The table has been laid…



I’m not sure where this idea came from to be honest. As you will see when you read it’s very loosely based off a scene from Pretty Woman, but I haven’t seen the film or heard the song recently…So *shrugs shoulders* 

This was the first time writing that a character seemed to take over. I’ve heard other writers mention this before and I didn’t understand what they were getting at I must admit. I mean how can  your character take over?! You are the one writing?!…but I get it now. I was typing away and, the guy, Nate, started doing things that I didn’t have in my head as what was happening next! I wrote and didn’t realise till halfway through that he was doing stuff of his own accord!

It happened several times while writing this piece, and it was always him, so he’s now been dubbed by my beta reader, and myself ‘Naughty Nate’ 

Anyway, hope you enjoy ^^

It had been a week since I fell asleep on the sofa while waiting for you to come home from work.
A week since your key in the lock stirred me from my slumber.
A week since I felt your lips cold from the night press against my cheek.
A week since I heard you whisper ‘Man, that would be nice to come home too’
A week since I cracked my eyes open to see on TV the scene from Pretty Woman where Richard Gere gets back to the hotel to find Julia Roberts waiting for him, wearing nothing but a tie and heels.

I glanced around the room to make sure everything was set. It was late and the only light in the living room came from a few candles I had lit, whilst the moon high in the sky bathed the kitchen in a soft glow. I had pushed the dining table up against the wall and draped it with a dark blue tablecloth. I checked the time, your train had come in ten minutes ago, you would be here any moment. I perched on the edge of the table wearing nothing but blue heels that I could barely stand up in, but I didn’t expect to do much standing tonight, and one of your blue silk ties in a perfect knot around my neck.

I spread my legs wide, hooking my knees over the corners and ran my hands gently over my thighs, barely touching, bringing my skin out in goosebumps. I touched higher, skimming over my stomach till I grabbed my breasts and pinched my nipples.

As the light on the front porch flashed on I lent back on one hand and slowly began to circle a finger around my clit. I was already wet just from thinking about seeing you come through the door to find me like this. I know I wasn’t in the same position as Julia Roberts was, I thought I would make things more interesting.

Your keys rattled in the lock and as the door swung open cold air crawled across my rapidly warming skin and clit, causing me to gasp.

Your voice came from the hall as I heard you kick your shoes off.

‘Jen? What’s with the lights? Power cut?’

I didn’t answer.

You came into the living room calling my name again before stopping dead in your tracks, the bag in your hand dropping to the floor with a light thud.

‘How was your day dear?’ I said as I continued to touch myself arching my back a little more.

I wish I had left the lights on now, I wish I could see your face. Your chest was almost heaving causing your shoulders to raise and fall, your fists now clenched tightly. You took a step closer, then another, another, every step filling me with anticipation as I continued to slowly caress my clit.

You stepped into the pale light of the moon and I saw your face, lips parted, your tongue flicking out briefly to wet them, making my heart jump. Your beautiful dark brown eyes were blown wide, unblinking, and filled with fire as they slowly moved from my own, down my bare breasts to my fingers. I stopped rubbing, bringing my fingers to my mouth,your eyes following as I painted my juices across my lips, before wrapping my tongue around and sucking them into my mouth. I hummed loudly, before taking them out with a purposeful pop and leaning back on both hands. One step more and your thighs hit the table, the bulge in your tailored trousers so close yet so far from my slick cunt.

You blinked, coming back to me, smirking.

Your voice came out rough, but barely a whisper ‘Nice tie’

I smiled, you had remembered.

‘I got it for you’

You raised a hand to my cheek, stroking your thumb over it, then moving down to caress the blue silk around my neck before following it down, your knuckles brushing a trail of fire down my skin. You crushed the silk in your fist before wrapping it round and pulling me into a kiss I could feel all the way down to my toes. My fingers slipped into your hair, gripping the soft strands tightly as you dominated my mouth with yours. A deep growl escaped your throat. I love it when you growl, it’s such a rough sound, so primal, it sets all my nerves tingling.

Your hands snaked out from between us to edge down my back, your touch electric as you gripped a cheek in each hand, squeezing hard as you pulled me flush to your body to grind your erection against my wet folds.

I hooked my legs around your thighs, giving me leverage to grind back, you growled again, my whole body shivering in your arms. You let go of my behind and broke the kiss to throw your suit jacket off, my hands leaving your hair to help yank your tie loose so you could pull it over your head. As you were about to throw it on the floor you stopped, looking from the tie to me, a smirk appearing at the corner of your mouth. You undid the knot before unwrapping my legs from your waist, hooking them back over the table corners. You caressed down my thigh and calf as you knelt in front of me, your breath tickling my sex, as using your tie, you secured my ankle to the table leg. You did the same with the other, using the tie from around my neck.

I followed your every move. You had tied my wrists before, but never ankles, my chest tightened with anticipation as to what you were gonna do next. You slid forward from your feet to your knees, looking up at me. Your eyes, still burning, were filled with so much love as you touched your hand to my chest, fingers spread wide between my breasts, pushing gently. I took the hint and laid back, slipping right to the edge of the table. I was so open, bared wide to you.

I felt your lips kiss the inside of my knee, soft in contrast to the scruff around them, then again a little further in, and again, again, edging ever closer to where I desperately wanted your mouth.


‘Sssshhhhhhh’ You whispered against my thigh ‘I got you baby’

Your fingers parted my outer folds even more.

‘Look at you’ You said, your breath caressing my wet pussy. ‘Wide open, so slick and quivering….all just for me’ Then you tongue ran flat from my hole to my clit. I cried out, reaching into your hair to ground myself but it wasn’t enough as you kept lapping away, long licks and quick flicks of your tongue, sucking my clit into your mouth, nibbling at my folds. My pants and gasps echoed around the kitchen, mixing with the wet sounds you made against my cunt. It sounded…so dirty.

My orgasm was building, I could feel it skittering across my skin, crawling into my belly, I was desperate to close my legs, the feeling so intense, but I couldn’t and the more I strained against the bonds around my ankles, the tighter the coil in my stomach grew. Your tongue speared me again, I was so close.

‘Please’ I begged you ‘Please…’

Then your mouth grasped my clit tightly, I felt your teeth either side, your lips sucking it hard and your tongue flicking rapidly across it, it was too much. I screamed as I came, my back arching, my hands a death grip on your hair.

It seemed to go on for an eternity, I felt suspended in that moment, like there was nothing in the world but me and you.

I inhaled, gasping for breath as my back hit the table. I released your hair to lay my hands upon my pounding heart ‘Oh God…’ I managed to say as you released my clit

‘Fuck Nate….’

‘That’s next’

I opened my eyes to see you now standing, the moonlight showing me your smirking mouth glistening wet with my juices.

Your hands caressed my thighs ‘Your legs okay?’

I nodded.

I heard the sound of your belt and zipper and your eyes flickered as you pulled your hard cock free.

‘Ya know…’ You said as you grasped my hips tightly ‘I’m never gonna look at this table the same way again’ Then you thrust all the way into me causing me to cry out.

You held yourself there, your fingers and hips searing hot against my skin. I wanted to wrap myself around you, but my legs were still tied, all I could do was lay there, grip the table and be used by you as you pulled all the way out to the tip before slamming back in.

You set a fast pace, pounding into me hard, I’m sure you would have moved the table if it hadn’t already been against the wall. I could feel another orgasm growing, this one no less intense. You growled, my cunt spasming at the sound causing you to swear as your cock was gripped tighter. One of your hands left my hip, moved across my belly before going lower, then it stopped, just hovering on my bare mound.

I looked up at you, your face almost a sneer as your fingers slid between my soaking folds, still not touching where I desperately needed them.


You kept thrusting, a smirk spreading across your face as your fingers now rubbed either side of my clit in time with your thrusts.

‘Please…’ I begged you again.

You kept me balanced on the precipice, I was hanging by a thread…then suddenly your fingers slid together, riding my clit hard.

I was silent as I came. Mouth agape, eyes rolling back, hands and knees gripping the table as my body went ridged. Your grip tightened on my thigh, your pace faltering as my quivering pussy pulled your orgasm from you. Your hips slammed against mine one more time, a groan tearing from your throat, as I felt your hot cock pulse cum into me. I had never felt so sated, so satisfied, there was a soreness in my legs now, and tomorrow I would smile, remembering why they ached so. You lent down and pressed kisses to my stomach, so light they tickled making me giggle.

I sighed as your now soft cock slipped from me as you bent to release my ankles, rubbing them gently as you undid the ties and lifted my legs from the corners. You stood, taking my hands and pulled me up and into your tight embrace. I wrapped my legs around you and buried my face into your neck. The roughness of your scruff rubbing against my cheek, the scent of your aftershave filled my nose, along with your sweat, your arms wrapped around me all served to ground me, bring me back from the intensity of our love making.

‘You okay?’ You whispered in my ear, your voice less gravelly now, squeezing me briefly.

‘More than okay’ I laughed, pulling back to kiss you. ‘I agree, I don’t think I’m gonna look at this table the same way again’

You smiled back at me ‘I’m gonna phone for a pizza, run you a nice hot bath then feed you pizza while you soak. Then, we’re gonna curl up in bed and I’m gonna massage your ankles while we watch crap on TV’

‘You are too good to me’ I said before kissing you again as you gripped me tighter and carried me upstairs.

If you enjoyed, why not check out for other smutty works 😉



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