Nights Cold Embrace

After my attempt at smut with ‘Taken in a Tomb’ (I’m still cringing at the terrible title!) I was encouraged to write more, and maybe try it from a first person point of view.

I tried and found it…very tough… It felt so personal…so intimate… like I was there watching it all unfold…but I wasn’t, it was in my head and I was making it up as I went…It’s kinda hard to describe really.
I struggled, for what seemed like forever but eventually I managed to finish it and, after some help from a great friend/editor, I put it up on Tumblr.

Now I have this place.

Some minor adjustments have been made but just a word here and there to make it flow better. This is the last of the ‘old stuff’ not that any of this is more that 2 months old! but any piece I post here from now on I will not of put online before.

Hope you enjoy! ^^

Darkness fell hours ago, as did quiet in the house, yet I could not find peace. Sleep would not come, no matter which way I turned, my body hot, despite the lack of covers. I needed a release to slow my heart and relax my tense muscles.
I opened the fridge next to my bed, turning my eyes from the harsh light and reached for one of the velvet bags from the shelf in the door. I knew exactly where they were, I didn’t need to see, only to feel. I gripped one firmly, feeling the chill of the glass beneath the soft material, and smiled to myself. The room dark once again, I pulled my top above my head, bearing myself completely to the night. I opened the bag and laid the cold spiralled glass within reach before gripping my breasts firmly. My fingers kneading ever closer to my nipples. I breathed in deeply, silencing the gasp about to escape my lips. I scratched a nail across my right nipple and pinched the left, feeling the metal bar through it beneath my finger tips. I moved my hands, scratching my skin alive. Down my side, up my thighs before raising my legs high and wide to scratch down the back of them.

I felt the anticipation grow in my chest, tightening with every inch I moved closer to my core. As I reached my outer lips I moved back up, thighs, side’s, underside of my breasts to pinch my nipples once more. I grabbed the glass dildo and slowly drew the rounded tip down between my breasts, biting my bottom lip as I did. As I reached my folds I pressed more firmly, parting them, the cold setting all the nerves it touched tingling, my clit coming alive as the glass ridges rolled across it. My empty hand coming back to paw and scratch at my breasts, sides, thighs, anything I could reach as I slowly rubbed the dildo across my clit, the blunt tip nudging my entrance on every downward thrust, every knock causing a jolt of electricity to shoot through my body. I shut my eyes, heightening the pleasure that was starting to make me shake. Every slide of glass against my lips and clit made me slicker, it sounded so dirty, so obscene…which just made me more wet. I raised my hips and widened my legs even further, grabbing behind my left knee to tilt my hips even more. I changed my grip on the glass so just the tip touched my dripping cunt, a few more hard rubs against my clit and then I moved it lower. I was tense with anticipation so I breathed in deep through my nose, holding it for one, two, three seconds before slowly releasing it. I felt my body relax and as it did…I pushed.

My mouth fell open in a silent gasp as the still cool glass breached me, It wasn’t a wide dildo but I was tight. I pushed further, feeling the spiralled ridges rub my insides till I couldn’t put anymore in. I released a breath I hadn’t realised I had been holding as I lay there for a moment, just relishing in the feeling of being full. I clenched a few times, the glass so hard, so unyielding. I slipped it from me to the tip, feeling it’s loss instantly, before pushing it back in harder. In and out I pushed, short sharp thrusts, nudging my cervix with each slide in, a drum beat against my soul. I needed more. I released my leg, leaving it high and wide in the air like it’s twin and reached behind me to grab my little bullet vibrator. I swapped hands, my left now tapping the dildo in as my clenching pussy pushed it out. I brought the point of the bullet to my soaking clit and switched it quickly to its fastest constant setting. A whispered gasp escaped my dry lips at the intensity. I squeezed the glass, my orgasm building quickly. One final push in, one slight twitch of the vibe between my fingers and I flung myself over. Eyes shut, back bowed, mouth open, I held my breath and kept myself there, suspended in perfect pleasure until I couldn’t take it anymore and gasped for air like a swimmer emerging from the waves, my soaking cunt spasming, my clit swelling against the hard tip of the vibrator.

I sagged against the mattress breathing heavily, the little bullet threatening to escape my now relaxed hand, I managed to switch it off before dropping it to the bed. I lay there, utterly sated, a little chuckle escaping between breaths as I waited for my racing heart to settle. I slowly pulled the dildo out, my still twitching body reluctant to release it, as it left I felt a warm drizzle, I had come hard. I brought the now warm dildo to my mouth to run it across my lips and tongue, licking as much of myself off the glass as I could before stashing it away to clean properly in the morning, the vibe along with it. I pulled my top back over me and the quilt over my legs, sleep now beckoning me easily into its embrace.

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