I need it….

Just a quick few words that came to mind after reading (Addict by Rachel Orman) and having a conversation with my beautiful friend Asrai It all then reminded me of one of my favourite songs I hadn’t listened to in a very long time…

Photo Source…. Pandora Knight

I slipped my knickers down my legs and kicked them away. I stood there naked before you as per your command. My hands went of their own accord to cover my body but your growl from the shadows made me stop and put them back by my sides.

I was already wet with excitement, I had been wet all day knowing that all the little things we had spoken about, you had shown me or done to me would all come together tonight.

I had wanted it for so long… No… I had needed it, despite never knowing that I needed it…

I needed the smell of the soft leather collar that you locked securely around my throat.

The feel of the cool metal chain as it hung between my breasts.

I needed the feel of the rope as you weaved it expertly over my bare skin.

I needed the nip of your teeth on my shoulder.

I needed the rough feel of your beard against my cheek.

The bite of the ice you held against my nipples to make them stand out even more.

The pinch as you clamped first one nipple then the other.

The sharp smacks of your palm against my bottom.

The way your hands held me exactly where you wanted me.

The blunt tip of your long hard cock stretching me before thrusting inside me over and over and over again.

I needed it all…..

My breath hitched as I felt your warm finger tips trace slowly down my spine

‘Shall we begin?’

Its not enough.
I need more.
Nothing seems to satisfy.
I said
I don’t want it
I just need it
To breathe, to feel to know I’m Alive.
Stinkfist – Tool

You know by now where to get your kink on!



11 thoughts on “I need it….

  1. I agree with Asrai (I just read that you’re her pick) this was sooo hot – there is tension and lust and nerves – and the words are so spare but say so much! How talented you are x

    Liked by 1 person

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