Toad in the Hole

No, this is not the title of a smutty story, it could be, but no.

One of my favourite things to cook, and eat, is toad in the hole. It’s been around in England since the middle of the 18th century originally calling for pigeon, steak or even left over meat from the market at the end of the day rather than what we now use, sausages.

For anyone out of the loop, or the UK, it’s basically sausages cooked in a giant Yorkshire pudding or batter mix. I’ve also made it with meatballs and they work very well too! It’s perfect for comfort food and cold winter nights. I’ve posted up on my Twitter page when I make it sometimes and been asked for the recipe several times so here it is, with pictures, instructions etc. Hope you enjoy making and eating it as much as I do, and if you do make it, please let me know, especially with pictures ^^



Sausages, chilled – or meatballs. Any will do, pick favours that you like, I tend to go for a nice tangy Cumberland.
Plain Flour
Large eggs – 1 per person you are cooking for and if you’re hungry 1 ‘For the pot’ ^^
Milk – I’ve always used Semi-Skimmed.

Start by getting the dish/s you wanna cook it in, both glass and metal work. Put enough oil in it to just cover the bottom, place that in the oven and you wanna set the oven to about 240 degrees, nice and hot!


(This is gonna sound strange) For the mixture you wanna take 3 identical glasses and in one crack the eggs. Lets say 3 eggs (For 2 hungry people ^^) cracked in a glass. In the 2nd glass you want to pour milk to the exact same level as the eggs come up to in the first glass. In the third glass put plain flour to same level, so you have 3 identical glasses all with the same amount of ingredients in them ^^


You then pour the eggs and milk into a jug, whisk them up a bit, add a little salt and pepper. then add the flour and whisk until it’s nice and smooth.


Take the dish/s out of the oven, add the sausages to it and put them back in. (Make sure with the sausages that you prick them a little first, other wise you get what happened to me the other day, them banging and spitting hot oil all over the oven >.<) You can now reduce the temperature to about 200 degrees. When you have a minute keep stirring the mixture, or have a minion who can help keep it whisked and aerated.
Once the sausages have been in about 10 minutes take out the dishes, turn over the sausages, one final whisk and pour the mixture into the dish or evenly across the dishes if you do individual ones. (Lift the sausages a little so the mixture gets under them) Then back into the oven for 20-30 minutes until the mixture has risen at the sides, it’s golden brown and the sausages have cooked. Make sure the bottom of the mixture is cooked through, though it can be a thicker/ stodgier than the sides so you get a nice mix of textures ^^
Serve with, well, whatever you like really. Roasted potatoes, vegetables and gravy is a favourite of mine ^^

Enjoy! ^^



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