Frustrated in Traffic.


This piece came about from a conversation I had with a friend of mine. It ended up being completely different to how the conversation went but, none the less, it was sparked from that so thank you for the inspiration!

(Side note – I don’t actually drive myself, never even had a lesson, so if there are inaccuracies in that department, I do apologise)

I hope you enjoy ^^
‘Damn it!’
I shouted as I beat the steering wheel for what felt like the hundredth time. I was stuck in traffic when I was supposed to be at the airport picking up a friend, but, to be fair, it was all my own fault.
It all started when I was lounging in my favourite chair browsing on my phone through Twitter when I came across a post from one of my favourite erotica authors that her new book was out. I downloaded it immediately and threw myself in to it. I had just got to a really hot scene, so hot I was about to slide my hand into my skirt and that’s when I saw the time on my watch. I should have left thirty minutes before. I ran out the door, but instead of being able to make up time on the motorway I was stuck in a massive traffic jam, solid bumper to bumper for as far as I could see.
I left my friend a message saying I was caught in traffic but I was on my way. Now all I could do was sit and wait. Luckily it was a warm sunny day, barely a cloud in the sky so I had lowered the top of my little car, turned up the radio and tried to distract myself from the other problem, I was so fucking horny! I could feel the wetness in my knickers, I wish I could have gotten off before I left, it’s not like I could do it now… could I?

The lane I was in hadn’t moved for at least twenty minutes, same as the others around me. So I looked around, glancing at the other people in their cars, most were focused forwards, maybe glancing at their phones… no one would see me…

Fuck it! I needed this.

I put the hand brake on and undid my seat belt, I know I shouldn’t have but it would just be easier, and I wasn’t moving any time soon. I pulled my long skirt up over my knees, the softness of the material caressing my skin, serving to heighten my desire further. One final look around me, no one was looking my way, I held my knickers aside with my thumb and slipped two fingers between my folds.
I was soaked, I had to bite my lip to stop from moaning as I finally rubbed my clit.
I slid further down in my seat and widened my legs as much as I could. It felt good, but it wasn’t enough. I moved my hand lower to my entrance, tapping the edge a few times just how I liked it before slipping them inside me. I let my eyelids flutter close for a brief moment and imagined it was someone else’s fingers. A mechanic who was fixing my broken car. A policewoman that had pulled me over, checking to make sure I didn’t have anything concealed on me. I opened my eyes, we still hadn’t moved. I lifted my leg up to balance on the middle console, my foot by the hand brake to open myself more. I used my thumb and ring finger to hold my outer labia open as I flicked the switch for the air conditioning, gasping as the blast of cold air hit my soaking pussy.
I glanced around me, the lane to my right had moved a couple of foot, nothing else. I tilted my hips even more forward and began to rub little circles around and over my clit. I was so wound up that I thought this was gonna be quick. My eyes slid shut again as I sped up my rubbing, feeling my orgasm building quickly. As I moved closer and closer I felt a shadow pass over and settle on me.
I opened my eyes to see the right lane had moved again and a truck was now next to me. A small truck but it was still taller than my little car. A logo was emblazoned on the side of the door, Lords Carpentry. My pussy clenched at the thought of a man good with his hands, rough fingers, strong muscular arms pining me down and fucking me hard, I squeezed my clit briefly, my body shuddering as the pain turned to pleasure. I glanced higher and was surprised to see the driver. One hand on the wheel, the other tanned arm leaning on his open window. Must have been a truck from overseas. Despite being half hidden by aviator sun glasses I could see he was gorgeous. Dark hair, longer on top, slightly askew like he been putting his fingers through it all morning. He had the most delicious short beard and moustache the same dark brown of his hair. I shuddered at the thought of that rough scruff against my skin, it burning a trail of fire wherever it went.
As if he could feel my eyes on him he looked my way, eyebrows raising high as he saw what I was doing, a flash of tongue coming out to wet his lips. I had never touched myself in front of anyone before, not counting sex, and definitely not in front of a stranger… but I couldn’t stop. It made me feel so…sexy. So bold. I watched him and continued to rub my clit. I glanced quickly ahead, still no change. If I was doing this, I may as well do it properly. With my free hand I pulled the lever on the side of the chair and lent back till I could go no further, laying myself as flat as I could be in the seat. I pulled my skirt higher, so he could see my purple underwear and the movement of my hand. He licked his lips again. I pulled my little top up, exposing my breasts so I could pinch my nipples and scratch at the plump flesh, all while holding his gaze. He pulled his glasses down to the tip of his nose and winked at me. The sun stopped me seeing his eyes, I imagined they were as dark as his scruff, blown wide at the show I was putting on for him. I worked my clit hard, my own slickness now working against me. I don’t know what had come over me. I was exposed completely, in my car, touching myself in front of a complete stranger in the middle of a traffic jam… and I had never felt so fucking turned on in my life.
When I came it was sudden, one second I was close, the next I fell over the edge. A high pitched moan escaped me as with my eyes still on my stranger, my body went ridged, nails digging into my breast, fingers working my clit as I felt my pussy pulse. More of my juices flooded around my fingers as I came hard. My tanned stranger’s tongue brushed over his bottom lip as he watched me slump back into my chair, chest heaving to catch my breath. I still couldn’t look away as I brought my fingers to my mouth, eyes flickering as I sucked my fingers clean of my essence.
A car horn sounded loudly, making me jump and raise my chair quickly. I glanced around and realised my lane had moved but not by much, but there was now a big gap in front of the truck. Mr Carpenter raised his fingers to his sun glasses, gave me a final smile and pushed them back up his nose before driving forward to catch up with the now moving traffic on his side. I righted my top and skirt before anyone else saw me, as if that was bad after what I had just done. Laughing to myself, I took one final look at my strangers truck and carried on with my journey.


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