By the Moon’s Light


I awoke gradually, not wanting to start the day just yet, when I realised I wasn’t in my bed anymore. I sat up, the room was small, the king size bed I was in dominating a space lit only by moon light glowing through the curtain-less window. I could see no other furniture.

I don’t know why, but I wasn’t scared, I felt safe, secure.

The quilt was thick with crisp white covers, same with the pillows behind me. A shadow appeared between the bed and the window.

Not a shadow…a silhouette.

A man’s.

With the only light behind him I couldn’t see his face, but he was big. Tall, muscular, a hint of darkness of tattoos stood out on the skin of his shoulders. He reached forward and pulled the covers from the bed, and me. A chill crept over me and I shivered, and not just from the cold.

It was then I realised I wasn’t in my usual comfortable cotton pyjamas, but a dark silk strappy nightie which barely covered my thighs. The bed dipped as he put first one knee up and then the other as he slowly crawled towards me, over me, causing me to lay back down, till he rested on his arms above me. Despite him being so close now I still couldn’t see his features.

Mr Mysterious dipped his head and rubbed his cheek against mine. I groaned, loudly. He had a short beard and it felt glorious. My legs parted of their own accord, I have a weakness for scruff against my skin, and he took full advantage to lower himself onto me, pushing me into the plush mattress. I could feel now he wasn’t wearing any clothes. The soft hairs on his legs brushing my own, the unmistakable feel of his erect cock pressing against my stomach.

He was heavy…but it felt so good.

He turned his head and began to kiss me, I kissed him back, slow, lazy kisses, the softness of his tongue and lips a contrast to the roughness of his beard. He lips left mine and moved lower, kissing, licking, nibbling along my jaw and neck down to my breasts while his hands moved to pull the straps from my shoulders. He pulled lower, more of my skin was revealed to him, and he peppered it with soft kisses and rough rubs of his jaw, leaving a trial of fire in his wake.

After throwing the nightie to the floor, he stalked back up, parting my legs further as he once more loomed over me. My hands flew into his long hair when his mouth closed around my nipple piercing and sucked hard. My eyes flickered shut. I felt his teeth scrape my skin at the same moment he pushed inside me. Not slow, not gentle, a hard and punishing thrust.

I gasped, my eyes flying open…. to see my ceiling…with the small crack in it.

I sat up, breathing heavily to find myself in my room, my bed, my red and black bedding, sun light straining to push through my curtains, then my alarm started it’s rhythmic beeping…

….it had felt so real…

…but it was just a dream…

So, I was having a Twitter conversation with the lovely and gorgeous Mischa Eliot (You should really check her out, you won’t regret it!) and we were talking about dreams. Which reminded me I had written down one of only three dreams I remembered in my life, so I thought I would share it here for you all to read. (Unfortunately, the other two are not smutty, but alas, nightmares)

I am still working on two pieces, slow going I know. I have been taking a lot more time for me recently when not working my day job. I feel more settled mentally than I have for a while, and I know it’s a long road ahead but even the longest journey begins with one simple step forward.

Love to you all ❤


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