Morning Dick


I got this idea in my head from this Twitter post from my wonderful friend Asrai

Hope you enjoy! 


A blast of cool morning air hit my back as you left the bed, causing me to gasp. I heard you chuckle, knowing what you did as you shuffled over to use the on-suite. Bastard.

Not long after the bed dipped heavily as you eased your large frame back in behind me. You pulled me against your bare chest, the fine hairs tickling my skin, your body warming me up again quickly. I sighed and tried to edge even closer to you. You were always warm to the touch, maybe because there was so much of you. At 6’5” and big everywhere you towered over my short ass 5’2”…. Then for what was probably the millionth time since we had started going out… I wondered what you saw in me. I was short and not toned at all. My tummy stuck out a little, my legs were chunky and I was just so… plain…

Then there was you…tall, black hair and beard, deep brown eyes, and you were all muscle. I couldn’t encircle your lower arms, even using both my hands! Dark ink tattooed your chest, back, shoulders and all the way down your arms, stopping just before your wrists. You were just so beautiful… like an artist had carved you from marble.

You squeezed me against you. ‘I can hear you thinking, stop it’ Your deep voice, even heavier from sleep, rippled in my ear as you nuzzled the back of my neck before kissing it. I smiled and laced our fingers together over my stomach. You always seemed to know when my mind went to that dark place. ‘What time do you have to get up?’ I asked, pulling your arm up so I could see your watch.


It wasn’t even seven am yet…

I let go of your fingers and turned in your arms, placing my hands against your hard body before kissing the black and white roses that adorned it.

‘Good… Gives me time to try something…’ I continued kissing your chest, following the rose thorns with my lips as I slid my hand down your stomach to grip your cock. I felt your fingers in my loose pony tail, pulling my head back so you could claim my lips. It was a slow kiss, almost light, yet I felt it everywhere, my body coming alive under the simple act of your lips against my own. I moved my hand lower, gripping your balls briefly before rubbing back up to tease my thumb over the head. ‘And what, pray tell, are you trying with my dick in your hand?’ You said against my lips.

I smiled as I squeezed you gently, enjoying the sight of your eyebrows raising slightly and nostrils flaring, two of your subtle signs that you’re enjoying what I was doing to you.

‘I read something online….’ I used my free hand to push your shoulder gently, hinting for you to lean back, you complied and I followed you to straddle your thighs as I continued to slowly tease you up and down. ‘An erotica author I follow Tweeted that…’ I paused to slide further down your legs. ”Early morning dick is the best dick…” and I wanna see if it’s true’ Then I took you in my mouth till you hit the back of my throat.

You hissed between clenched teeth, your large hands slipping into my hair. You didn’t fist the strands, or force me down further, they were just there. I swallowed around the head before pulling up so I could suck and rotate my tongue around the tip. I looked up to find your dark eyes watching me, your chest rising and falling.

I crawled up your hard body, planting a quick kiss to your lips, but as I leaned back your hands suddenly grabbed me by the tops of my thighs, pulling me forward. I squealed as my hands hit the wall and your tongue teased my wet folds.

Nuzzling me open with your nose, you latched your lips to my clit, sucking hard. I groaned, loudly, and banged my fist against the wall. ‘Ah fuck!’ My hips began to grind against your face as I grabbed the headboard with one hand and slid the other into your dark hair. You flicked my clit before releasing it, licking lower and then higher, then sucking and biting. Your lips, tongue and teeth seemed to be everywhere at once, sending ripples of pleasure through my whole body. The scratch of your beard against my skin was glorious. I knew I would feel the burn later, the thought making me rub a little harder against you.

My thighs began to shake as I felt my orgasm building. ‘No…Not yet…’ I managed to gasp out. You licked and nibbled a few more times then lowered me down to sit across your chest. ‘Well, I dunno about morning dick…’ You smirked at me, your mouth slick with my arousal. ‘But morning pussy is very good’ A chuckle escaped me between panted breaths as I leaned down to kiss the taste of me from your lips.

I edged my way down your body, digging my fingers into your skin and scratching as I went. You groaned, your back arching to press my nails even deeper. I reached your hips, raising myself up to reach between my open thighs to grip your hard cock. I rubbed you against me a few times, feeling the slight ridges of your frenum piercing bump my sensitive clit. You surged upwards and growled in my ear.

‘Stop being a ‘literal’ fucking cock tease!’

You gripped my hip with one hand and reached between our bodies with the other to grab your dick and place it against my quivering pussy.

‘Are you ready to know what morning dick feels like?’ You said as you teased yourself just inside me. I groaned at the stretch. ‘Fuck yeah, give it to…’ You thrust up before I even finished my sentence. I gasped, nails digging into your upper arms at the sudden sensations of being filled up so hard and fast. We stayed that way for a moment, staring into each other eyes, chests rising and falling in unison, in perfect sync with each other.

I clenched around you before raising myself up and slamming back down. I encircled my arms around your neck and did it again. You hissed. ‘Yeah baby, take it all!’ You gripped my hips as I raised up and this time you pulled me down harder. ‘Ah fuck….’

I quickened my pace, bouncing up and down on your hard cock as you moved up to scratch your blunt nails down my back. I arched and you took advantage, sucking and biting at first one nipple, then the other.

‘Ah shit baby, the way your ass is bouncing against my balls I’m not gonna last long’ Your confession spurred me on to fuck you even harder.

‘Touch me…’ I sounded so needy. My fingers gripped your hair, pulling your head back so I could look into your eyes to beg you… ‘Make me cum with you’ With one hand still gripping my hip hard, you moved the other lower, your fingers slipping between my wet lips to rub either side of my clit.

My eyes shut, my head rolling back. Every noise in that room amplified in that moment.

The creak of the bed springs.

The dull rap of the head board against the wall. The sharp slap of my flesh against yours.

The wet sound of my greedy pussy every time you slammed into it.

They all stoked the flames that burned inside me.

I felt your tongue sweep the underside of my jaw, before your lips pressed against my exposed throat. Your head dropped to my shoulder and your teeth grazed the slope of my neck. Your whisper ghosted over my heated skin ‘Come with me beautiful’ And you brought your finger tips together.

The air left my lungs in a gasp as every cell in my body froze, before exploding in white hot pleasure. You held me tightly as I shuddered in your arms. I felt your hips raise one… two… three more times as your teeth bit into my shoulder, a loud guttural growl emanating from your throat and echoing in my ears.

You laid back down, taking me with you. The only sound in the room now our ragged breaths. I felt so sated, I could easily have gone to sleep right there on your chest as it rose and fell gently.

Your cock slipped free as you wrapped your arm around me and rolled us to the side, I instantly felt its lost. Your trapped arm, now free rubbed my swollen clit, causing aftershocks to shiver through me. Then your fingers dipped inside. ‘I fucking love feeling my cum in you’ You kissed my cheek as I chuckled between breaths. I felt you jostle the bed and I opened your eyes to see you leaning your head on your palm, looking down at me. Your fingers left me, catching my clit one more time making me gasp. You smiled and caressed your wet fingers across my lips.

‘So, how was morning dick? Is it the best?’

My tongue swept first up then down across my lips, tasting both myself and you, I hummed contently. ‘Sooooo good…. I think she was right ya know… it may be the best’


I smiled up at you and wrapped my arms around your neck, pulling you down for a quick kiss

‘I think, in the interest of science, a second experiment should be had’

‘What an excellent idea’ And just as your lips touched mine again…


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  1. Oh wow! I rarely have time to do this – but if it was as luscious as this , hey I’d forbid my man from getting up so early! Great story – thanks for sharing.

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