Taken in a Tomb

Yes, the title is awful, but I truly could think of no other! I wrote this about a month ago, the first proper piece of erotica I ever tried to write and I probably wouldn’t of but I had a few people encouraging me, so I did. Thought it turned okay so here it is! Enjoy!
This has been slightly edited from the original I released on Tumblr.
‘Okay people, great job but that’s enough for today. Relax, get some sleep, we’ll pick this up again tomorrow’
The steady voice of Professor Thompson echoed around the tomb. Luci heard the sound of hands striking each other to clear the excess dust, bodies standing and groaning, and chatter on what people were going to do with their evening. She smiled to herself as she continued to sweep her brush across the fragment buried in the sand in front of her. It’s edges revealed, she picked it up and placed it next to its brothers in the plastic tray next to her and started on the next piece.
‘C’mon Luci, you can finish that tomorrow’
Professor Thompson hunched down beside her, she turned and smiled at his weathered dust covered features. ‘You know how I hate to leave things unfinished Professor, there’s two more pieces and then I’ll be done, I promise’
‘Don’t worry Sir’ Came a deep voice from the other side of the small tomb ‘My relief will be here shortly, I’ll escort her back to camp, she’ll be safe’ Luci turned round further towards the voice. Jake Jones stood by the entrance, arms folded behind his back military style. Jake was one of the team of security hired to make sure the dig site stayed safe. There had been a lot of attacks on archaeological digs over the last few years, treasure hunters wanting to sell to the highest bidder on the black market. Tall, at least six feet and muscular, but not overly so. His dark chocolate hair was cropped short at the sides but longer on top. He had dark brown eyes too, the kind you could get lost in. Lucy’s smiled widened, her and Jake had been flirting back and forth for the last few days, looks, smiles, a few suggestive remarks, fingers brushing reaching for fruit in the kitchen tent.
‘See? I’ll be fine Professor, two more pieces and I’ll be right behind you’ She said turning first back to the Professor, offering him a reassuring smile, then to her work.
A soft chuckle came from the Professor ‘Alright, see you soon’ He rose and walked towards the door ‘Thanks Jake’ he said as he passed, his footsteps gradually getting further away.
Luci swept the brush across the piece, the sand coming away to reveal red markings in near perfect straight lines, she couldn’t wait to piece it all back together and translate it. Boots scraped across the floor, a shadow looming up behind her
‘How you doing today Luci?’ Jake’s deep smooth voice rang out above her.
‘Dusty’ She said with a small laugh ‘Looking forward to a long hot shower’ She placed the final piece of the vase, or what she guessed was a vase, in the tray and stood up, turning on the spot, she wobbled.
‘Woah!’ Jake grabbed her elbow to steady her ‘Luci!? Are you okay?!’ She held her head, her other hand had grabbed Jake’s arm. ‘Yeah…I’m fine, just a little head rush’ She raised her head and smiled, her deep green eyes sparkling.
His hand came up to stroke her cheek ‘Nice to finally get a bit closer to you…been wanting to since I first saw you at the introduction meeting’
She lent into his touch, enjoying the feeling of his rough fingers. ‘Same, though, I still think you’re too far away’
He laughed, it was a good sound, deep, it rumbled in his chest as he took one step forward, moving his arms to encircle her waist, Luci bringing her arms up around his neck, fingers gently stroking the soft hairs at the back of his head. ‘Is this close enough?’ His voice soft, almost a whisper. Luci’s tongue flicked out to moisten her suddenly dry lips, her teeth dragging across the bottom one before she smirked ‘No, I think we can be closer’ She raised her heels off the ground, kissing his smile gently.
‘See? that was closer’
‘Yes it was’ He replied before going in for more. Luci moaned into the kiss, pulling gently on the hair between her fingers, and when his tongue swept across her lips, she opened for him, her tongue coming out to meet his. A growl came from Jake’s throat as his hands moved from her waist to her pert behind, grinding his hardening cock against her pelvis. She gasped, Jake using the opportunity to go for her jaw, ear and neck, kissing, licking, nibbling.
‘Wait!’…You said your relief would be here soon?!’ She began to wriggle in his grasp, but he just laughed against her throat.
‘I said that not to worry the Professor, I…we that is, have another hour’
Luci stopped wriggling ‘Oh, I guess that will do, for now’
‘For now?! Oh I like you Luci’ He reached for the hem of her pale polo shirt, looking into her eyes, silently asking for permission. With no hesitation Luci raised her arms up. Jake pulled it up and over her head, before letting it drop to the ground. Her skin was smooth, still pale from only being in the sun a few days. Her black lacy bra a stark contrast. He reached for her breasts.
‘Nah ah, you next’ and reached for his own tan shirt. Jake beat her to it, crossing his arms, grabbing the hem and yanking it over his head, throwing it to join hers. Luci ran her hands over his chest and arms, his skin was hot and she could feel the power of him beneath it. She ran the pad of her thumb over a neat scar on his bicep ‘Bullet wound’ He said, almost casually, as he reached for the straps on her shoulders. She un-clipped her bra, allowing him to pull it away from her body, he smirked.
‘I knew you would have pretty pink nipples, but I wasn’t expecting one to be pierced’ He clicked his tongue ‘You are a naughty girl’
Luci giggled ‘You been thinking about my nipples?’
‘Oh yeah’ He replied, circling his thumbs around them, enjoying them harden beneath his touch. ‘I’ve been thinking about how I want to suck them and bite them’
‘Then what are you waiting for?’
He kissed the smirk off her lips before lowering his head. She gasped as he took the black barbell gently into his mouth, flicking his tongue around it. Luci gripped his hair, holding him there.
‘Ah fuck that feels good! More!’
Jake sucked as his teeth clamped down around the bud. His thumb and forefinger pinching the other one, before switching to give the other nipple the same treatment. Luci lowered her hands to his shoulders, pushing against him. ‘Get on the floor’ She said breathlessly.
Jake pulled away. ‘A bit bossy are we? I think I like’ He grabbed one of the spare mats the archaeologists used for kneeling on, throwing it on the ground, he then removed the pistol and holster that was secured to his hip, but made sure they were in easy reach before laying on his back, arms behind his head. ‘Now I’m here, what are you going to do with me?’ His rugged face smirking, eyebrows raised in a challenge.
Luci kicked off her boots, unbuttoned her trousers and pushed them down her legs, stepping out of them. She left her matching knickers on as she placed her feet either side of Jake’s waist, kneeling down she ground her wet pussy against the hard tent on his combats, causing him to hiss through his teeth. She lent forward for another quick kiss before tracing her lips along the scruff on his jaw and down the hard muscles of his pecs, his tanned skin tasting salty from the heat. She licked and bit at his nipples briefly, feeling his breath hitch under her lips. She went lower, following a soft trail of dark hair before reaching his combats. ‘Well, these are in the way’
She knelt back, rubbing the palm of her hand against his erection as she undid his button and fly. He raised his hips so she could pull off his combats, boxers and then his boots. His hard heavy cock sprang free against his belly, he was cut, she never been with a cut guy before. He lay there, one arm still behind his head, the other moving down to slowly stroke himself. He was letting her run the show, letting her do with him as she will. She had always wanted to ride a guy, her old collage boyfriend was boring and wasn’t interested, always wanting to hide under covers in the dark, but first she had to taste him. She crawled back up him slowly, leaning down to place her tongue flat right between his balls. He let go of his cock, brushing a strand of hair that had come loose behind her ear. Luci licked, ever so slowly upwards, looking at his reaction the whole time. His teeth were gritted, then his eyes shut and his head dropped back down ‘Jesus…’ She lifted his long cock, gently sucking on the head, before swirling her tongue around its heat. Jake reached down, pulling the band from her hair, the dark locks falling around her face before he buried his fingers in them. He didn’t push down or thrust his hips up, just let her set the pace. She sucked harder and bobbed her head.
‘Fuck baby!’ He breathed out heavily ‘I wanna taste you too’
She lent back, his cock slipping from her mouth with an audible pop. Jake raised his head again, expecting her to rotate round, but she didn’t. He watched as she grabbed and squeezed her breasts briefly, before her right hand moved lower, leaving the left to squeeze her nipple with the piercing in it. She reached her knickers, pulling them aside to show her trimmed pussy, she parted the folds and began to rub two fingers against her clit. He had seen women touch themselves before, in porn, but having it happen right in front of him was one of the hottest things Jake had ever seen. Pre cum dripped from his cock onto his stomach. She tilted her hips forward, thrusting her fingers inside herself, he could hear how wet she was, the noise sounding even dirtier as it echoed round the tomb. Luci whimpered as she withdrew her fingers and watched Jake’s eyes go wide, his eyebrows raising as she painted her lips and tongue with her own juices before crawling back up to kiss him. He groaned, she tasted so good. She pulled back slightly taking his bottom lip with her till it sprung back against his white teeth.
‘That’s all your getting for now, next time’ She said playfully, tapping his cheek.
‘I’m already looking forward to it’ He kissed her briefly, licking the last of her essence of her lips. ‘There’s a condom in my combats, back pocket’ She smirked as she lent back, once again straddled his hips, sliding her wetness up and down his cock. ‘Already got it’ She said as she reached back between his slightly parted legs to produce a dark metallic blue square.
‘I didn’t even see you get it! I had better keep my eye on you you sneaky she devil’ He punctuated the word devil with a thrust of his hips making her bounce. Luci giggled, bringing the wrapper to her teeth and tearing it open. She scooted back, licking her slick off him then teased the latex down, squeezing him. Luci raised herself up, grabbing his cock and rubbing the head between her folds briefly before slowly lowering herself down. ‘Jesus girl, you’re killing me here!’ His hands grabbed her thighs to ground himself. Even with just the head inside her he could feel how wet and tight she was, all for him.
‘You’re so big’ She panted as she went lower, her nails digging into his tight abs. Then she was flush with his pelvis, she had all of him inside her, she had never felt so stretched and full before. It felt so good, but she needed more. She raised herself up, till just the tip was in her, she locked her eyes with his, they were almost black, then she dropped back down hard crying out as she did. ‘Fuck!’ Jake hissed out loudly. Luci did it again, and again, she didn’t stop, bouncing herself up and down on his ridged length setting a hard and fast pace.
Jake began to thrust his hips up, trying to match her rhythm. ‘Woah…slow down, what’s the rush?!’
Her nails dug into his stomach, leaving dents and scratches. ‘Can’t…stop…need…so…bad..’ Luci breathed out as she rode him hard. ‘More’ She said, almost a whisper ‘Need….more…’ She began to paw at her breasts while she rode, pinching her nipples hard, head thrown back, eyes squeezed tightly shut. Jake sat up, she seemed like she liked it rough so he bit her neck, she cried out. His hand slipped between their sweat slicked bodies until he found her clit and began to circle it, he never felt so much wetness, she groaned. ‘Still not enough for you baby?’ He smirked against her neck then bit down again.
‘Close…’ She panted, then looked straight into his eyes. They were blown so wide he could barely see the green, he knew she was begging him to make her come, she didn’t even have to say it. He gave it to her. He leaned back on one hand, pumping his hips hard as he squeezed his thumb and forefinger together, her clit between them. Luci flung her head back and screamed as she came. More of her juices flooded his fingers and she clamped down, pulsating around his cock. He coaxed her through her orgasm, keeping his fingers circling her now engorged clit. She finally breathed in and collapsed against his chest, breathing heavily.
‘Oh God…’ She said with a chuckle ‘I really fucking needed that’ Jake was still rubbing her clit. ‘Oh…’ She involuntarily clenched him again and gasped ‘You’re still hard?! You didn’t?…Ah! He began to move his fingers on her clit gently and started to bounce Luci on his cock. ‘Oh…Oh!’
He moved so fast she could only squeal in response. She now lay sprawled on the mat, as he bent down and sucked on her nipple again as he started to move in and out of her.
‘I’m not done with you yet’ He spoke around her piercing, giving it one final lick before looming back, grabbing her hips. ‘You’re gonna come for me again Luci’ Then he began to fuck her, hard. Luci’s back arched off the floor, her hands trying to grab on to anything for leverage, but there was nothing.
‘I don’t think I can’ She managed to gasp out.
‘Oh you can’ he grunted, grabbing one and then the other of her legs, throwing them over his shoulders. ‘You can and you will!’ He bent over her, practically folding her in half, his pace never faltering. She could feel another orgasm building, she’d got this far by herself before, but she had never managed to cum a second time.
‘I can’t’ Her head shaking side to side.
He slowed down but was still moving in and out of her. ‘You can Luci, do it for me’ His voice rougher now ‘Grab behind your knees and hold on tight’ He knelt back, holding her legs out to her, she took them, digging her nails in. Jake’s hands dug into the back of her thighs and he began to pound into her again making her cry out.
‘C’mon Luci, you can do it’ Jake reached forward and dragged his short blunt nails across the underside of her breasts as they bounced in time with his thrusts. She gritted her teeth. ‘More’ She gasped again. It was becoming one of his favourite things to hear her say. God this girl can take it! He thought.
He scrapped his nails slowly lower, heading towards her belly button. He could see in her eyes, that had not left his, that she knew where that hand was going, the anticipation was written all over her face. She squeezed him as he fucked her, causing him to swear. He moved lower still, gripping her hip now so he could change pace, pulling all the way out before slamming back in, each bruising bump of his pelvis causing all the air to escape Luci’s lungs in soft whimpers. He hitched her bottom higher, changing the angle of his thrusts and sped up again as he finally moved his hand to her folds. She bite her lip, her eyes flickering shut ‘No!’ He growled pulling out to the tip and staying there ‘Look at me, I wanna see your face’
Her eyes flew open, locking with his again. ‘There’s a good girl’ And he sped up again, a finger placed either side of her clit, moving in time with his hips. It still wasn’t enough, her orgasm was just out of her reach. ‘Please…’ She begged. He couldn’t say no to that, he brought his fingers together, rubbing hard against her swollen nub, tearing the orgasm from her. Luci screamed, she couldn’t keep her eyes on Jake, she threw her head back, spine bending, she thought her first one was intense, this was even better. He kept pounding, almost snarling through his teeth as her clenching pussy finally pulled him over the edge. He thrust hard once more, grinding against her pelvis as he spent himself into the condom.
‘Ah fuck!’ He growled out as he loosened the hold he had on her bottom before taking one then the other of her legs from her death grip to wrap them around his waist. He lent over her, using his forearms to prop himself up. Luci’s eyes were shut, her breathing even but still heavy.
‘Hay’ He whispered, kissing her lips ‘You okay?’
Her throat made the most satisfying groan he had ever heard then she opened her eyes and smiled at him. ‘I’m more than okay’ He laughed before kissing her again, slow, lazy kisses this time.
He reluctantly pulled back ‘We had better get dressed, Craig will be here soon’ Jake stood up, pulling on his combats and slipping his boots onto his feet, wrapping the condom in some tissue to dispose of later, he looked down at Luci still sprawled on the mat, wanting to remember the image for as long as he could, she looked so beautiful laid out like that, so satisfied and thoroughly fucked, and he had done it too her.
‘I don’t think I can move’ She whined ‘I feel so boneless’
‘Well you are boneless now’ He laughed waving his now soft cock from side to side before tucking himself away. He pulled his shirt over his head, then grabbed his gun and strapped it back into place. Luci still laid there, watching him  ‘C’mon, up you get’ He said, holding his hand out to her. She took it and he pulled her to her feet and straight into his arms, kissing her again. ‘As much as I love having you nearly naked against me, get dressed now’ He smacked her lacy covered behind on the ‘Now’ and stepped back from her. ‘I’ll make sure Craig doesn’t catch you’
Luci dressed quickly, but couldn’t find the band for her hair, she ran her fingers through it quickly.
‘Hay Craig!’ Jake said loudly.
Luci grabbed the tray of pottery she had been working on earlier and put it with the others on the work tables, before walking towards the two men at the tomb entrance.
‘Good sleep?’
‘No, you know how much I hate camp beds, next time I’m sleeping on the floor. Anything to report?, oh hi….Luci wasn’t it?’
‘Hi, and yes, Craig right?’ Luci smiled softly.
‘Yeah, I thought you guys packed up an hour ago?’
‘The rest did, I hate leaving a job nearly done so I just finished off digging up some pottery pieces, it’s exciting stuff!’ She beamed.
‘Err…Yeah…sure’ Craig replied shrugging, a look of ‘Yeah right‘ on his face. He turned back to Jake
‘There should still be some hot food left if you….’ He paused looking confused ‘Why do you have a hair band on your wrist?’ Pointing at Jake’s right hand.
Jake looked down, sure enough a pale blue band was around his wrist, a few stray dark hairs wrapped around it. ‘Oh I found it earlier, I was gonna go see if anyone had lost it’ He said confidently, no hesitation as he looked back at Craig.
‘Erm…’ Luci chimed in, looking a little red when both men turned towards her ‘I believe that’s mine, I was wondering where I had put it’ She held out her hand palm up.
‘Oh right? Cool, well consider it returned, mystery solved’ Jake said, slipping it off his hand and over her outstretched fingers onto her wrist, brushing the backs of his fingers along her skin, lingering a few seconds longer than necessary.
Craig looked from Luci’s hand, to her blushing face, disheveled hair and then back to Jake, raising his eyebrows. Jake just smiled. ‘What?’
‘Nothing…Go get some food, see you in ten hours, goodnight Luci’ He said taking his position a few feet inside the tombs entrance. Luci and Jake shared a glance, thinking they got away with it and walked towards the exit.
‘Jake?’ Craig shouted, his voice echoing.
‘You know your shirts on inside out yeah?’
He only heard a feminine giggle as a reply.

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