Despite the initial struggle, I really enjoyed writing in first person, so I gave it another go. Hope you enjoy! ^^

‘Have you ever kissed a girl?’
My friend Suzi and I were where you would always find us at half past one on a Tuesday afternoon, sitting at my kitchen table for our weekly catch up, coffee, cake and the puzzle section from the paper. I looked up towards her but her head was bowed, eyes not meeting mine.
‘Where did that come from? I asked, taking a sip of my coffee.
She met my eyes for a moment, before glancing back down, pointing at the word puzzle we were working on. ‘Four down, Kiss?’ She smiled.
I chuckled ‘We did that about ten minutes ago! Thinking about it all that time?’ She nodded, a blush had started to colour her pale cheeks.
I smiled ‘I have yeah, have you?’
She sighed ‘You know I haven’t, c’mon tell me more! When was it?’ She grabbed her mug of tea and held it in front of her with both hands, as if I was about to tell a really important story.
I took another mouthful of my coffee, licking my lips. ‘I left school at sixteen remember? was doing that cleaning job but I still saw a few people from school’
‘You weren’t seeing me!’ She interrupted.
‘You had dropped off the radar. Anyway, we were hanging out one night, she was staying over and we kissed’ I used the side of my fork to cut a piece of cake off my slice and brought it to my lips as she said
‘Just a kiss?’
I let her sit there waiting as I finished my bite of cake. ‘There was more kissing and a bit of groping’
‘Oh my God’ She gasped ‘Where were you groping each other?’ She was leaning closer to me now, the word puzzle long forgotten.
‘Oh no no no no, I was grabbing her boobs, pinching her nipples, which she was really enjoying by the way she was moaning, but not once did she return the favour, bitch’ I spat out the last word before taking another mouthful of coffee.
‘Sounds like a bitch…wait…’ She had went to take a sip of her tea but paused with the cup near her lips ‘You said “we” but you never actually said who it was.’
She was right, I hadn’t.
I finished my cake, and downed the last of my coffee. Looking straight at Suzi
‘Charlotte Jones’
A look of disgust flashed across her face. ‘What?! I’m better looking than her!’
I laughed, I couldn’t help it. ‘You almost sound…jealous?’ I said raising an eyebrow at her. The blush on her cheeks spread downward, her gaze lowering with it.
‘I am’
She whispered, before raising her brown eyes back to mine. I licked my lips and smiled.
‘Well, we can’t have that’
I crossed my arms and lent forward on the table, reducing the short distance between us. I could see emotions flickering across her face as she bit her lip, deciding what to do. We had known each other a long time, she was probably wondering if this would change our friendship, or perhaps even ruin it. I knew it would not, we were too strong for that to happen, but she had to reach that conclusion herself. It looked liked she had as she smiled and moved slowly towards me. As she was about to close the gap I lent away and stood up, she looked confused, and hurt as she looked up at me, but I held my hand out to her. ‘If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it properly’ She smiled, her face lit up whenever she smiled, as she took my hand and I pulled her to stand in front of me, taking her other hand.
‘Do you trust me?’
‘Then close your eyes’ I whispered. She took a deep breath in, relaxed and then let her eyes fall closed. I slid my hands to her wrists, I could feel her pulse beating fast beneath my fingers tips, then guided her arms around my neck before gripping her waist and pulling myself flush to her. Her breath hitched in her chest, her tongue darting out to wet her lips. I wet mine too before I very gently brushed my lips against hers. I pulled back slightly and did it again, before pressing longer and more firmly. Her arms tightened around my neck and I felt her lips push back against mine, lightly at first then with more pressure. I pulled back just enough to flick my tongue across them. Her eyes began to flicker open
‘Nah ah, keep them closed’ I spoke against her lips. They shut again instantly. ‘Do you want more?’
She hummed an affirmative in her throat.
‘If you want it you’re gonna have to ask for it huni. Do you want more?’
A breathy, needy ‘Yes’ fell from her lips, and as it did I kissed her again.
She pushed back more this time, any nerves she had were gone as her tongue came out asking to play with mine. The kiss grew more passionate, her hands coming round to slide into my hair at the back, my thumbs now rubbing little circles on her skin where her top had ridden up, I swallowed her moan. I took a few steps forward, using my hips to guide her backwards till her back hit my kitchen wall causing her to gasp and break the kiss. We stood there, both breathing heavily, staring into each other’s eyes. She licked and bit at her bottom lip.
‘More’ She whispered.
I slid both hands up, never leaving her skin, pushing her vest top up to expose her breasts.  She had beautiful breasts, pert and not to big, hence why she wasn’t wearing a bra. My eyes hadn’t left hers and I watched her face intently as I began to circle my thumbs around her erect nipples. She groaned, her head hitting the wall, bearing her throat. I brought my mouth to her neck, my teeth scraping lightly. ‘Everyone would see if I bit you here…’ I whispered against her flushed skin ‘All the mums at the school gate would know what you had been up too…’
I moved lower and latched on to a nipple, she gasped and gripped my head to her chest. I grabbed at her other breast as I sucked and bit at the hard nub in my mouth.
Suzi moaned again ‘More’
I chuckled around her nipple, giving it one final suck before going back for a quick kiss. ‘Can you say anything else?’ I teased as I popped the button on her jeans, causing her breath to hitch. I took the zipper between my fingers and my eyes bore into hers ‘Say the word and I’ll stop…’ It would kill me to stop but I would if she wasn’t sure.
She grabbed my wrist ‘Don’t you dare stop’
And she pushed my hand down, her zipper going with it as the other hand came to grab behind my neck to pull me in for another passionate kiss. It was a battle of tongues and teeth nipping as I slowly slide my hand inside her open fly to caress…silk. I stopped to look down, Suzi was wearing deep purple silk and lace knickers. ‘Well…’ I said ‘These are very fancy for a weekday lunch’
‘I got behind on the washing’ She blushed. Considering our position, blushing at that was just cute. ‘I had bought them to wear for Steve but I never got the chance before he ran off with her’
I kissed her gently, on the forehead this time, just as I had when she came round mine crying after he had left. I sneaked my hand inside the silk finding her lips smooth and her slit already wet, my fingers slipping in easily. As I caught her clit she gasped, digging her nails into the back of my neck. I began to draw little circles around her clit, increasing and decreasing the size and pressure. Suzi’s eyes flickered shut as her hips began to sway.
‘That feel good?’
She licked her lips and moaned out a ‘Yes’
I slid my fingers lower through her slick and teased her entrance, tapping and rubbing it’s edge.
‘Please’ She whimpered ‘More…’
I thrust two fingers inside her and she cried out, her hands on the back of my neck and arm gripping tighter.  We kissed again as I pumped my fingers in and out of her tight pussy, she bit my bottom lip as I curled them. I added another finger and she began to grind down on my hand. My thumb came up to stroke against her clit.
‘Oh God!….bite me…please…’
‘It will leave a mark’
‘I don’t care…please’ She begged. How could I refuse?
I nuzzled the thin strap of her vest top aside and plunged my teeth into her shoulder as I rubbed her swollen clit harder. She came almost silently, head back, mouth open, eyes squeezed shut as her body spasmed around my fingers. I slowed my ministrations, coaxing her through the after shocks until her nails dug into my wrist again.
‘Too much’
I released her shoulder, kissing it gently, I had tried not to suck to leave less of a bruise but the teeth marks were unmistakable, I had bit her pretty hard. I slid my hand out of her body, catching her clit one last time making her twitch, and brought my hand up to my lips. Suzi watched with wide eyes as I began to suck my thumb ‘What? You’ve never done it?’ She shook her head
‘Try’ and I held my fingers out to her. She took a tentative lick before taking both of my fingers to suck and swirl her tongue around them. I pulled them from her mouth with an audible pop and kissed her again.
‘Your turn now’ She said and reached for the button of my own jeans.
‘You sure? You don’t have to just because…’
‘I want too’ She interrupted me before I could finish. As her hand slipped inside we both jumped at a loud noise from the kitchen table. We could get so caught up talking that Suzi would sometimes be late to pick up her daughter from school so she set an alarm on her phone for when it was time to leave, it was that alarm.
‘Ah shit’
‘Fuck’ we said at the same time. We looked at each other, laughed and lent our foreheads together.
‘You had better go’ I whispered.
‘Yeah’ She seemed to deflate ‘So erm…’ She chuckled ‘Never mind’
I pressed my lips to hers ‘What is it?’
She lent back, took a deep breath and looked me straight in the eye.
‘Isabelle is at Steve’s this weekend’ She said, almost nervously ‘Shall I come round after he picks her up?’
I smiled and kissed her again ‘I would like that, very much’
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