Kitten. 01/2019

I need it…. A very short piece based in the BDSM world.
M/F 03/2019


Toad in the Hole A classic British dinner!

Tiffin A perfect sweet compliment to a cup of coffee!

Puff Pastry Quiche and Puff Pastry Pizza A twist on the classics.



I need it….

Just a quick few words that came to mind after reading (Addict by Rachel Orman) and having a conversation with my beautiful friend Asrai It all then reminded me of one of my favourite songs I hadn’t listened to in a very long time…

Confession…. I took the image above… and it is of me…Or at least a part of me that exists sometimes when darkness isn’t surrounding my brain…

I slipped my knickers down my legs and kicked them away. I stood there naked before you as per your command. My hands went of their own accord to cover my body but your growl from the shadows made me stop and put them back by my sides.

I was already wet with excitement, I had been wet all day knowing that all the little things we had spoken about, you had shown me or done to me would all come together tonight.

I had wanted it for so long… No… I had needed it, despite never knowing that I needed it…

I needed the smell of the soft leather collar that you locked securely around my throat.

The feel of the cool metal chain as it hung between my breasts.

I needed the feel of the rope as you weaved it expertly over my bare skin.

I needed the nip of your teeth on my shoulder.

I needed the rough feel of your beard against my cheek.

The bite of the ice you held against my nipples to make them stand out even more.

The pinch as you clamped first one nipple then the other.

The sharp smacks of your palm against my bottom.

The way your hands held me exactly where you wanted me.

The blunt tip of your long hard cock stretching me before thrusting inside me over and over and over again.

I needed it all…..

My breath hitched as I felt your warm finger tips trace slowly down my spine

‘Shall we begin?’

Its not enough.
I need more.
Nothing seems to satisfy.
I said
I don’t want it
I just need it
To breathe, to feel to know I’m Alive.
Stinkfist – Tool

You know by now where to get your kink on!


Morning Playtime.


Two stories in a row of morning sex?! I hear you shout.

Yes! Though I have no idea why, where they came from… well, the last one, Morning Dick, was Asrai’s fault…so we’ll just blame her for this one too… hehe

This story involves a couple I have written about before, Michael and Nico, or Sir and Kitten. If you so wish you can read Kitten’s First Playtime before this one. It’s not necessary…but go on… you know you want too. You have time, put the kettle on and enjoy a double dose of kinky goodness.

Thank you again to everyone who has ever encouraged me, especially through the writers blocks, yes more than one… or was it one long giant one? I’ll never know. And, once again, thank you to Sir for helping me with Michael, what he may say or do, for helping me bring him to life.

I hope you enjoy!

I opened my eyes, to find myself in the same position I wake up every morning, in your arms.
Your heart, a steady rhythm against my back.
Your arms held me tightly against you.
Your ankles a tangle with my own.
Your breath tickling the hair at the nape of my neck.
I leaned back, trying to get even closer to you, when your morning erection rubbed against me. You must of felt it too cause you growled low in your throat. I smiled and wiggled slightly, your semi hard cock slipping into the cleft of my bottom. Now I wiggled more. Suddenly your hand moved from my stomach to seize my hips as you began to grind against me. Your voice rumbled low in my ear.
‘Someone’s feeling playful this morning…’
I turned my head to rub my cheek against the scruff on your chin and whispered ‘I want you..’
You edged away, pulling me on to my back and kissed me. You started slow, like it was our first kiss, not our thousandth, as you walked your fingers up my body to palm my breast then squeeze my nipple. I groaned against your lips, so you did it again.  You kissed along my jaw and up to my ear. I bared my throat to you.
You licked and nipped at my throat, neck and collarbone as your hand left my breast to scratch down across my stomach. Your fingers reached the apex of my thighs, tapping lightly where I was squeezing them together. ‘Open for me Kitten’ I opened my legs wide, hooking my right over your hip. You slipped two fingers between my lower lips to press against my clit.
You claimed my lips again as first one way, then the other you made slow circles around the swollen nub. I shivered against you. ‘I love that one side of your clit is more sensitive’ You rubbed a little harsher down the left side, drawing a strangled cry from my throat. ‘Such a needy Kitten…. do you want Sir to make you cum?’ You slid your fingers just inside me, your thumb now teasing my clit.
‘Please Sir….please make me cum’ I still wasn’t quite used to my own voice sounding so wanton.
‘I will, I’ll always take care of you Kitten’ A kiss was pressed against my neck. ‘I think it’s time for your collar… it would look amazing against your pale skin’ Another kiss. ‘Maybe a chain attached, I could pull it as I fucked you’ I clenched around your fingertips ‘Oh… Kitten likes the sound of that’ Your whispered words continued.
‘Do you like the sound of a collar round your throat Kitten?’ I whimpered.
‘Your back bowing to me as I held the chain?’ You nipped at my ear making me shiver.
‘Your bottom all beautiful and peachy turning red as I spanked you?’
‘Then I would fuck you hard, just the way my Kitten likes it’ Your fingers began to tap my entrance sending little jolts of electricity through me.
‘Please….Sir…’ I begged between breaths ‘Can I cum?’
‘Hold on a little longer for me. I wanna feel you quiver round my cock’ You removed your fingers and unhooked my leg from around you, I whined in frustration as I had felt so close. A sharp sting resonated across my thigh and a loud slap rang around the darkened room. I gasped ‘Really Kitten, whining??’
‘I’m sorry Sir…’
‘I was going to give you what you wanted… I was gonna make you cum. Now you have to wait… and be punished’
We both liked the room quite dark to sleep, so I couldn’t really see anything, the slight crack in the curtains barely letting any light from outside through. I felt the bed jostle. Then I heard the tell tale sound of wood against wood. You were opening one of the drawers on your bedside table. I few small sounds then you closed the drawer with a loud thud that made me jump.
‘Turn over Kitten… hands on the head board’
And with those simple instructions, I knew what you had taken out of the drawer. As I turned over onto my hands and knees I could visualise you. You would be on your knees, legs wide apart. You hard and heavy cock pointing straight forward. You chest would be rising and falling in slow deep breaths…and between your long slim fingers you would be holding a wooden paddle.
I still remember holding it myself for the first time. Running my fingers over the smooth dark wood, surprised at how warm it felt. The feel of the soft leather wrapped around the handle, looped off to make the wrist strap.
‘Now Kitten!’
I had got lost in my memory and hadn’t moved fast enough. I raised myself up and gripped the cool metal bars of the head board tightly. I slid my legs wider apart and stuck my bottom out. My breath hitched as I felt your hand caress first one cheek, then the other. I could feel my heart starting to beat faster in my chest, waiting in anticipation for that first glorious sting.
The air left my lungs in a gasp as heat and pain blossomed across my left cheek. ‘One’
You struck my right cheek next, pleasure rippling through my body. ‘Two’
The heat, pain and pleasure had rolled into one wave, crashing over me from my fingertips all the way to my toes. ‘Three’
You hit harder this time, harder than you had ever before. I let go of the bars and dropped to my hands and knees ‘Oh God!!’ Your hand caressed my lower back. Concern touched your voice ‘Kitten?’
I inhaled deeply, my voice shaking just a little. ‘Four… five… six…’
‘Good girl, I knew you could take it a little harder. Are you still green?’ We had kept to the traditional red and green safe words. I took a few more deep breaths and nodded. ‘Still green Sir, was just more intense than I expected’
‘You did really well Kitten’ You hand moved from my back to rub where you had spanked me and I heard you whisper ‘So hot…’ Something soft pressed against the skin next to your hand, and again. ‘Words can not convey how fucking sexy it is to feel the heat from your skin upon my lips’ You peppered more kisses across my bottom. ‘I wish I could see it all red. We should get a spotlight just for me to shine on your ass while I spank it’
I’m up for that, just not one that you clap to turn on and off… Ow!!’
You had pinched me. ‘I should spank you more for that sass Kitten, but I think you’ve had enough for now. On to your back, I wanna taste that sweet pussy of yours’
I rolled over to lay on your side of the bed, turning my head I inhaled deeply the scent from your pillow, your deodorant, cologne, sweat and that something underneath all of that, that something that was unique to you. ‘Sniffing like a dog more than a Kitten… maybe I should of kept you on your hands and knees…’
‘I’m sorry Sir… I just love the way you smell’
Your warm breath washed over the inside of my thigh as you chuckled. ‘It’s alright Kitten, I love your smell too’ You kissed, licked and nipped up my thigh, drawing closer and closer to my wet pussy. Just as your next kiss would be on it, I expected you to start at my other knee. I felt you part my lower lips, whispering to yourself how wet I was, then you growled low in your throat ‘No more teasing’ and you licked me from my hole up before greedily sucking hard on my swollen clit. I gasped loudly, my back arching, my fingers sliding into your dark hair. ‘Oh fuck yes!’
Your tongue flicked back and forth rapidly and just when I thought you were about to pull an orgasm out of me before I could even say anything, you stopped. I let go of a breath I didn’t know I was holding. Then you began again, long lazy sweeps up and down this time, dips inside me making me clench around your tongue, the glorious rough feel of your beard against my sensitive folds.
‘You have the sweetest little pussy Kitten’ Your breath tickled my wet skin.
‘A perfect fit for my fingers, mouth and cock… like it was made just for me’ You kissed the inside of my thigh.
‘You were made just for me Kitten. You are mine!’ You gripped my bottom to lift me to your lips once more. Licking, sucking and nipping like you were a desert wanderer, and I was the water that would save you. I ground myself against your face, raising my legs into the air to open myself even wider. I knew you would chastise me for it, delay my orgasm, maybe punish me again later for it, but right now, in this moment… I didn’t care. I needed it.
I needed the bite of your teeth.
I needed your long sweeping tongue.
I needed your firm yet soft lips.
I need the scratch of your beard.
I needed you.
‘Yours Sir…’ I managed to gasp out between breaths. ‘Only…ever…yourssssAAAHHHH!’ My last word turned into a scream as you grasped my clit between your teeth. My whole body was pulled taunt and as I began to shake, you never let up sucking and flicking your tongue to make my orgasm explode throughout my whole body.
You lowered me back down onto the bed, my pussy still clenching. It was brighter outside now, letting a little more light into the bedroom. I turned my head to look at you. The morning sun caught the grey in your hair and beard making it shine like silver. Your lips and chin were glistening with my juices. Your eyes were wide and dark with desire, I looked down, your cock was still rock hard and pointing at me.
‘Did I tell you you could raise your legs Kitten?’
You leaned over me, your hands either side of my chest.
‘Did I tell you could grind your pussy against my face?’ You pressed your lips to mine, hard and quick, but I could still taste myself.
‘No Sir’ My heart, which had been slowing began to speed up again.
You slid your cock between my quivering folds making me gasp.
‘Did I tell you, Kitten, that you could cum?’
‘No Sir’
You clicked your tongue three times ‘… Such a naughty Kitten’ You ran your hand down my thigh. ‘You knew I hadn’t told you you could do all those things….yet you still did them anyway…’ You reached my still wet cunt and began to circle my clit once more with your thumb. ‘Is my Kitten getting a little bratty streak already?’ You squeezed my clit ‘Oh God!’
‘No…that’s not my name’ You let go, then I felt the blunt tip of your cock stretch me. ‘What’s my name Kitten?’
Then you thrust home, hard.
My back bowed for the second time that morning as I gripped the bed sheets fiercely between my fingers. You pulled out nearly all the way. ‘What’s my name Kitten?’
Then you slammed back in. You pulled back out. ‘Again!’ Your voiced echoing around the room. ‘Sir’ Another hard punishing thrust.
‘Sir’ and another.
‘Keep saying it Kitten. You need to remember who I am and who owns you’
I began chanting Sir like a mantra and every time your name fell from my panting lips you thrust inside me, almost bruising strikes of your hips against mine. Over and over you body struck mine, and over and over the bed frame banged against the wall.
I could feel another orgasm building. Blooming and blossoming out from where you pounded me over and over. It weaved along my legs, making my toes curl. I fought against every nerve screaming for release, every fibre of my being begging to go over the edge. Not till you said. I had stopped saying Sir now, I could barely get the air in my lungs to breath, let alone speak… but you hadn’t stopped. I was certain we would both be sore the rest of the day and beyond by the force of your body against and inside my own… and I would savour every glorious ache.
Your lips brushed against my own. A kiss so in contrast to what your body was doing to me. ‘Are you alright Kitten?’ The words whispering across my cheek. I opened my mouth to speak but found I couldn’t… You slowed down, just enough to allow me to breath deeply a few times, clawing air into my lungs. ‘I’m…..alright….. Sir’
‘Good girl’ Another quick press of your lips to mine and your pace quickened again. If felt harder and faster than before if that was possible. I couldn’t move, I could barely think. Just lay there and be used by you. Your voice boomed through my haze.
‘Look at me Kitten!’
I hadn’t even realised I had closed my eyes. The light was even brighter now, I could see your muscles flexing and straining. The sweat beading on your skin.
‘I…wanted…to feel you… quiver…round…my…cock…Kitten… are you gonna…quiver…for me?’
I bit my lip. I was losing the battle. The lambent flames you had started were now burning every inch of me. Swirling around my stomach. Flashing across my chest. Scorching your name inside my heart. ‘Please…Sir….I…can’t…hold…’
That single word was all I needed to hear…
I let go.
My whole body going ridged for that sweet moment of tension that always feels like it will go on forever before every nerve fired at once and I fell over the precipice. ‘Oh…fuck!’
You seized my hip, holding me still as you thrust two more times, burying yourself inside me as you came with a deep resonating growl. Through the haze of my own orgasm I could feel your cock twitching. ‘Oh yeah… quiver for me Kitten…’ You began to rub my over sensitive clit making my body shudder with shockwaves and my dripping cunt pulsate around you more.
The bed jolted as you collapsed beside me. My heart still thundered in my chest as you pulled me hard against you, swaying me gently in your arms. I took a breath in and I felt my body begin to shake. You squeezed me tighter ‘I got you Kitten… I got you… Look at me’ You took my head in one hand to raise it. ‘Nico… look at me baby’ Light creeped in as I managed to open my eyes. You were a blur at first, just lighter in some place than others, then the image began to sharpen. Your handsome face appeared before me. The dark hair and beard peppered with silver, the firm bridge of your nose came next, followed by the deep chocolate of your eyes. Last came the little lines around them, from where you were always smiling. My face must of showed I had you focused cause you spoke.
‘There we go, hay baby. I want you to breath with me okay… deep breath in’
I felt your stomach move away from me slightly. I copied. ‘And out slowly’ Air caressed over my cooling skin as you exhaled through your nose, I did the same. ‘Good girl… keep going’ You breathed in again. We stayed like that for, I don’t know how long, just breathing  in and out in sync with each other staring into each others eyes.
I realised I had stopped shaking, and I couldn’t feel my heartbeat hammering in my chest anymore. I wiggled one hand out from where they were trapped between us to caress your cheek. You smiled at me. ‘Are you alright?’ Your voice no more than a whisper now, like you were scared if you spoke any louder I would shatter to pieces. I nodded.’I’m fine, more than fine, just….wow…’
‘I know, that went a bit more intense than I thought it would… I’ll make sure I have water near by for next time…or chocolate… I would of gone and got some but I didn’t want to let you go…’
I pressed my lips to yours ‘Thank you’
‘You did amazing Kitten’ You captured my lips again. ‘Stay there, I’m gonna run us a nice hot bath and we can have a sofa day, thank God it’s Saturday!’ You rolled me onto my back gently before moving to the edge of the bed.
‘I ain’t going anywhere! I don’t think I could move even if I wanted too!’ I heard you laugh and I glanced at you standing by the bedroom door. ‘Hair a mess, thoroughly fucked, my cum drizzling out of your pussy…You look beautiful Kitten’ Then you blew me a kiss and left the room.
I hope you enjoyed! 
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Morning Dick


I got this idea in my head from this Twitter post from my wonderful friend Asrai    http://asraidevin.com/

Hope you enjoy! 


A blast of cool morning air hit my back as you left the bed, causing me to gasp. I heard you chuckle, knowing what you did as you shuffled over to use the on-suite. Bastard.

Not long after the bed dipped heavily as you eased your large frame back in behind me. You pulled me against your bare chest, the fine hairs tickling my skin, your body warming me up again quickly. I sighed and tried to edge even closer to you. You were always warm to the touch, maybe because there was so much of you. At 6’5” and big everywhere you towered over my short ass 5’2”…. Then for what was probably the millionth time since we had started going out… I wondered what you saw in me. I was short and not toned at all. My tummy stuck out a little, my legs were chunky and I was just so… plain…

Then there was you…tall, black hair and beard, deep brown eyes, and you were all muscle. I couldn’t encircle your lower arms, even using both my hands! Dark ink tattooed your chest, back, shoulders and all the way down your arms, stopping just before your wrists. You were just so beautiful… like an artist had carved you from marble.

You squeezed me against you. ‘I can hear you thinking, stop it’ Your deep voice, even heavier from sleep, rippled in my ear as you nuzzled the back of my neck before kissing it. I smiled and laced our fingers together over my stomach. You always seemed to know when my mind went to that dark place. ‘What time do you have to get up?’ I asked, pulling your arm up so I could see your watch.


It wasn’t even seven am yet…

I let go of your fingers and turned in your arms, placing my hands against your hard body before kissing the black and white roses that adorned it.

‘Good… Gives me time to try something…’ I continued kissing your chest, following the rose thorns with my lips as I slid my hand down your stomach to grip your cock. I felt your fingers in my loose pony tail, pulling my head back so you could claim my lips. It was a slow kiss, almost light, yet I felt it everywhere, my body coming alive under the simple act of your lips against my own. I moved my hand lower, gripping your balls briefly before rubbing back up to tease my thumb over the head. ‘And what, pray tell, are you trying with my dick in your hand?’ You said against my lips.

I smiled as I squeezed you gently, enjoying the sight of your eyebrows raising slightly and nostrils flaring, two of your subtle signs that you’re enjoying what I was doing to you.

‘I read something online….’ I used my free hand to push your shoulder gently, hinting for you to lean back, you complied and I followed you to straddle your thighs as I continued to slowly tease you up and down. ‘An erotica author I follow Tweeted that…’ I paused to slide further down your legs. ”Early morning dick is the best dick…” and I wanna see if it’s true’ Then I took you in my mouth till you hit the back of my throat.

You hissed between clenched teeth, your large hands slipping into my hair. You didn’t fist the strands, or force me down further, they were just there. I swallowed around the head before pulling up so I could suck and rotate my tongue around the tip. I looked up to find your dark eyes watching me, your chest rising and falling.

I crawled up your hard body, planting a quick kiss to your lips, but as I leaned back your hands suddenly grabbed me by the tops of my thighs, pulling me forward. I squealed as my hands hit the wall and your tongue teased my wet folds.

Nuzzling me open with your nose, you latched your lips to my clit, sucking hard. I groaned, loudly, and banged my fist against the wall. ‘Ah fuck!’ My hips began to grind against your face as I grabbed the headboard with one hand and slid the other into your dark hair. You flicked my clit before releasing it, licking lower and then higher, then sucking and biting. Your lips, tongue and teeth seemed to be everywhere at once, sending ripples of pleasure through my whole body. The scratch of your beard against my skin was glorious. I knew I would feel the burn later, the thought making me rub a little harder against you.

My thighs began to shake as I felt my orgasm building. ‘No…Not yet…’ I managed to gasp out. You licked and nibbled a few more times then lowered me down to sit across your chest. ‘Well, I dunno about morning dick…’ You smirked at me, your mouth slick with my arousal. ‘But morning pussy is very good’ A chuckle escaped me between panted breaths as I leaned down to kiss the taste of me from your lips.

I edged my way down your body, digging my fingers into your skin and scratching as I went. You groaned, your back arching to press my nails even deeper. I reached your hips, raising myself up to reach between my open thighs to grip your hard cock. I rubbed you against me a few times, feeling the slight ridges of your frenum piercing bump my sensitive clit. You surged upwards and growled in my ear.

‘Stop being a ‘literal’ fucking cock tease!’

You gripped my hip with one hand and reached between our bodies with the other to grab your dick and place it against my quivering pussy.

‘Are you ready to know what morning dick feels like?’ You said as you teased yourself just inside me. I groaned at the stretch. ‘Fuck yeah, give it to…’ You thrust up before I even finished my sentence. I gasped, nails digging into your upper arms at the sudden sensations of being filled up so hard and fast. We stayed that way for a moment, staring into each other eyes, chests rising and falling in unison, in perfect sync with each other.

I clenched around you before raising myself up and slamming back down. I encircled my arms around your neck and did it again. You hissed. ‘Yeah baby, take it all!’ You gripped my hips as I raised up and this time you pulled me down harder. ‘Ah fuck….’

I quickened my pace, bouncing up and down on your hard cock as you moved up to scratch your blunt nails down my back. I arched and you took advantage, sucking and biting at first one nipple, then the other.

‘Ah shit baby, the way your ass is bouncing against my balls I’m not gonna last long’ Your confession spurred me on to fuck you even harder.

‘Touch me…’ I sounded so needy. My fingers gripped your hair, pulling your head back so I could look into your eyes to beg you… ‘Make me cum with you’ With one hand still gripping my hip hard, you moved the other lower, your fingers slipping between my wet lips to rub either side of my clit.

My eyes shut, my head rolling back. Every noise in that room amplified in that moment.

The creak of the bed springs.

The dull rap of the head board against the wall. The sharp slap of my flesh against yours.

The wet sound of my greedy pussy every time you slammed into it.

They all stoked the flames that burned inside me.

I felt your tongue sweep the underside of my jaw, before your lips pressed against my exposed throat. Your head dropped to my shoulder and your teeth grazed the slope of my neck. Your whisper ghosted over my heated skin ‘Come with me beautiful’ And you brought your finger tips together.

The air left my lungs in a gasp as every cell in my body froze, before exploding in white hot pleasure. You held me tightly as I shuddered in your arms. I felt your hips raise one… two… three more times as your teeth bit into my shoulder, a loud guttural growl emanating from your throat and echoing in my ears.

You laid back down, taking me with you. The only sound in the room now our ragged breaths. I felt so sated, I could easily have gone to sleep right there on your chest as it rose and fell gently.

Your cock slipped free as you wrapped your arm around me and rolled us to the side, I instantly felt its lost. Your trapped arm, now free rubbed my swollen clit, causing aftershocks to shiver through me. Then your fingers dipped inside. ‘I fucking love feeling my cum in you’ You kissed my cheek as I chuckled between breaths. I felt you jostle the bed and I opened your eyes to see you leaning your head on your palm, looking down at me. Your fingers left me, catching my clit one more time making me gasp. You smiled and caressed your wet fingers across my lips.

‘So, how was morning dick? Is it the best?’

My tongue swept first up then down across my lips, tasting both myself and you, I hummed contently. ‘Sooooo good…. I think she was right ya know… it may be the best’


I smiled up at you and wrapped my arms around your neck, pulling you down for a quick kiss

‘I think, in the interest of science, a second experiment should be had’

‘What an excellent idea’ And just as your lips touched mine again…


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By the Moon’s Light


I awoke gradually, not wanting to start the day just yet, when I realised I wasn’t in my bed anymore. I sat up, the room was small, the king size bed I was in dominating a space lit only by moon light glowing through the curtain-less window. I could see no other furniture.

I don’t know why, but I wasn’t scared, I felt safe, secure.

The quilt was thick with crisp white covers, same with the pillows behind me. A shadow appeared between the bed and the window.

Not a shadow…a silhouette.

A man’s.

With the only light behind him I couldn’t see his face, but he was big. Tall, muscular, a hint of darkness of tattoos stood out on the skin of his shoulders. He reached forward and pulled the covers from the bed, and me. A chill crept over me and I shivered, and not just from the cold.

It was then I realised I wasn’t in my usual comfortable cotton pyjamas, but a dark silk strappy nightie which barely covered my thighs. The bed dipped as he put first one knee up and then the other as he slowly crawled towards me, over me, causing me to lay back down, till he rested on his arms above me. Despite him being so close now I still couldn’t see his features.

Mr Mysterious dipped his head and rubbed his cheek against mine. I groaned, loudly. He had a short beard and it felt glorious. My legs parted of their own accord, I have a weakness for scruff against my skin, and he took full advantage to lower himself onto me, pushing me into the plush mattress. I could feel now he wasn’t wearing any clothes. The soft hairs on his legs brushing my own, the unmistakable feel of his erect cock pressing against my stomach.

He was heavy…but it felt so good.

He turned his head and began to kiss me, I kissed him back, slow, lazy kisses, the softness of his tongue and lips a contrast to the roughness of his beard. He lips left mine and moved lower, kissing, licking, nibbling along my jaw and neck down to my breasts while his hands moved to pull the straps from my shoulders. He pulled lower, more of my skin was revealed to him, and he peppered it with soft kisses and rough rubs of his jaw, leaving a trial of fire in his wake.

After throwing the nightie to the floor, he stalked back up, parting my legs further as he once more loomed over me. My hands flew into his long hair when his mouth closed around my nipple piercing and sucked hard. My eyes flickered shut. I felt his teeth scrape my skin at the same moment he pushed inside me. Not slow, not gentle, a hard and punishing thrust.

I gasped, my eyes flying open…. to see my ceiling…with the small crack in it.

I sat up, breathing heavily to find myself in my room, my bed, my red and black bedding, sun light straining to push through my curtains, then my alarm started it’s rhythmic beeping…

….it had felt so real…

…but it was just a dream…

So, I was having a Twitter conversation with the lovely and gorgeous Mischa Eliot (You should really check her out, you won’t regret it!) and we were talking about dreams. Which reminded me I had written down one of only three dreams I remembered in my life, so I thought I would share it here for you all to read. (Unfortunately, the other two are not smutty, but alas, nightmares)

I am still working on two pieces, slow going I know. I have been taking a lot more time for me recently when not working my day job. I feel more settled mentally than I have for a while, and I know it’s a long road ahead but even the longest journey begins with one simple step forward.

Love to you all ❤

American Vampire in London.


I wrote this over the course of a few weeks about four years ago maybe? Mainly staying up later than I should of at that seemed to be the only time my brain would kick out the next bit. I wrote it all by hand, good old fashioned biro and an A4 narrow ruled pad. Think I still have those original pages stashed somewhere. I love to read urban fantasy, it’s one of my favourite genres, and this was my attempt. If you are familiar with The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher or The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne then you will see that they have influenced me heavily in this piece. Now, I wouldn’t of made it so obviously influenced, but I was younger,  definitely non the wiser to what I was doing at the time but this was my first original character and story and, maybe more importantly… I finished it. (I purposely left it as a kinda cliff hanger/suspense thing) Which is more that can be said for 99% of the things I had written up to this point. It’s not great, it’s rough, it’s a rambling attempt of me trying to write comedy into my pieces… but it’s mine, and I’m proud of it, in a weird way. I present it here, unedited. I hope you enjoy ^^

Chapter One.

You ever had one of those days when you wished you had just stayed in bed? To just ignore the sun peeping through the curtains or the shrill of the alarm clock and just stay curled up beneath the big fluffy duvet, or better yet, stay beneath the big fluffy duvet with a warm naked body curled around you. Well I wasn’t having one of those days; I was having one of those weeks! Young girls were being attacked, left in heaps in alleyways, clothes torn, shivering, confused and weak. They remembered nothing, only they had been in the club, then blank, until they woke up in the dark. The police had no clue, don’t get me wrong, the police do good work, but this guy left nothing, no finger prints, DNA, not even a single hair. The blood work on the girls came back clean, apart from alcohol of course, but I knew what it was, a vampire.

An emotional one to be precise, one of the only things I knew of (and I knew about a lot of different things!) that could attack someone, leave them weak and confused and leave not a shred of evidence behind. There are two types of vamp, the traditional suck your blood kind who bite either your neck or wrist (though I have heard there’s a great tasting point on the inner thigh) drink your blood then seal you up with a lick of the tongue. A bit of ‘look into my eyes, you will remember none of this when you wake up’ routine and apart from a few hours of feeling a bit weak, you wouldn’t remember a thing. That’s all vampires really are, a twenty four bug, unless they kill you of course. They can come out in the day time, despite what all the old legends say, they are just weakened by the sun, but none of this burst into flames crap. A stake through the chest won’t turn them to dust either, just paralyze them until it’s removed. Holy water, there’s some truth in that, that will burn them, but unless you submerge them completely for a few minutes they can recover from that too. Crosses don’t do squat, neither does garlic. Best way is to remove the head from the body; all you’re left with is a pile of ash. Emotional vampires have the same weaknesses and strengths as their blood sucking cousins. Super speed and strength, they can heal quickly too, makes them very tough to fight, but not impossible. I’ve taken a few out in my time. These guys, instead of drinking your blood, they feed off your emotions, your feelings. Think of The Dementors in the Harry Potter books and you’re not far wrong. The sweetest feeling is overwhelming happiness, the kind of joy a human being will only experience a few times in their life, like holding your new born child for the first time. As you can imagine that’s a pretty hard thing for a vamp to come by, they’re not in the habit of hiding in maternity wards just waiting for the next baby to pop out, not particularly practical either. So instead they take the next best thing, sexual feelings, lust, desire; a club being the perfect hunting ground. Find some girl or guy, inhibitions lowered by alcohol, get them on the own, in the dark, oh look an alley right outside, how convenient! A promise of a good time, excite them, take them to the edge, then as they tip over it, suck them dry, emotionally speaking.

I had spent the last five nights trying to track this guy down, going to the crime scenes after the police had gone and doing my own investigation. I’ve lived a long time, a lot longer than my ‘late twenties’ look and I’ve picked up a few funky tricks along the way, to add to my own impressive arsenal of course! This one I picked up on one of my many treks through Europe from an old witch coven I helped with… wait, I’m getting side tracked, that’s another story. After checking the alley one more time I set my brown leather satchel down next to where the girl was found. There were no markings or police tape to say where she had been, but you could feel it. Most humans would have just put it down to where they were; a cold dark alley. I wasn’t most humans. Yeah I could feel the icy chill and general wrongness, but I could also feel the ancient magic too, it made the hairs on the back of my neck and bare arms stand on end and it tickled my sensitive nose.

Setting my mini pestle and mortar on the concrete I put a few drops of blessed water from my sports bottle before returning it to my bag. I reached into the back pocket of my jeans and pulled out my trusty flick knife. Looking at the blade gleam in the moonlight I made a mental note to sharpen it when I got home. I flicked and scraped bits of brick, cement, even the cold concrete into my little bowl, anywhere her body could have touched. Stowing the knife I then began to crush with the pestle, all while whispering the enchantment. Ancient words from a long dead language, but I could feel the power within them, within me. As the words fell from my lips the dark concoction began to glow a soft green colour, and then flared blue. The spell was complete. I gathered up some of the mixture onto my index finger and drew a line across both my eyelids and just under my nose. It didn’t really smell of anything, but it felt a bit…gritty funnily enough. It was ice cold and tingled as it touched my skin, I could feel it seeping into my pores, snaking through my eyeballs before it settled over my pupils. I took a deep breath in and opened my eyes.

The scene that greeted me was like one of those old black and white movies, grainy, rough around the edges and no sound at all. I could see the girl, from the dark grey I guessed she had dark coloured hair, her skin was nearly as white as ivory and she had a black(or dark coloured) strapless dress on that fell to her mid thigh and a pair of those heels that looked just a bit too tall to walk in. I also saw my target, the bastard. He was tall, matching my 6ft 2ins, dark hair, guessing from the shade of grey anyway and was dressed all in black, a tight tee shirt wrapped around a muscular frame and some of those slim fitting jeans. I hated just the idea of those things! They looked….restrictive in the…gentleman area, I dunno about you, but I prefer a little bit of…wiggle room. I breathed deeply and got a whiff of him, he smelled of modern aftershave and soap, nothing unusual there, but buried underneath all of that was something he couldn’t hide from me, decay. A vampire is a dead creature, I know I know, undead, same difference, either way, if you’re dead that means decay, just like anything else that should be in the ground. A quick squirt of perfume, aftershave whatever and most people would never know, never realise that the person they were talking too, dancing with, having sex with, was a creature of the night. Why is it whenever I hear that phrase I just wanna take a cape and hold it over the lower half of my face and furrow my eyes brows in an evil villain kinda way? No? Just me? Oh well. I watched as ‘Mr Big Bad Vampire’ continued his seduction that I presumed he had started in the club. He leant in close to the girl, pushing her legs apart with one of his own; her mouth opening in what I guess would have been a whimper. He bought his hands up to slowly caress her arms from wrist to shoulder; she shivered beneath his touch, her head rolling back to rest against the bricks. He crushed her breasts against his chest, pressing her firmly against the wall. His lips hovering near hers, closing in for the kiss before moving back just out of reach when she leaned in… talk about a fucking tease… I can’t say too much, it was one of my favourite tricks too, now I hated this guy even more! Copying my flirting technique…..this guy was going down!

I moved around the couple, not taking my eyes off them. The foreplay continued, caresses and kisses, gradually getting more heated, all the while I could see the magic he was casting. While technically vampires don’t cast magic in the traditional spell slinging sense, under my enchanted eye sight his dark foggy aura flared outward towards his victim. Tendrils of grey mist weaved their way around her head and neck, snaking around her wrists and waist, there were even two curling around her shapely thighs before heading up beneath the hem of her dress. She arched her back in response, her soft plump lips opening wider, even with no sound, I could almost hear her groan. This is how I imagined a voyeur felt, not that I’ve thought about that, this wasn’t live or anything…I cleared my throat and adjusted myself, what?! You can’t judge me, it was hot okay! At all the other locations I hadn’t had a great image at all showed to me, it ranged from virtually nothing to just shadows and silhouettes. This was the best and most clear picture I had had, meaning this my first real glimpse of him. I moved in closer and tilted my head, his face was next to hers, almost ear to ear, his eyes were shut, a serene almost blissful look was spread across his high cheek bones and chiselled jaw. Tall and handsome…how cliché! I committed his face to memory, I had him, and now I just needed to work out where he was gonna strike next.

He moved his head to kiss her passionately as the gyrating intensified. He held his leg off the floor as she ground herself down onto it, his aura was throbbing now (it wasn’t the only thing!) the long veins connecting the vampire to the girl pulsating as they absorbed every ounce of lust, joy, euphoria, everything she was feeling right at that moment. In that peak when she pulled her lips away to arch her back again, her mouth open in what I guess was a vocal confirmation that she was, well there. His aura flared brightly, nearly white as he drew out her orgasm as long as he could, drinking it in to himself. She laid her head on his shoulder, her chest rising and falling deeply, threatening to burst the thin material of her dress. He lowered her to the ground gently, crouching with her to stare into her eyes for a moment. His ‘forget you saw me, forget everything, even forget your amazing orgasm’ Jedi mind trick…bastard. She stared, unblinking, right back at him before her eyelids drooped and she slouched against the wall as if she had just fallen asleep. The vampire rose, straightened his tee shirt and briefly gripped what looked like a painful erection. As if on cue, a dark coloured BMW pulled up to the entrance to the alley. I walked closer, hoping to grab the number plate, but as I approached my vision grew cloudy, I was leaving the area of effect of my spell, the further I moved away the more it would degrade. I kicked the ground in frustration as my target climbed into the back seat and pulled the door closed behind him. Then to my surprise, instead of speeding away, the driver used the alleyway to reverse and drive back the way he came, giving me a perfect view of the license plate. I smirked, which turned into a full blown laugh at the sky, I got the son of a bitch!

Chapter Two.

It was closing in on dawn when I unlocked my office door. Little beams of soft light peeped through the blinds from the lamp I had left on on my desk. My small office was basic and uncluttered. A big old fashioned solid wood desk stood in contrast to the quite modern leather office chair that I used. Two chairs for clients sat opposite mine facing away from the door. I kept a locked filing cabinet in the far corner with a few nik-naks and a plant on top, which I really should water sometime soon. On the wall mirroring the large window was a full sized framed print of John Constable’s ‘The Haywain’, one of my favourite paintings. A few certificates hung behind my chair, PI License and the large copy of my gun permit amongst them. I undid the three locks to my flat and as I pushed the heavy door open a high pitched ‘Weeeeeeee’ sound reverberated in my head and a ball of fur came flying at me at the velocity of a speeding bullet and landed straight on my face. ‘Ronan!! You’re home!!’ Came the voice in my head again, I thought back my reply. ‘Yes I’m home you crazy fuzz head!’ I plucked the fur ball from my face and looked at the little guy.

I had rescued Phalgrin about six months ago. He was being kept as a pet, locked in a tiny cage, maltreated and malnourished by an evil fairy. This bastard was using his magic, his gift to get people addicted to fairy dust, costing them hundreds if not thousands of pounds and ruining their lives. The drug, for that’s what it really is if used the wrong way was even known as ‘Fairy Dust’ on the streets. The police lab guys, as you can imagine, couldn’t work out what it was made of, so I got asked on the sly if I could help in anyway. To cut a short story even shorter, I tracked the guy down and asked him very nice and polite like to stop. He didn’t so I went back, kicked his ass and left him and his henchmen tied up before calling the police, I know right, how very Batman of me. Before I left I took the cage with me (he would freak the police out to no end!) The plan was to nurse him back to health, if I could, and try and either get him back home or find him a new one, and I did, with me.

Phalgrin is half sylph, air fairy and half earth fairy, gnome, no…not the garden ones. He looked like a tiny rabbit no bigger than the palm of my hand with soft light brown fur. He had a load of fluff around his neck, like a small Ruff collar from the seventeenth century, flecked with different shades of brown and big onyx eyes. His ears, instead of being straight or floppy were a combination of the two. They stuck up then were floppy at the ends. The tips should have been a double point, but Phal’s had been burnt off, the ends all scorched black and jagged. On his back sprouted a stunning pair of wings. The edges and some of the larger veins were a pale green (a nod to his windy heritage) but the main membrane was virtually translucent and seemed to shimmer through every colour as he flapped them. I let him go and he hovered in the air as I flung my keys on the kitchen side. ‘Why do you have war paint on?’ Came the little voice again as he tilted his head to side. ‘I don’t have war paint…oh the black marks? I was working a spell’. Although Phalgrin is a very intelligent creature he couldn’t speak as you or I do, so we communicated telepathically instead. ‘What you been up to while I was out?’ I asked as I threw my coat over the back of the sofa before flopping on it and started to untie my boots.

‘I watched Iron Man’.

‘Oh? What did you think?’ I asked back as I tugged one boot off and began to work on the laces of the other.

‘It was pretty cool, although, I wouldn’t want to accidently fly into him and go poof!’

I laughed as I slung the other boot to join its partner on the floor, rested my feet on heavy wooden coffee table and shut my eyes with an exhale of relief. ‘Phal, you don’t have to worry, One, he’s a comic book character, he’s not real. Two, even if he was, that suit is not made of iron, so no poofing for you’ Like all other fairies iron could severely maim or kill Phalgrin, anything from the size of a nail upwards would do it. Only the oldest and most powerful could not be harmed by a nail or small blade. If Phal really did fly into a plate of iron, it would go exactly as he described, Poof!

‘Oh’ His little voice sounded surprised. ‘So why is he called Iron Man then?’

A sigh escaped my lips, ‘Probably because his suit is made of metal and iron is the most common metal, hence being dubbed Iron Man’ I could sense this was the start of one of those line of questions that reminded me once again that I needed to make time to teach Phal how to use the internet. ‘It’s just one of those things fuzz head’. Begrudgingly, I pushed myself off the supreme comfort of my big leather sofa and padded to the kitchen. Grabbing the milk from the fridge I poured some into one of my big chunky mugs, placing it in the microwave and setting the timer. I fished out the tub of hot chocolate from the back of the cupboard. My kitchen was all black and chrome coloured, clichéd bachelor I know but I like it. When it was decided that Phal was staying I had to go round and make sure there was no iron in here or anywhere else in the flat for that matter. As the milk warmed I woke up my laptop from where it sat on the kitchen island and booted up my hack program, What? I gotta get my information somehow! The microwave pinged. ‘Hot chocolate! Yippee!’ Phal’s voice reverberated in my head as he came flying from the living room straight towards me again. The little guy loved hot chocolate since I gave him some when he was recuperating. I turned my head to the side so I didn’t get a face full of fur again, he splatted against my ear and promptly climbed to the top of my head where he hopped from side to side. I stirred the powder into the warm liquid before taking a small bowl I had gotten from doll’s house dinner service and filling it with some from my own cup. I placed them both next to the laptop and perching on one of the stools. Phal floated down from my head to sit by his cup.

I hacked into the DVLA database hoping to get a match for my vamp, or more likely his driver. If flashed up instantly, Robert Sinclair, right, now to find his employer. A few more button clicks and…Bingo! Nathanial Vermont. He was in town for a ten day business expo at which he was one of the key note speakers. The glossy picture that flashed across the conventions’ homepage showed Vermont amongst the other high profile guests. It was defiantly him, no doubt. So, one of America’s newest entrepreneurs was a vamp. Him being here for the conference would explain the sudden start to the attacks, it also meant I had better stop him, and soon or there would be more victims. I know he wasn’t killing them, that they would be fine in a day with some rest, but damn it he was attacking girls, maybe harming them mentally, and I had the power to stop him, so I was going too. I normally would just kill a vampire who seemed to be out of control, no questions asked, they can turn out that way. If the person was unstable before they were turned it would carry over, or sometimes the turning can traumatise enough to make them go on a killing spree. Sometimes the turner wouldn’t stick around and teach them how to not take it too far, blood sucking or emotional variety. But this guy was too well known, maybe less so here in the UK, but there were a lot of people who knew he was here. Luckily killing him wouldn’t leave a body, but it wouldn’t look good if he just disappeared either.

Hmmmm I had to think this through.

I sipped my hot chocolate, it was just the right temperature, so I took a bigger mouthful. Phal had already finished his, he was snoozing, flat on his back next to his empty cup, and I couldn’t help but smile at him as his little belly rose up and down.

My best bet was to confront him and get him to stop, simple, maybe. If he refused or tried to harm me then I would have no choice but to fight back. A bit more digging resulted in finding his hotel, one of those shiny posh ones right in the centre of the city. Looks like I would be on stake out duty tomorrow evening, no, this evening, it was already in the am. Rubbing my hand across my face I suppressed a yawn. I placed the dirty cups in the sink and shut down the laptop. Quietly, so as not to wake up fuzzy face, I crept back to the living room to the bookcases. I loved to read, whenever I had a spare minute anyway. The case on the right was all old hardbacks, some even signed, dating back two to three hundred years. On the left more recent stuff, science fiction, fantasy but mainly urban fantasy, I just love to see what people think the world would be like if creatures like vampires and fairies actually existed and the modern era, some were not far off, some not so much. I reached up to the very top of the left case and placed my right index finger of the finger print sensor I had installed there. There was a quiet beep and my bookcase slid back into the wall and to the right, slotting snugly behind the other case. My very own Batcave. What? I couldn’t exactly leave weapons and sensitive equipment just laying around the flat now could I? I stepped inside, the light coming on automatically. Down the middle of the small room was a table where I had another laptop and some lab equipment set up. The three walls held all my weapons. Ones my dad taught me when I was a kid like swords and the spear. Ones I had learned from my travels around the world, both long and short bows, even cross bows amongst others. I had a couple of silver coloured Berreta 92’s in here too. Not a fan of guns to be honest, but handy to know how to fire one when it comes sliding at you across the floor when you’re in the middle of a werewolf pack battle disguised as a gang war, that’s another story too. My personal favourite was the expanding batons which could combine to make a bo-staff, and although I could hide them inside my long coat, I may have to enter a club to find this guy and I may be frisked down as I wouldn’t exactly be in ‘clubbing attire’. Looks like I was gonna have to rely on some good old fashioned hand to hand combat, shame mine was a little rusty, and my spells. That was always with me, the dragon magic my father bestowed to me at my conception, the power of ice. The light went out as I left, flicking the switch to put the bookcase back into place as I went. I switched off the lights and gathered up Phal from where he was still snoozing, he stirred a little and snuggled against my chest as I headed for a few hours of well deserved sleep.

Chapter Three.

As soon as the sun started to hang low in the sky I was parked outside The Britannia hotel. Some vampires come out straight away while others prefer to stay in a little longer. I had no idea of Vermont’s habits so I thought better safe than sorry. As I glanced around I spotted a couple sitting outside the coffee shop across the street from me. They were one of those beautiful couples you know? Both drop dead gorgeous, probably both having well paid jobs too, the kind of people that are so cute you wanna throw up over them. The woman had long, dark, dead straight hair, probably freshly heated flat that morning and he had that dirty blonde, slightly scruffy on the ends surfer dude look. They sat very close, leaning on the table to kiss and touch noses and all that lovey dovey stuff. It then got good. Her face went from smiling and glowing to gradually drop in to a scowl of almost rage and disgust as surf guy whispered something in her ear. She wrenched her hands out of his grasp and stood to leave; when he rose to follow she threw her glass of water over him. That was enough to keep me smiling for the rest of the day, but he then proceeded as she stormed off to pull his tight now drenched tee shirt over his head. Surf guy had a gorgeous chest and set of abs. He wiped his face with his shirt, his muscles then bunched as he rang out the excess water. I gotta admit, there were a few twinges in my chest and abdomen. What? Even after nearly 500 years I can appreciate a nice, firm body.

An hour later, still no sign of Vermont. I had finished my coffee and was debating on how wise an idea a second cup was when my phone started vibrating in my pocket. I fished it out and checked the caller ID. A blue butterfly flashed up on my screen. See, when you’ve lived as long as I’ve had, you can get a bit paranoid, people wanna hurt you for some reason, and if they can’t get to you, they will go after your friends and family, so every contact in my phone only makes sense to me. A blue butterfly meant only one person, Fairy Fliss, Felicity Andrews as the rest of the world knew her. She was a genuine fairy, running a club right here in the city. Her bar staff, under her guidance, made the best cocktails! The reason, one tiny speck just one, of fairy dust in every glass. Her drinks made everyone forget about their troubles whatever they may be for a few hours, relax, be happy. I know normal alcohol can do that too, but that was the crazy thing, her cocktails were alcohol free, it was all down to fairy magic. She bought happiness to people with no side effects, no downsides, no harm to the planet or its inhabitants. Good for me because I didn’t want to shut her down like those bastard fairies that had held Phalgrin captive and got people hooked on larger quantities of Fairy Dust. She was a good friend and I enjoyed her company. So, why a butterfly? When Felicity shows her wings they are identical to a blue Morpho butterflies. I answered the call before it rang off. ‘Hello’.

A silky, rich, smooth like melted chocolate voice drizzled out the ear piece, into my ear and straight to my groin. ‘Hello gorgeous’

‘Felicity’ I almost sung back at her before changing my tone to terse. ‘What do you want?’

‘What?’ She chimed back ‘Can’t a girl phone her favourite Dragon Boy just to see how he is?’

I sighed, and I could hear a quiet giggle on her end. I hated being called Dragon Boy and she knew it. She always did it to rile me up. I took a deep breath in through my nose and out through my mouth.

‘One’ I began ‘I’m the only dragon you know. Two, I’m not a boy, I’m like…what? At least three hundred years older than you are and three, yes people can call other people to see how they are, but you cannot.

‘Oh!’ she exclaimed, making it sound more like she was aroused than hurt. ‘Well, that’s no way to talk to a girl who’s scared out of her mind’

That made me sit up and pay attention. Fliss, hell, any fairy for that matter didn’t have many reasons to be scared. They were one of the most powerful creatures on earth. If she was scared, I had better be concerned. ‘Scared? I asked ‘What’s Wrong?’ I heard her take a breath in. I waited to hear about something so evil and horrendous that she needed to compose herself before she spoke. What I got was more chocolate being poured and a hint of sarcasm.

‘I’ve heard about these attacks Ronan…I’m worried…I mean…What if he comes after me next?’ she paused, I could hear her swallow ‘I’m scared to be alone… I thought… maybe…you could come over tonight? Protect me from ‘The Big Scary Vampire’

I smiled, I couldn’t help it. All she had to do was ask and I would have come over anyway. I wasn’t about to tell her that if all went well, there would be no ‘Big Scary Vampire’ after tonight. I couldn’t resist a damsel in distress though, so I played along.

‘Oh baby, don’t be scared, I’ll protect you’

‘You will?’ I could almost hear her eye lashes flutter.

‘Absolutely, I will protect you, all of you, with my whole body’

‘Oh Ronan’ my cock practically twitched the way she said my name ‘When can you come over and ‘protect’ me?’

I smirked ‘Well, I’ve got an errand to run, but once that’s done, I’m all yours baby’ It was nice to know my evening was going to end well, as long as I made it past the vampire.

‘I’m at the club right now, come meet me here when you’re done with your little errand and we’ll go from there’

‘You got it baby’

‘Thank you so much for protecting me Ronan’ I could tell she was smiling, I loved her smile. ‘See you soon sweetie’ and with a click she was gone. I smiled as I put my phone back in my pocket, just as it started vibrating again. I answered without looking at the screen expecting it to be Fliss. ‘What’s the matter? Wanna start the foreplay now?’ I smiled down the microphone.

‘Excuse me?’ Came a deep, annoyed but still sexy male voice, definitely not Fliss but I did recognise it.

‘Oh, Detective Kincaid…I’m so sorry…I thought you were somebody else’

‘Clearly’ came the curt tone back. I squeezed my eyes shut. Ooops!

When I first move to a city I always introduce myself to the local police force. Tell them there’s a new PI in the area, give them details and offer my services in any way possible. Two years ago when I moved here I sat down with one Detective Grayson Kincaid. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I remember the small interview room, the faded blue walls and cheap plastic table and chairs. I can even remember the faint smells of sweat, aftershave and perfume of the last few occupants. Then there was a quiet click of the door, the taps of the smart shoes on the lino floor. I inhaled for a waft of crisp, clean washing, scrubbed skin, aftershave and something else, his scent. I remember turning to see him, the striking emerald eyes that seem to penetrate everything that they glanced at. He was a couple of inches shorter than me, his light brown hair was meant to be, I guessed, kept a little shorter than it currently was. The slightly scruffy ends gave him a boyish charm and softened the cheek bones that gently stuck out just below those beautiful green eyes. His brows furrowed as to why I was staring at him. I tried to hide my blush with my best smile and held out my hand.

‘Ronan Drake, pleased to meet you’

The crease melted as he smiled in return. He clasped my hand, his grip was firm and his palms and fingers had that lovely combination of soft yet slightly rough skin.

‘Detective Grayson Kincaid’ he responded as he sat and gestured for me to take the chair opposite.

‘Kincaid huh?’ I thought out loud ‘Appropriate name, leading the fight against crime’

He frowned at me quizzically again. I was starting to like that look on him already. His eyes stared straight at mine, a silent request for me explain.

‘Kincaid, it means ‘Battle Leader’ in Celtic, you have roots up that way?’

This time he looked slightly surprised, probably that I knew that. I had passed through both Ireland and Northern Ireland several times during my travels and picked up bits and pieces along the way.

‘Yeah’ he replied ‘My father’s side’

‘Yet no hint of an accent, you moved here when you were young I’m guessing’ It was more of statement than a question, and I wasn’t furnished with an answer.

‘So you’ve come here today for what purpose again Mr Drake? Introduce yourself?’

‘Call me Ronan please, and yeah, I just moved into the city I thought I would let you know there was a new PI in town, give you my details, let you know things I’m really good at, my knowledge etc and just basically offer my services in case you ever need me’

I got a cocked eyebrow in response; this guy’s poker face was crap. ‘You’re offering your services to us? The Police?’

I sighed ‘I get that a lot as you can imagine, but I’ve always been called in the end’ I smiled ‘Always’

The look on his face still said he was sceptical. ‘Look’ I said passing him an envelope with my name on it ‘All my details, knowledge etc even references are in here, you need me, give me a call, that’s all’

Kincaid looked at the envelope, and then back up to me, like he was weighing me up, I smiled.

‘Yes, well, okay, I’ll put your details on file, thanks for coming in’ he said as he rose from his chair. I stood too and followed as he went out the room. Turning to face him, I offered him my hand again and another smile ‘See you soon Detective’ I added a wink for good measure.

I opened my eyes and tried to pull my mind to focus on the now.

‘I was just arranging an evening with a friend of mine, you’re welcome to join us, I’m sure she would love to get her hands on you’ I teased. I heard a slight scoff on the other end of the line.

‘If she’s one of your friends they would more likely be claws’

I clasped my chest as if I was hurt ‘Sir, you wound me deeply, are you implying that I cavort with unscrupulous types?’

‘I’m saying you are an unscrupulous type’ he retorted, but I could hear a faint smile on his lips.

‘Ouch!’ I exclaimed ‘The knife goes in and then he twists it for good measure’

A heavy annoyed sounding sigh blew into my ear ‘Are you done?’

‘Erm’ I pretended to ponder ‘Yes I think I believe I am, what can I do you for Detective?’

‘I know you’ve been tracking this guy, the one attacking the girls outside the clubs. I want to know what you’ve found?’ Well, that was a surprise. I hadn’t told anyone I was trying to find this guy, so how on earth did he know?

‘And what makes you think I’ve been tracking him Gray?’

‘I know what you’re like Ronan, it’s the kinda shit you would pull. So, tell me what you know?’

I swallowed. Should I tell him the truth? I mean, he knew about all the supernatural stuff that was going on, I told him. You can’t really deny all that kinda stuff when you rescue someone from a demon who had them bound and was about to all kinds of nasty demon sex stuff to him before killing him, well, you could to stoner or a drunkard, that word is so under used nowadays, I loved the word drunkard…but you can’t deny it to a stone cold sober police detective. A snarl slipped through gritted teeth brought me back out of my little flashback.

‘NOW Ronan!!’

‘Okay okay, Jesus! Yes, I’ve been tracking him. It’s an emotional vampire. I’ve found him and I’ll have him neutralised in the space of a couple of hours…’ I blurted out before I got another earful.

‘What if you can’t neutralise him?’

‘If it doesn’t go well, there will an attack every night for at least the next five nights, you will have the murder of a PI that you probably won’t be able to explain and Felicity will not have an epic night of sex tonight’

‘Well, I don’t like the idea of the first two I have to admit, but I’m sure your friend will be able to find someone else, so I’m not really worried about that last one’

‘Oh, you are in a very catty mood today’ I said ‘Plus, you wouldn’t say that once you’ve spent a night with me’ I added with a purr.

‘In your dreams Ronan’ came the retort

‘Indeed Detective, every…single…night’

I could almost picture him as I waited for a reply. Those stunning green eyes rolling with exasperation; an exhale to match escaping his lips. His work shirt sleeves pushed up to let his elbows rest against his impeccably tidy desk.

No response came, I checked to see if the call was still connected, it was.


‘Don’t die on me now, I got enough paperwork as it is’ Then he hung up.

I love getting under that guys skin, I would love to get under the covers with him more though. I settled back in my seat with a smirk on my face and reached for my half eaten box of jelly beans.

As the sun finally disappeared over the distant horizon Vermont strolled casually out the big glass double doors at the front of the hotel. He was again dressed all in black, virtually the same outfit as I had seen in my vision, but he had added a small black biker style leather jacket. It was a lot chillier tonight than last night, not that Vermont as a vamp would feel it, but he would have looked odd wearing just a tee-shirt and having no goose bumps. His driver, Sinclair, pulled the car up just as Vermont reached the pavement and as he climbed in I started up my own cars engine. It coughed a couple of times before growling to life. Looks like it was service time again, I would have rather been on my Harley but bikes don’t really work on a stake out. I followed them along a few streets, all the while knowing that I was inching ever closer to the inevitable confrontation. Eventually the car stopped, where it shouldn’t of I may add, outside a place called Crystal Rhythm, oh shit…. The vampire was heading straight into Felicity’s club.

Chapter Four.

Crystal Rhythm was one of the nicer clubs in town; it had opened up a couple of years ago, not long before I moved here actually. I continued past the entrance, luckily there was no queue tonight, and headed around the corner to find a place to park, and quickly before another girl got hurt.

The doors of Fliss’ club opened into a small reception area where you could exchange your coat for a tag. I opted to keep my coat on; I’ll probably be heading back outside again soon. (I got patted down as I had suspected) The entrance led off into a meandering hallway dotted with deep blue spot lights causing strange shadows to dance as I stepped along to reach the next set of double doors. The spot lights were another cool feature of Fliss’ club, they contained fairy light, muted of course, just enough to make you feel exactly what you need to feel, whether it be easing the muscles tension so you can relax after a hard day at work, or the first buzz to start a wild night. I felt like I had been slapped across both cheeks, hard, and had cold water thrown over my face, a wakeup call, telling me to stay alert. I could still barely hear the music, despite its proximity, but I could feel it, in my chest, hammering an opposing rhythm to my own steady heartbeat. The bass so heavy it pounded through the walls as if there was no soundproofing. The double doors emerged onto a glass and chrome balcony high above a circular dance floor. There were a few people draped over the railings, sipping from slender glasses containing various coloured liquids. Staircases to my left and right led downward, and directly across from me under pale white lights was the DJ. Glancing over the edge I observed the scene below. Bodies writhed and swayed all over each other. Kind of reminded me of a documentary I had seen a little while ago where Japanese wasps would swarm an invading hornet. They all seemed to move and dance in unison to the thundering beat the DJ and the expensive surround sound system provided. There were two bars, mirroring the stairs, with four staff on each side. They too all appeared to be dancing themselves, gliding around each other and up and down the bar, making serving drinks and cocktail creation seem like a beautifully choreographed ballet. I took a deep breath in through my nose trying to find my target. There were a lot of different essences, but the one that over-powered them all was the luscious sugary scent of fairy and fairy magic. It was everywhere, coating every surface, I could even taste it in the air, like I had dunked a damp finger in the sugar bowl and was sucking on it. It was delicious. I could also smell a lot of humans, plain, neutral, kinda like pancakes, freshly cooked but bland before you add syrup, fruit or bacon, mmmm bacon. The humans were all sweaty too, ergh. There was also perfume, aftershave and the faint smell of smoke where people had nipped outside into one of the two smoking areas. There were other smells too; sniffing again I could defiantly catch the deep earthy fragrance of two werewolves, both by the left side bar. To my right there was a nymph, its fresh ocean breeze gently weaving its way to me through the sweet air. There was also a mage of some description on the dance floor amid the writhing mass; I could smell the magic. The smell of decay hadn’t come to me yet, had I missed him? Did he know he had been followed and got dropped off outside here to throw me off the scent? Literally. I leaned over the right side of the balcony and did loads of little sniffs like a bloodhound trying to find the scent of a deer; attempting to find the one scent he needed above all the others assaulting his nose. I was about to do the same over on the left when I caught it, the unmistakable stench of the walking un-dead. He was here, but I still couldn’t see him. Edging my way past the patrons that were leaning on the banisters I paced slowly down the stairs trying to narrow down where he was. As I hit the bottom my eyes moved from the dance floor to the bar area, straight on to the beauty that was Felicity. Her face lit up as she came out from behind the bar towards me, almost skipping. Her shoulder length hair had been pulled back and was being held in place with two slender crystal adorned sticks, and was an impressive shade of pink. A dark blue dress hugged her curvaceous body in all the right places, its hem longer on one side drawing my eyes to her knee high boots. I beamed back at her and opened my arms to receive the hug I was sure was coming my way. I didn’t get a hug.

When Fliss reached me she flung her arms around my neck, laced her fingers through my hair and pulled my lips to her. The deep thundering beat faded to nothing. All the people around us just melted away. All I could see, smell and feel was Felicity. My eyes drifted closed as her nails scratched my scalp. She tasted sweeter than the air as I kissed her back, like she had coated her lips in glucose; sucrose or maybe other stuff that ended in ’ose’. I raised my hands to her bangle decorated wrists before slowly stroking the backs of my fingers down her bare lower arms to her shoulders. Summoning my magic, I covered my fingers tips in ice as I touched her naked back, knowing her sensitive wings were just below the surface. She opened her lips in a gasp and allowed my tongue to caress hers. I didn’t suppress my groan. She shuddered beneath my touch as I moved my hands to her peachy behind and crushed her against me. It still felt like it wasn’t enough, it always did with Fliss. Her nails dug into my head again, a little too hard. The pain must have reconnected a wire in my brain somewhere. There was a reason I was here…I’m sure there was…what was it again?… Shit! The Vampire!

We pulled back about the same time; her arms remaining in my hair, both breathing a bit heavier. I glanced down into her sky blue eyes, they were sparkling; she was biting her bottom lip too. Her hair had gone from bubblegum pink to a stunning ruby red. Fairies hair colour changes with their mood. They can hide it if they wish, which they did most of the time. Sometimes its involuntary if the emotion is very strong. When I first saw Fliss she was happy, now she was fucking horny. She released her lip and said something but her voice was carried away by the music. I frowned and leaned in close again,

‘What?’ Her warm wet tongue ran along my outer ear and I shivered.

‘I said, I’m so happy to see you’

‘I’m happy to see you too baby, but we got a little problem, can we go to the office? I said back. We parted again; she frowned and nodded. She placed a chaste kiss to my lips; turned back towards the bar and I followed, our hands clasped tightly together. Even before we reached the chrome bar the flap was being held open for us by one of the staff, a cute petite fairy with a shy smile and her hair pink with blue streaks, happy and calm, good combo for a possibly busy nightclub. Felicity led me through the bar door into the ‘backstage’ area, a break room for the workers, toilets, cleaning cupboard all that sort of thing and the manager’s office which we went into and I shut the door behind me.

‘What’s up?’ she asked as she perched on the edge of her desk with her arms crossed ‘Thought you were coming over after you ran an errand?’

‘I was, but the errand brought me here… I was tracking the vamp and he came in here’

‘What?!’ Her eyes blazed. ‘There’s a fucking vampire in my club?!’ Her red hair now had flashes of orange, she was still horny, but pissed off too.

‘Hay’ I chimed, going to her and pulling her close to me ‘Don’t worry, I’ll get him. I just thought you had better know that was why I was here’ I kissed her forehead and rubbed her back gently. She promptly shoved me away and I hit the door, the knob digging into my lower back.

‘Well… Don’t just stand there, go get him!’ She re-crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at me, a silent ‘And don’t you think of coming back until he’s ash!’ I moved quickly, stole a kiss and winked at her ‘You got it baby’ and I exited stage left.

Chapter Five.

Heading back to the main club area I began sniffing again, my eyes scanning every person. Now I was closer the smells were stronger, the sugar sweeter, the pancakes fluffier. The werewolves had moved from the other bar to the dance floor. I caught them eyeing me briefly. They probably had caught a whiff of me with their own superior sense of smell and was wondering what I was. (I’ll have to ask a werewolf one day what I smelt like, I mean according to my dad I smelt like a crisp icey winter morning) To my left under the stairs was the nymph. It was a male, tall, quite slender for his species with dishevelled windswept dirt blonde hair. I could only describe him as beautiful, but then again, all nymphs were. He had three women around him, a blonde, brunette and red head. Red was in front, slightly to his left. I could see she was tracing lazy circles on his right pectoral. The other two clung to his sides while his hands were snaked round to rest on their behinds. He raised eyes his from red’s to meet my own, his slight smile broadened and he winked. I returned his smile and nodded politely before returning to my search. Moving slowly towards the dance floor I inhaled deeply, trying to the smell of fairy and human. Then, there it was, the scent of decay and it came from behind me. Trying to act as casually as possible I turned and out the corner of my eye I saw him, Nathaniel Vermont. He had his arm a blonde who had his leather jacket draped over her petite frame; and they were heading towards the smoking area exit. Slowly, I weaved my way around the tables, keeping my eyes locked on the moving couple. I didn’t want him to see me, not yet anyway, so I kept to his six. He went through the door, I waited for a few seconds so he would be away from the other side and was about to follow when I was surrounded by the crisp fresh scent of the ocean and there was a gently touch at my elbow. I turned to find the nymph from a moment ago; the three girls in tow and a smile on his face. Now he was closer I could see he was wearing a white shirt, the top three buttons undone, his sleeves pushed up past his elbows. I would have thought he had come from the office, but he was wearing tight black jeans instead of tailored trousers. He just kept on smiling at me and held up a business sized piece of card between long fingers. I held his gaze as I took it and flipped it over before glancing at it. In beautiful spiral handwriting it said ‘Alex’ and a phone number. My eyes went back to him and I returned his smile as I pulled my coat away from my body and began to place the card in the inside pocket. ‘Alex’ shook his head and taking the edge of my coat in one hand, his card in the other and promptly stepped chest to chest with. His smell enveloped me more. Despite the relative darkness I could now see his eyes were the colour of storm clouds, his breathing a little heavy causing his chest to rise and fall. The thin material of his shirt and my tee shirt doing nothing to hamper the feeling of his nipples pressed against my own. I felt the hand with the card in on my hip, then slowly slide down into my front pocket, depositing the card and moving his hand to my hip. He leaned in and placed a gentle yet firm kiss to my lips. Before I could respond he moved away, his groupies following, the brunette stroking my arm as she went past. God I love nymphs. I must have stood just looking like an idiot with a grin for a minute before sense kicked back in. Face palming myself, I sighed and edged my way quietly through the door and out into the night.

Chapter Five.

The rain that had been threatening all day was now coming down in a steady torrent from the nebulous sky. Trying to keep my foot falls as quiet as possible and sticking to the shadows, I edged further in to the alley that was being used as a smoking area. All the usual stuff you would expect to see down an alley, bins, rubbish and maybe even a tramp were all void here. They had cleaned it out, even painted the bricks and strung up a few pale spotlights. Several cigarette bins had been screwed to the walls.

I took a deep, yet silent breath in through my nose, good job I didn’t have a cold. He was still here; there was also the faint smell of perfume, which would be the girl. Despite the steady rhythm of the rain beating down around me I could just about make out the sound of heavy breathing, yet there was no one in sight. Then, in the dark corner by the stairs that led back to the street, a shadow burst into the beam from the nearby light. I tensed, then realised it was a piece of clothing that had landed with a rustle on the ground; Vermont’s leather jacket. The seduction was already underway. The time to make my move was now. I sort out my magic from where it resided deep within me and pulled it to the surface, ready. Cracking my neck and knuckles, I took a deep breath, stepped into the light and boomed;

‘What manner of man is this, or what manner of creature is it in the semblance of man.’

From the darkness came a quiet male growl, followed by a desperate plea ‘No…please…don’t stop’

I heard what sounded like a person sliding gently down a wall to the ground before Vermont stepped into the light in front of me. It felt like we were on a stage, two actors each illuminated by our own spotlight. My own vision and even the website didn’t really do the American justice now I was up close. He was even more handsome, a light dusting of stubble had grown across his ‘Superman’ jaw. His chestnut eyes were hooded with arousal, and he looked pretty annoyed.

‘Seriously? That’s the best you could come up with? A Dracula quote? He snarled at me.

I grinned back ‘It seemed appropriate ya know, what with that recent TV series, have you seen it? Jonathan Rhys Meyers makes one sexy vampire’

‘You got a lot of nerve punk, especially knowing what you’re up against’ His smile was gentle, confident, as he rolled his shoulders.

‘I do actually, they don’t know how many nerves are in the human body, but it runs into the millions I believe’ I retorted, mock counting on my fingers.

‘Smart mouth fucker!’ he roared as he charged at me. He was super fast, a blur as took his right fist and connected it, hard, to my stomach. All the air seemed to leave my body in a rush and I crumpled to the ground in a heap. I fell a fancy Italian shoe connect with my ribs.

‘Dumb fuck’ he spat down at me. I heard those same shoes grind on the tarmac as he pivoted and began to walk away.

‘Ya know’ I began as I rose from the floor and dusted myself off ‘It’s very dangerous to turn your back on your opponent’

Vermont had stopped and turned with an eyebrow raised, half in the shadows, half out. The shadows surrounding him like he had been enveloped by darkness and it were now a part of him.

‘How the fuck are you even conscious, let alone fucking standing?’ I smiled, it’s fun doing that, puts people on edge, makes them wonder what you’re up too.

‘That a rhetorical or an actual question?’

His mask of control slipped back into place, but he remained in the shadows.

‘Look’ I said, not bothering to find out if, it was an actual question or not. ‘I dunno how it works in the good Ole U S of A, but here, you can’t go around taking what you want from girls in club alleyways without their consent, see what I’m saying?’He raised both eyebrows this time, Man….why do people keep doing that to me? It could really give a guy a complex.

‘I’m giving you a chance to walk away, no more hunting while you are here and fly home, everyone’s happy’ I held my arms open, hands splayed in a casual ‘What do ya say?’ Kinda way.

Vermont’s lips spread into something between a smirk and a wicked grin ‘and I suppose you are gonna stop me?’

‘If I have too, I will yes’ My magic that I had kept simmering began to bubble, ready to be unleashed, but not yet, that was my trump card.

The American ran his fingers through his wet hair, slicking it back and cracked his neck. His grin widened into an almost wolfish smile. ‘Let’s go’ and he surged forward for a second time, aiming for my stomach again. I side stepped this time, swirling my three quarter trench coat like a matador’s rag. He skidded to a halt and turned to face me, eyes blazing; now he looked really pissed!

‘Ole!’ I chimed

‘Cocky little shit ain’t cha?’

He stepped slowly towards me, cautiously, fists raised like a boxer. I mirrored him, as if all I had against him was my own fists. He jabbed with his right, aiming for my nose but I blocked, barely, and connected with my own. His may have been fast and strong, but mine had been reinforced. As I pushed my fist through the air I encased it in ice, freezing the rain on my skin completely around my hand, with little icicles over the knuckles for added impact. He turned slightly so I didn’t get him full in the face as I intended, but my frozen fist still caught him on the edge of the temple, slicing the skin and causing him to take a steps back. Still not ready to reveal my magic, I dispelled the ice. The wound had already begun to close but he still had to wipe blood infused rain from his eye.

‘Lucky shot’ he spat as he came at me with a flurry of punches. I blocked, it was all I could do. Well, it wasn’t blocking per say, more covering my face with my forearms. He used his speed to circle me, landing blows to my ribs, kidneys and stomach. The punches weren’t as hard as the first one he did, but there were a lot of them and my body was really starting to feel the constant barrage, like he was all around me at once. With each contact of his fists I felt a rib fracture, an organ bruise, and just as it began to knot itself back together he punched me again. I couldn’t block forever, I had to go on the offensive. There was a pattern to the pain he was dishing out, punch punch move, punch punch move and elbow to the stomach! He wasn’t expecting it and staggered back a few steps, just enough to give me a chance to breathe. Everything ached like a bitch, but I pushed it to the back of my mind, I couldn’t let this guy win. Just because I heal faster, a lot faster, doesn’t mean I don’t feel pain; I stand on a Lego I scream and swear just like anyone else. Oooo Lego, there’s an idea! That could be a good way to keep Phal distracted during the day…or me at the wrong time! Get your head back in the game dickhead! Suddenly my arms were clamped to my sides and I could feel a heavy weight against my back. I twisted and squirmed but to no avail as Vermont’s super human strength gripped me like a vice. ‘Easy easy’ His voice low and husky in my ear ‘Now we can get to know each other better’

A warm wet tongue caressed the lobe of my left ear and gently stroked upwards, teasing the silver rings I had there on the way up. Was he trying to seduce me? Magic began to build in the air around us, I could feel it thrumming and pulsating. Any thoughts I had on the possible dangers of this situation flew out of my head as my body temperature rose a couple of degrees, and I felt…really frisky. My head fell back to rest on Vermont’s shoulder, my whole body relaxing out of the tension of combat as he kissed his way down my neck.

‘I don’t normally go for guys’ he said as spun and slammed my back against the brick wall, my head reeling at the sudden movement. ‘But for you…I’ll make an exception’ and he crashed his lips to mine. They tasted of honey and he groaned as our tongues touched. It didn’t quite taste right, but I couldn’t work out why. It didn’t seem that important when a solid thigh was thrust between my parted legs. It was my turn to groan as I began to wantonly grind myself against it. The kiss grew rougher, more desperate; I bit his lower lip drawing out a hiss from him as a drop of blood trickled through the broken skin on to my tongue.

Let me tell you something about my species. Dragons, pure dragons, more often than not, battle in their dragon forms. Fighting with claws and teeth, tearing at flesh and scales; and with this, you’re bound to get blood in your mouth. The taste for blood is not only yearned for in battle, but learned. It is passed from mother to child before and after birth. Being only half blood, I can’t turn into a dragon (I know, sucks right!) and I never got the taste from my mother in the womb, she was human after all. My dad however from a very young boy taught me the ways of our kind. He taught me how to fight with both sword and spear (our weapons in human form) He told me our history, right up to the Civil War that tore our species apart; and he taught me it was like to fight with your opponents’ claret on your lips. I gotta admit, I didn’t like it at first, who would? But with each practice session with my dad be it hand, sword, or spear. You kinda get used to the sour metallic taste of your own blood in your mouth (My dad didn’t go easy on me) I went from hating it, too it not bothering me so much to welcoming it with open arms. Now, I crave it. Whether it’s my own, my opponents’ or my lovers, the metallic twang tingling all my senses, liquid life slipping down my throat, the sensual ruby smear across plump lips. It’s like a drug.

But when Vermont’s single drop touched my tongue, something in me snapped. It didn’t give me that sweet rush, it barely tasted metallic. It tasted of ash, earth and death. My eyes flew wide open, a sudden urge to get away flooded through me. I grabbed at the American’s elbows, ready to push him. When I realised he was still kissing me, his eyes shut and his leg still between mine, a strong hand cupping my erection. He didn’t know his ‘spell’ had been broken. He thought he was still in charge, well that was about to change! I still had the grip on his arms; I tightened it and slammed my knee in between his own slightly parted legs, connecting with his balls. He broke the kiss, his head snapping backwards with a howl to the skies. So I took the opportunity opened and smashed my forehead into his nose with a satisfying crack. I pushed him away from me before introducing his chest to my heavy booted size eleven. He staggered backwards, one hand holding his nose, the other on his crotch. The time to hide my magic was over, so I reached for it as I flung my arms forward like I was pushing and unleashed it. To be honest though, I had never tried what I was about to do before. I didn’t know if it was gonna work at all, let alone resist the strength of a vampire, but it was the only thing that came to mind that may work. I prayed. The temperature in the alley dropped about ten degrees in two seconds. Vermont’s clothes were soaked from the rain that was still streaming down. I froze them. Remember those cartoons when you were younger where a character would fall through a frozen lake and bob back up to the surface encased in a block of ice? That’s the look I was going for. Brilliant blue ice exploded from the ground, big shards piecing Vermont’s legs. He wailed in surprise.

‘Wha….’ He began to wiggle from side to side, sweeping his arms to break the ice, but for every one he snapped I replaced it with two more. Beads of sweat began to trickle down the sides of my face from the effort. Freezing water that was already there was a lot less draining than creating ice out of nothing, but I was freezing an awful lot water, it was still taking a lot out of me. I slowly began to raise my hands, spreading the ice up his restrained legs, freezing them apart.

‘How…what are you doing? He stuttered

‘Just trying to cool down the situation a little’ I responded as I weaved the ice further up. He yelped again as I enclosed the ice around privates, a smile spreading across my face. What? It was funny. I pushed it higher, surrounding his stomach and torso before snaking it down his arms all the while digging more icicles into him, hoping the blood loss would weaken him, even if only a little. I even froze his hair, leaving his face clear so I could talk to him. By the time I was done, he kinda looked a bit like the little man stuck on the gents toilet door. I lowered my hands to my knees, breathing heavily. I wanted more time to catch my breath but I wasn’t sure how long the ‘ice prison’ would hold him. Standing back up I slowly stepped closer.

‘Are you more chilled out now? I said, making sure I emphasised the ‘chill’ in chilled. Oh yeah, I went there.

‘You’re not human are you? He asked, I swear I heard his teeth chatter even though vampires are resilient to the cold.

‘No shit Sherlock’ I barked back at him.

‘What are you?’

‘That’s enough of the stupid questions. Are you going to stop hunting while you are here? Or am I gonna to have kill you where you stand? With a slight movement from my fingers, two large thick shards began to slowly protrude up from the American’s shoulders heading towards his neck, stopping only when they just touched the skin.

‘A click of my fingers is all it takes to decapitate you, so what’ll it be?

Vermont’s eyes were darting up, down, side to side, a hint of fear contained within them and I could almost hear the cogs in his head turning over. I had caught my breath back and was standing with my arms crossed across my chest, foot tapping impatiently.

‘Anytime today Vermont’ as I started to tap my fingers against my bicep, the American’s gaze locked on my fingers, eyes wide, seemingly terrified that one wave of a digit could kill him. It could too. One click of my fingers would make the ice explode, taking his head and leaving a small pile of ash to be easily washed away by the rain.

‘O..okay’ he said, appearing to sag in defeat despite being frozen solid ‘I won’t go out hunting while I’m here’

‘Promise?’ As I held my right hand up and slightly out in front of me, thumb and middle touching, poised.

‘I swear!’ he nearly shouted ‘I will not hunt, you have my word’ His eyes never leaving my outstretched fingers.

‘Your word isn’t worth jack!’ I scoffed and snapped my fingers.


With a thunderous crack the ice shattered, outwards. Shards hit the walls, a few lights went out, fragments skittered across the ground and Vermont was left unharmed, well almost, he had a few holes and a lock of his hair was still frozen, pressed against his forehead in the back draft. His eyes were tightly shut and he was still screaming, until he realised he was and he stopped. Cautiously, he opened his eyes, looking down his hands, patting down his body, he glanced up at me, I smiled.

‘Remember your promise’ I clicked my fingers again, causing the last shard of ice to shatter. Vermont whimpered.

I began to walk back towards the club. ‘Wait’

I paused.

‘You never answered my question’

I turned on the spot to face him, raising my eyebrow for him to continue.

‘What are you?’ I thought you may have been a sorcerer, but you’re not are you?’

‘I’m not’ I said, turning back towards the door.

‘I’m something else’

I hope you enjoyed! ^^

Kitten’s First Play Time


I gotta admit, this was tough and took awhile. I have virtually no knowledge of  any aspect of BDSM but an idea came into my head, a girl being punished, and it grew into this.

The other reason this took a while was because, like my heroine Nico, I had to research. I browsed through a few websites, listened (Read: read transcripts as headphones wasn’t sorted) to a podcast. Thank you Kayla Lords and John Brownstone! And I also spoke to an actual Dominant. He helped me get into the mind set of Michael, help me understands how he sees Nico, how precious she is to him. So thank you, you know who you are Sir, for helping. 

I hope you all enjoy!

I had my arm looped through yours as we walked up the small path to my front door. A sudden bolt of nerves hit me but I quashed it. I wanted this, I needed this…and I wanted to give you this. I just hope I was right.
We had met six months before in a small bar near where I worked. I don’t really drink a lot but after an even more than usual stressful day, I thought something stronger than water was in order. You had smiled at me from the other side of the long dark wood bar, tilting your tumbler of whiskey in greeting. The lighting showing the silver peppering your dark hair and beard. I raised my near empty glass of wine in return, matching your smile. I watched as you called the barman over and exchanged a few whispers, the barman looking my way briefly. By the time I had tilted my head back to finish my wine, you were beside me, your glass topped up and the barman was bringing over a fresh glass of wine. You introduced yourself as Michael, we chatted and drank, and I found myself staying way longer than I had planned. I really enjoying my time with you. We exchanged numbers and had been going out ever since.
I noticed that when we had sex you would take control. You would let me touch for a bit but then my hands were pinned above me, or you would flip me over so I was on all fours, so I could only kneel there and take the pounding you gave me. Once, you wound my hair around your fist, my back bowing to your strength. I noticed something else too…. I enjoyed you taking control. I enjoyed letting go and let you do with me what you will. The way you would tease me till I was begging for you to make me come. After you would hold me close, rub my back, run your fingers through my hair and place gentle kisses on my head.
I not only enjoyed, I thrived on it.
I’m not naive. I caught on as to what you were, what I seemed to be… So I researched. I asked the internet, scoured through websites, even listened to a podcast. It all fit into place. Feelings and sensations I had made sense, it all seemed so simple now. I knew what I wanted to happen now, I wanted to explore further, with you.
So I went shopping.
Some things felt familiar, others alien, yet there was no denying the thrill that shivered through me as I laid them all out on the edge of the bed before I left for our dinner. I had no idea what to really expect. I hadn’t rehearsed what to say to you, I left it all up to now.
‘Okay, you’ve been tense all evening. Tell me what’s wrong baby?’ You stopped just outside my front door and pulled me to you. One hand tight against my back, the other on the side of my neck, the tip of your thumb holding my chin up. Despite my heels you were still taller than me, your gaze intense and full of concern as I looked deep into your eyes. I pulled my courage to the surface, your thumb now caressing my jaw as I swallowed.
‘I have a surprise for you’
You smiled, ‘Is that it? That’s what got you so worked up? Silly girl.’ You kissed me gently and whispered in my ear ‘I can’t wait, let’s go.’ You tilted your head towards the door and tapped my bottom. I smiled, took a deep breath and unlocked the door.
I guided you through the darkness to my bedroom. I pressed a quick kiss to your lips. ‘Wait here’ And disappeared inside. No backing out now, I said to myself as I switched on the bedside lamps, their soft glow washing over the toys. I ran my fingers over the surface of one of them. I hoped he liked them. I took off my coat, dress and jewellery, putting them out the way and made sure my suspenders and stockings were still in place. I wore nothing else, except my heels. One final deep breath to steady my nerves, though I think it just made my heart beat faster. ‘Okay, come in’
Your fingers slid around the door as you pushed it open, your head appeared next, your eyes widening as you saw me standing there. ‘Oh Baby, what a surprise…’ You said as you stepped completely in, pushing the door closed behind you. You had removed your overcoat and jacket, your crisp white shirt sleeves now rolled up the elbows. Your walked towards me, arms open, ready to take me into them. Then you stopped. Despite the low light I could see your eyes were focused beside me, to the bed.
You fingers trailed over each item in turn, just like I had done as I had laid them out. First was a silk blindfold, the same deep red as my lipstick. Next came two sturdy sets of cuffs, followed by nipple clamps, a wooden paddle, a leather collar with a round silver tag, and a vibrating wand. The last item was in some ways the most innocent, yet it gave me the most thrill. A simple leather riding crop.
‘Nico? What’s going on?’ You moved to stand in front of me, holding me against you like you had outside, one hand on my back, the other on the side of my neck. I held your gaze. You didn’t know it, but your touch served to ground me, I feel like I could do anything if your skin was in contact with mine. ‘When we fuck…You take control…and I like it… love it in fact’ You face was giving away nothing ‘I’ve never felt anything like what I have with you, the way you make me feel. I didn’t know sex could be like this’ I took a deep breath ‘ and I wanted to explore that further with you, if you wanted to…Sir’
I hadn’t planned on saying Sir, it was spur of the moment, but your eyes seemed to flare when I said it. I did that to you, with just one simple word. It made me bold. ‘Please…Sir’ As I said it again I shifted slightly in your arms, rubbing my naked pussy against your thigh. Oh there was definitely a bulge against my hip. Suddenly your hand moved to tangle in my hair, pulling my head back, I gasped. You pressed your lips to my ear.
‘Are you sure you want this Nico?’ Your voice, no more than a whisper, made me shiver. ‘I’ve held back till now… God you have no fucking idea how much I wanted this, can you take it? Take all I have to give?’ I swallowed, could I do this? ‘Truthfully Sir, I don’t know, but I want to try…please’
‘That’s all I can ask of you Kitten’
As soon as I saw you in that bar, I just wanted to call you Kitten…My Kitten’
‘Yes Sir’
You chuckled against my ear. ‘Good girl’ You released my hair, pulling me to your side and turned back to the bed ‘Now, you’ve done some good work here Kitten, but let’s start this slow, one thing at a time, okay?
‘Yes Sir’ The words fell from my mouth so easily.
You picked up the blindfold, running the silk through your fingers. ‘This is beautiful, but I must see your eyes, so let’s put that to one side’ You placed it in your trouser pocket. You pointed to two items ‘Why both?’ I licked and bit my lip ‘The paddle is more traditional’ I said ‘True, and the riding crop?’ I looked down, I could feel a blush creeping up my chest and face. You hand left my back to grasp my chin, raising my head up ‘Eyes Kitten, why the riding crop?’
‘I had a dream Sir’
‘Did you now? Involving a riding crop?! This I must hear, leave no detail out Kitten’
I took a deep breath ‘I was dressed how I am now, and you were too, except your sleeves were down’ You let go of my chin and un-rolled your sleeves ‘Like so?’
‘What next?’
‘I unbuttoned your shirt, with each button I kissed your chest’
You held your arms apart, a smile gracing your lips. I slowly reached for the top most closed button, my fingertips caressing your throat, and slipped it through the hole. I stepped closer and pressed my lips to your warm skin.
With each button more of your tanned chest was revealed.
With each parting of your shirt more heat radiated from you.
With each kiss, my lipstick faded as I dotted your skin with red till I ended up on the floor, knees apart with your erection pressing into my throat as I pressed one last kiss to the fine hairs between your navel and belt buckle. I looked back up to you, licking my lips. I always thought you were handsome, but seeing you tower over me, shirt open, the imprint of my lips tattooing your skin… you looked like a God.
‘I’m liking this dream so far Kitten, what happened next?’
I slid my hands up your muscular thighs before undoing your belt buckle, button and unzipping your trousers. Holding your gaze, I reached inside your boxers to grip you and pull you free. I love your cock. So long, heavy and thick, glistening with pre-cum. I licked you from balls to tip, then began to slowly stroke you.
I smirked up at you ‘Next Sir, I sucked you, you put your fingers through my hair, held my head and fucked my mouth, but you didn’t come’
I gripped your shaft tighter and took the tip, lapping at the slit. You were looking down at me, your stomach muscles clenching as I began to suck. I swirled my tongue around the cut head before taking your further into my mouth. My hand moved lower to pull and roll your balls between my fingers tips. My eyes began to close of their own accord as I concentrated all my efforts on your cock.
‘Look at me! Your voice was firm and had dropped an octave. I opened my eyes to reconnect with yours. You smiled down at me, causing my heart to flutter knowing I had pleased you.
Your hands, which had been by your side’s came up to caress both of my cheeks before sliding into my hair. I could smell your cologne where you had sprayed your wrists before we went out, the cotton of your white shirt felt soft against my skin. I let go of your balls and slackened my jaw a little as I felt your fingers tighten around my skull. ‘Put your hands on my thighs Kitten, if it’s too much tap them three times, okay?’ I raised my hands to your thighs and squeezed them gently. I couldn’t really speak or nod so I blinked once to convey I understood. ‘Good girl’
You started with a few shallow thrusts at first, your cock sliding from just outside my lips to half way across my tongue, then the tip crept further and further back as you sped up. You tapped the back of my throat, I nearly gagged but held it. Another nudge. A third, I swallowed around your head, squeezing it. I heard a faint mumble of ‘Fuck…’ Your thrusts became harder and faster, I pushed the tip of my tongue down behind my teeth, raising the middle to increase the friction against your hot cock.
You snarled and suddenly stopped, holding yourself all the way in, my nose buried in your trimmed pubic hair. I could feel pre-come in my throat, I swallowed involuntarily. You pulled your cock free.
‘Please Sir…’ I begged  ‘I want your cum in my mouth’ I held my mouth open wide, my tongue out as if I was about to lick an ice cream. Beneath your open shirt I could see your chest rising and falling. ‘Maybe next time’
I reached for your cock, you knocked my hand away ‘That’s enough Kitten!’ It wasn’t quite a shout, but your voice was stern and raised. You reached towards the bed, grabbing the riding crop. I lowered my head, a small smile on my face. You had caught on to what had happened in my dream. ‘I told you to stop Kitten, and you didn’t, now you must be punished… get into position’
I rose to my feet and went to the antique chair I had in the corner of my room. Widening my stance, I bent at the waist to grip the sides of the seat, my bare bottom high in the air. Nothing happened for what seemed like forever, then I jumped as something touched my pussy. It felt cool against my warm skin. It rubbed against my lips before slipping easily between them. The riding crop.
‘You’re soaked Kitten’ You voice was rough, I hadn’t heard you sound like this before. The edge of the crop nudged my clit causing me to gasp. ‘But you’ve been bad….six strikes should be enough’ You had raised your voice slightly, almost like you were asking a question… trying to match my dream. ‘I’ve been very bad Sir….ten strikes’
‘Very well…count them out loud Kitten’ The crop disappeared from between my legs and landed hard on my left cheek. The sensation was new… exciting, painful yes but the thrill that ran through me overpowered every other feeling.
This felt even better than my dream.
You struck the right cheek next, just as hard.
‘Two’ I exhaled out the word. The whip cracked twice in quick succession. Left then right.
I could feel my juices running down the inside of my legs, I had never been this aroused in my life.
‘Oh God….’ I panted out
‘Count Kitten!’
The crop struck my flesh again. The sound almost echoing around the room.
Two more, so close together it almost felt like you hit both cheeks at the same time.
‘…Seven…Eight…’ I managed to gasp out.
I braced for the final strikes…but nothing came. I was about to turn my head when…
Before I even took a breath you plunged your cock inside me, deep and hard. I cried out, wobbling slightly on my high heels, your hand on my hip steadying me.
‘You did good Kitten, very good’
‘…Thank you…Sir’ The sensation of being filled so quickly was still making me shiver.
‘Ya know Kitten…Your ass looks so fucking good all red’ You caressed the heated skin with your callused fingers ‘Like a juicy peach I just want to bite into’ The crop slid between my folds again.
‘And speaking of juicy…’ Just as quickly as it touched me, it went, appearing by the side of my face. ‘Taste yourself Kitten, taste how fucking sweet you are’
I’ve never been shy sexually. I love licking my fingers when I’m done touching myself, even better when it’s my partners fingers that have been inside me. I opened wide and sucked greedily, tasting the leather underneath my own essence. I could feel your cock twitching inside me as you watched.
You pulled the crop from my mouth, letting it drop to the floor. You wrapped my hair around one fist, pulling my head back, your other hand seized my hip in a vice like grip. ‘Don’t cum until I say so Kitten’ And that was all the warning I had before you began to pound into me. ‘Oh fuck!!’
The slap of flesh on flesh…
The clinking of your belt buckle as it hung from your hips…
The growls emanating from your throat…
And my own pants and gasps of pleasure echoed in my ears as you fucked me hard and fast.
After sucking on you, the spanking and now having you ram into me, I could feel my orgasm closing in with each thrust of your hips. It had started as a tight knot in my stomach, but now I could feel it breaking loose, my whole body tingling with electricity. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying desperately not to cum. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out.
‘Oh God!….Please let me cum!!’
‘Not..yet..Kitten’ You snarled between thrusts.
‘Please Sir….Oh Fuck…Sir….Please…please let me cum!’
Your voice roared around the room ‘Now Kitten…cum now!’ Your hand leaving my hip to circle round and squeeze my clit hard between your finger tips.
I let out a breath I didn’t realise I was holding, and as the air left my lungs my cunt began to pulsate around you. Your grip on me was the only reason I hadn’t collapsed to the floor. I waited, gasping for breath, for that moment, when you would swear and hold yourself inside me as you pumped cum into me…. but you just kept going.
You released the pinch you had on my clit but kept your fingers tips on it, rubbing in time to the slap of your hips to my mine. You had fucked me through one orgasm, but one wasn’t enough, I could feel my stomach tightening again.
‘…Sir…I’m gonna cum…’ I barely recognised my own voice, it shaking with each thrust of your hips. You let out a deep, growled ‘No!’
‘Oh..God…I…can’t…hold….Aaaahhhh!!’ I exploded. A shock wave out from my pussy, fire and electricity in a spiral shooting down to my toes and along to my fingertips.
‘Ah Fuck!’ You held yourself still, your hips searing against my bottom. I could feel your cock pumping hot cum inside me, my pussy greedily quivering as it finally got what it wanted. We stood there for a moment, both catching our breaths.
‘Let go and stand up for me Kitten’
I released the death grip I had on the chair, thankful that it had survived, and stood up. You pulled me flat against your chest, my head resting on your shoulder. I could feel your heart thumping a drum beat against my back. Your hand slid upwards over my stomach, between my heaving breasts and up the side of my throat till your fingers rested against my lips. I opened my mouth to suck on the digit, moaning as the taste of myself danced across my tongue. You kissed my cheek. ‘I’m not done with you yet Kitten’
You slipped out of me and lifted me into your arms, moving to place me on my back on the bed. My limbs felt heavy, but I still reached for you, wanting you to join me.
I heard a clink, and a thud.
‘You came when I said No Kitten…’
I looked up. Your trousers and boxers had dropped to the floor. You took your shirt off next.
‘You need to be punished’
You dropped to your knees, pulling me by my ankles to the edge of the bed, knocking both my heels off in the process.
‘You’re gonna cum again’
Then you lowered your mouth to my dripping pussy. ‘Oh fuck!’
You licked, sucked and bit at my folds and clit. Each brush of hair from your beard burning a trail of fire on my skin. With one hand I gripped the sheets, nearly tearing them with my nails, my other hand went into your hair but you pulled it out, locking our fingers together. I tried to shut my legs but you moved your elbow and shoulder, pinning them apart. I was completely at your mercy. My head thrashed from side to side. ‘I can’t’ You plunged your fingers inside, curling them and stroking upwards while sucking hard on my clit.
My nails dug into the back of your hand and my thighs squeezed you tighter, my whole body was pulled taunt as you tore another orgasm from me. Even my breath caught in my throat. It seemed to go on forever, like I was held captive, suspended in that moment of pure bliss. I gasped for breath as your lips left my folds. I sank back down onto the bed, physically and mental drained, yet my body still twitched with aftershocks. You threw my legs up onto the bed making me turn on my side. I could sense movement but felt too exhausted to open my eyes, then the bed dipped behind me.
Your arm came around my waist, pulling me back against you before your hand slowly moved up to cup at my breast and pinch my nipple. Despite my exhaustion my body reacted, a spike of glorious pain and pleasure shooting through me. I wiggled against you, my eyes widening in surprise, you were hard again. Your hand left my breast to slide down my side, over my hip, along my thigh before grabbing behind my knee and wrapping it around your hip, then you thrust back into me. You nuzzled at my neck and jaw before moving your lips to my ear and whispering ‘I said you had to be punished Kitten’ I heard a faint click, followed by a constant buzzing sound. The wand.
You lent back, circling your arm around my neck to press the palm of your hand against my chest. I gasped as you held the wand against the side of my knee, before slowly, ever so slowly running it up my thigh. I shivered as it got closer to where we were joined. I held my breath, biting my lip in anticipation for that moment when you would brush it over my clit…but you didn’t brush it… You held it hard against my open folds as you started to fuck me again.
‘Oh Fuck!’ I nearly screamed. I try to wriggle away from the intensity, but you held me fast, raising your leg to hold my own open.
‘Don’t fight it Kitten, we’re nearly there…Cum for me just one more time…’ You growled into my ear. I was moaning and gasping with every thrust now, locked in your tight embrace. You turned the wand up faster. ‘C’mon Kitten’ I was desperate to cum, I wanted to please you, but it felt just out of reach despite everything you were doing to my body.

You knew I liked to be bitten and you used that knowledge, sinking your teeth into my shoulder as you fucked me harder. It was enough. There was no explosion this time, it was almost calming to cum. Like lapping waters at a sandy beach, ripples of pleasure ran through me, my skin tingling as you came with me, you cock twitching inside me one more time.

You switched off the wand and released me, the bed jostling as you got up. I lay there, breathing deeply, not quite believing everything you had just done to me. I knew it was gonna be intense, handing myself over to you to do with me what you will, but I had never expected it was going to quite be so… Could I even put into words what I was feeling?

Sore, a little. Exhausted, yes. Drained… absolutely!
But also…
Exhilarated and so immensely Satisfied.
You came up behind me once again, this time lifting me to lay under the duvet you had pulled down, crawling in beside me to hold me tightly to you, one hand firm against my back, the other rubbing slowly up and down my arm. I felt you kiss my forehead. ‘Are you okay Kitten?’ Your voice was no more than a whisper. I raised my head to look at you. Despite the low light, I could tell you looked a little pensive. I smiled. ‘Yes Sir’
You returned my smile before kissing me gently. ‘You did amazing Nico, I pushed you to the limit and I never saw you waiver, I’m so proud of you’ You placed another kiss to my head. ‘I truly didn’t know If I could do what you wanted me too’
‘You know you are strong Nico, in every other aspect of your life, why not here? Remember, the power doesn’t lie with me controlling you, it’s with you releasing the control to me, that takes great strength’ I pressed my lips to yours firmly.
‘Thank you’
‘Are you willing to give yourself to me again? Be my Kitten?’
I snuggled into you even more.
‘I am your Kitten, Sir’

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