Morning Playtime.


Two stories in a row of morning sex?! I hear you shout.

Yes! Though I have no idea why, where they came from… well, the last one, Morning Dick, was Asrai’s fault…so we’ll just blame her for this one too… hehe

This story involves a couple I have written about before, Michael and Nico, or Sir and Kitten. If you so wish you can read Kitten’s First Playtime before this one. It’s not necessary…but go on… you know you want too. You have time, put the kettle on and enjoy a double dose of kinky goodness.

Thank you again to everyone who has ever encouraged me, especially through the writers blocks, yes more than one… or was it one long giant one? I’ll never know. And, once again, thank you to Sir for helping me with Michael, what he may say or do, for helping me bring him to life.

I hope you enjoy!

I opened my eyes, to find myself in the same position I wake up every morning, in your arms.
Your heart, a steady rhythm against my back.
Your arms held me tightly against you.
Your ankles a tangle with my own.
Your breath tickling the hair at the nape of my neck.
I leaned back, trying to get even closer to you, when your morning erection rubbed against me. You must of felt it too cause you growled low in your throat. I smiled and wiggled slightly, your semi hard cock slipping into the cleft of my bottom. Now I wiggled more. Suddenly your hand moved from my stomach to seize my hips as you began to grind against me. Your voice rumbled low in my ear.
‘Someone’s feeling playful this morning…’
I turned my head to rub my cheek against the scruff on your chin and whispered ‘I want you..’
You edged away, pulling me on to my back and kissed me. You started slow, like it was our first kiss, not our thousandth, as you walked your fingers up my body to palm my breast then squeeze my nipple. I groaned against your lips, so you did it again.  You kissed along my jaw and up to my ear. I bared my throat to you.
You licked and nipped at my throat, neck and collarbone as your hand left my breast to scratch down across my stomach. Your fingers reached the apex of my thighs, tapping lightly where I was squeezing them together. ‘Open for me Kitten’ I opened my legs wide, hooking my right over your hip. You slipped two fingers between my lower lips to press against my clit.
You claimed my lips again as first one way, then the other you made slow circles around the swollen nub. I shivered against you. ‘I love that one side of your clit is more sensitive’ You rubbed a little harsher down the left side, drawing a strangled cry from my throat. ‘Such a needy Kitten…. do you want Sir to make you cum?’ You slid your fingers just inside me, your thumb now teasing my clit.
‘Please Sir….please make me cum’ I still wasn’t quite used to my own voice sounding so wanton.
‘I will, I’ll always take care of you Kitten’ A kiss was pressed against my neck. ‘I think it’s time for your collar… it would look amazing against your pale skin’ Another kiss. ‘Maybe a chain attached, I could pull it as I fucked you’ I clenched around your fingertips ‘Oh… Kitten likes the sound of that’ Your whispered words continued.
‘Do you like the sound of a collar round your throat Kitten?’ I whimpered.
‘Your back bowing to me as I held the chain?’ You nipped at my ear making me shiver.
‘Your bottom all beautiful and peachy turning red as I spanked you?’
‘Then I would fuck you hard, just the way my Kitten likes it’ Your fingers began to tap my entrance sending little jolts of electricity through me.
‘Please….Sir…’ I begged between breaths ‘Can I cum?’
‘Hold on a little longer for me. I wanna feel you quiver round my cock’ You removed your fingers and unhooked my leg from around you, I whined in frustration as I had felt so close. A sharp sting resonated across my thigh and a loud slap rang around the darkened room. I gasped ‘Really Kitten, whining??’
‘I’m sorry Sir…’
‘I was going to give you what you wanted… I was gonna make you cum. Now you have to wait… and be punished’
We both liked the room quite dark to sleep, so I couldn’t really see anything, the slight crack in the curtains barely letting any light from outside through. I felt the bed jostle. Then I heard the tell tale sound of wood against wood. You were opening one of the drawers on your bedside table. I few small sounds then you closed the drawer with a loud thud that made me jump.
‘Turn over Kitten… hands on the head board’
And with those simple instructions, I knew what you had taken out of the drawer. As I turned over onto my hands and knees I could visualise you. You would be on your knees, legs wide apart. You hard and heavy cock pointing straight forward. You chest would be rising and falling in slow deep breaths…and between your long slim fingers you would be holding a wooden paddle.
I still remember holding it myself for the first time. Running my fingers over the smooth dark wood, surprised at how warm it felt. The feel of the soft leather wrapped around the handle, looped off to make the wrist strap.
‘Now Kitten!’
I had got lost in my memory and hadn’t moved fast enough. I raised myself up and gripped the cool metal bars of the head board tightly. I slid my legs wider apart and stuck my bottom out. My breath hitched as I felt your hand caress first one cheek, then the other. I could feel my heart starting to beat faster in my chest, waiting in anticipation for that first glorious sting.
The air left my lungs in a gasp as heat and pain blossomed across my left cheek. ‘One’
You struck my right cheek next, pleasure rippling through my body. ‘Two’
The heat, pain and pleasure had rolled into one wave, crashing over me from my fingertips all the way to my toes. ‘Three’
You hit harder this time, harder than you had ever before. I let go of the bars and dropped to my hands and knees ‘Oh God!!’ Your hand caressed my lower back. Concern touched your voice ‘Kitten?’
I inhaled deeply, my voice shaking just a little. ‘Four… five… six…’
‘Good girl, I knew you could take it a little harder. Are you still green?’ We had kept to the traditional red and green safe words. I took a few more deep breaths and nodded. ‘Still green Sir, was just more intense than I expected’
‘You did really well Kitten’ You hand moved from my back to rub where you had spanked me and I heard you whisper ‘So hot…’ Something soft pressed against the skin next to your hand, and again. ‘Words can not convey how fucking sexy it is to feel the heat from your skin upon my lips’ You peppered more kisses across my bottom. ‘I wish I could see it all red. We should get a spotlight just for me to shine on your ass while I spank it’
I’m up for that, just not one that you clap to turn on and off… Ow!!’
You had pinched me. ‘I should spank you more for that sass Kitten, but I think you’ve had enough for now. On to your back, I wanna taste that sweet pussy of yours’
I rolled over to lay on your side of the bed, turning my head I inhaled deeply the scent from your pillow, your deodorant, cologne, sweat and that something underneath all of that, that something that was unique to you. ‘Sniffing like a dog more than a Kitten… maybe I should of kept you on your hands and knees…’
‘I’m sorry Sir… I just love the way you smell’
Your warm breath washed over the inside of my thigh as you chuckled. ‘It’s alright Kitten, I love your smell too’ You kissed, licked and nipped up my thigh, drawing closer and closer to my wet pussy. Just as your next kiss would be on it, I expected you to start at my other knee. I felt you part my lower lips, whispering to yourself how wet I was, then you growled low in your throat ‘No more teasing’ and you licked me from my hole up before greedily sucking hard on my swollen clit. I gasped loudly, my back arching, my fingers sliding into your dark hair. ‘Oh fuck yes!’
Your tongue flicked back and forth rapidly and just when I thought you were about to pull an orgasm out of me before I could even say anything, you stopped. I let go of a breath I didn’t know I was holding. Then you began again, long lazy sweeps up and down this time, dips inside me making me clench around your tongue, the glorious rough feel of your beard against my sensitive folds.
‘You have the sweetest little pussy Kitten’ Your breath tickled my wet skin.
‘A perfect fit for my fingers, mouth and cock… like it was made just for me’ You kissed the inside of my thigh.
‘You were made just for me Kitten. You are mine!’ You gripped my bottom to lift me to your lips once more. Licking, sucking and nipping like you were a desert wanderer, and I was the water that would save you. I ground myself against your face, raising my legs into the air to open myself even wider. I knew you would chastise me for it, delay my orgasm, maybe punish me again later for it, but right now, in this moment… I didn’t care. I needed it.
I needed the bite of your teeth.
I needed your long sweeping tongue.
I needed your firm yet soft lips.
I need the scratch of your beard.
I needed you.
‘Yours Sir…’ I managed to gasp out between breaths. ‘Only…ever…yourssssAAAHHHH!’ My last word turned into a scream as you grasped my clit between your teeth. My whole body was pulled taunt and as I began to shake, you never let up sucking and flicking your tongue to make my orgasm explode throughout my whole body.
You lowered me back down onto the bed, my pussy still clenching. It was brighter outside now, letting a little more light into the bedroom. I turned my head to look at you. The morning sun caught the grey in your hair and beard making it shine like silver. Your lips and chin were glistening with my juices. Your eyes were wide and dark with desire, I looked down, your cock was still rock hard and pointing at me.
‘Did I tell you you could raise your legs Kitten?’
You leaned over me, your hands either side of my chest.
‘Did I tell you could grind your pussy against my face?’ You pressed your lips to mine, hard and quick, but I could still taste myself.
‘No Sir’ My heart, which had been slowing began to speed up again.
You slid your cock between my quivering folds making me gasp.
‘Did I tell you, Kitten, that you could cum?’
‘No Sir’
You clicked your tongue three times ‘… Such a naughty Kitten’ You ran your hand down my thigh. ‘You knew I hadn’t told you you could do all those things….yet you still did them anyway…’ You reached my still wet cunt and began to circle my clit once more with your thumb. ‘Is my Kitten getting a little bratty streak already?’ You squeezed my clit ‘Oh God!’
‘No…that’s not my name’ You let go, then I felt the blunt tip of your cock stretch me. ‘What’s my name Kitten?’
Then you thrust home, hard.
My back bowed for the second time that morning as I gripped the bed sheets fiercely between my fingers. You pulled out nearly all the way. ‘What’s my name Kitten?’
Then you slammed back in. You pulled back out. ‘Again!’ Your voiced echoing around the room. ‘Sir’ Another hard punishing thrust.
‘Sir’ and another.
‘Keep saying it Kitten. You need to remember who I am and who owns you’
I began chanting Sir like a mantra and every time your name fell from my panting lips you thrust inside me, almost bruising strikes of your hips against mine. Over and over you body struck mine, and over and over the bed frame banged against the wall.
I could feel another orgasm building. Blooming and blossoming out from where you pounded me over and over. It weaved along my legs, making my toes curl. I fought against every nerve screaming for release, every fibre of my being begging to go over the edge. Not till you said. I had stopped saying Sir now, I could barely get the air in my lungs to breath, let alone speak… but you hadn’t stopped. I was certain we would both be sore the rest of the day and beyond by the force of your body against and inside my own… and I would savour every glorious ache.
Your lips brushed against my own. A kiss so in contrast to what your body was doing to me. ‘Are you alright Kitten?’ The words whispering across my cheek. I opened my mouth to speak but found I couldn’t… You slowed down, just enough to allow me to breath deeply a few times, clawing air into my lungs. ‘I’m…..alright….. Sir’
‘Good girl’ Another quick press of your lips to mine and your pace quickened again. If felt harder and faster than before if that was possible. I couldn’t move, I could barely think. Just lay there and be used by you. Your voice boomed through my haze.
‘Look at me Kitten!’
I hadn’t even realised I had closed my eyes. The light was even brighter now, I could see your muscles flexing and straining. The sweat beading on your skin.
‘I…wanted…to feel you… quiver…round…my…cock…Kitten… are you gonna…quiver…for me?’
I bit my lip. I was losing the battle. The lambent flames you had started were now burning every inch of me. Swirling around my stomach. Flashing across my chest. Scorching your name inside my heart. ‘Please…Sir….I…can’t…hold…’
That single word was all I needed to hear…
I let go.
My whole body going ridged for that sweet moment of tension that always feels like it will go on forever before every nerve fired at once and I fell over the precipice. ‘Oh…fuck!’
You seized my hip, holding me still as you thrust two more times, burying yourself inside me as you came with a deep resonating growl. Through the haze of my own orgasm I could feel your cock twitching. ‘Oh yeah… quiver for me Kitten…’ You began to rub my over sensitive clit making my body shudder with shockwaves and my dripping cunt pulsate around you more.
The bed jolted as you collapsed beside me. My heart still thundered in my chest as you pulled me hard against you, swaying me gently in your arms. I took a breath in and I felt my body begin to shake. You squeezed me tighter ‘I got you Kitten… I got you… Look at me’ You took my head in one hand to raise it. ‘Nico… look at me baby’ Light creeped in as I managed to open my eyes. You were a blur at first, just lighter in some place than others, then the image began to sharpen. Your handsome face appeared before me. The dark hair and beard peppered with silver, the firm bridge of your nose came next, followed by the deep chocolate of your eyes. Last came the little lines around them, from where you were always smiling. My face must of showed I had you focused cause you spoke.
‘There we go, hay baby. I want you to breath with me okay… deep breath in’
I felt your stomach move away from me slightly. I copied. ‘And out slowly’ Air caressed over my cooling skin as you exhaled through your nose, I did the same. ‘Good girl… keep going’ You breathed in again. We stayed like that for, I don’t know how long, just breathing  in and out in sync with each other staring into each others eyes.
I realised I had stopped shaking, and I couldn’t feel my heartbeat hammering in my chest anymore. I wiggled one hand out from where they were trapped between us to caress your cheek. You smiled at me. ‘Are you alright?’ Your voice no more than a whisper now, like you were scared if you spoke any louder I would shatter to pieces. I nodded.’I’m fine, more than fine, just….wow…’
‘I know, that went a bit more intense than I thought it would… I’ll make sure I have water near by for next time…or chocolate… I would of gone and got some but I didn’t want to let you go…’
I pressed my lips to yours ‘Thank you’
‘You did amazing Kitten’ You captured my lips again. ‘Stay there, I’m gonna run us a nice hot bath and we can have a sofa day, thank God it’s Saturday!’ You rolled me onto my back gently before moving to the edge of the bed.
‘I ain’t going anywhere! I don’t think I could move even if I wanted too!’ I heard you laugh and I glanced at you standing by the bedroom door. ‘Hair a mess, thoroughly fucked, my cum drizzling out of your pussy…You look beautiful Kitten’ Then you blew me a kiss and left the room.
I hope you enjoyed! 
If you need some more smutty goodness, you know where to go!

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