I was writing this piece at the same time as ‘Frustrated in Traffic‘ Bouncing between the two until first that one was done, and now this one. They were completely unconnected, that idea coming from a discussion with a friend, this one a flash in my mind when I was just sitting with my eyes closed.

However, due to a sudden, and quite frankly surprising thought from my brain, they are now connected! (Though they could probably still be read separately)

So, feel free to read this on it’s own, or you could check out ‘Frustrated in Traffic‘ first then come back and find out what happens afterwards.

The front door slammed.
I came out of the kitchen to greet you to find you standing there, shoulders heaving, eyes shut, your mouth almost a sneer as your bag dropped to the floor with a thud.
You didn’t move or open your eyes. It was like you didn’t hear me.
‘Steve? You okay?’ I said, taking a step towards you.
You breathed in deeply. As you breathed out again, your eyes suddenly opened wide to focus straight on me. I felt like a rabbit caught in headlights. Your gaze was so… heated, like I was standing there wearing nothing but revealing lingerie, not a long sleeve blouse and skirt. You stalked towards me down the hall, each step of your heavy work boots filling me with anticipation. I noticed the large bulge tenting the front of your jeans… something had riled you up.
You reached me, standing so close I could feel the heat coming off your sun kissed skin. You stood over a head taller than me, even in my heels. I love how you towered over me, looking down with fire in your eyes as your hands brushed up past the sides of my face to pull out the sticks holding up my hair. The dark curls fell down my shoulders and back as you threw the sticks aside, not caring where they landed. Your long fingers then slid into my hair, gripping firmly as you pulled me into a searing kiss.
My hands came up from my sides to fist your work vest tightly as you dominated my mouth. Your tongue caressing my own, withdrawing so you could bite my bottom lip, then licking where you had bitten. The constant changing left me breathless, wondering what you would do next. Using your hips you backed me a few steps till my back hit the wall. Your hands left my hair to lace our fingers together before you lifted them above my head. You broke the kiss and looked me dead in the eye, your voice deeper than usual
‘Leave them there’
I nodded.
Your fingers left mine to slide down my cotton covered arms, skimming over my breasts causing me to shudder before you reached my skirt. You pulled my shirt free before moving back up the buttons. With a growl you ripped the shirt apart causing buttons to fly in every direction making me gasp with surprise. You had been passionate before, and hasty, but never had you ripped my clothes. The buttons hadn’t even stopped bouncing before you had pulled the silk of my bra cups down under both my breasts and began sucking one nipple hard and pinching the other. Your lips and tongue a contrast to the roughness of your short beard. My head fell back, hitting the wall with a light thud.
Without thinking my fingers slid into the longer hair on the top of your head making you growl. Your mouth left my breast with an audible pop as you grabbed both of my wrists, spun me around and pinned me against the wall with your whole body, arms above my head once again.
‘Leave. Them. There’ You said again, puncturing each word with a grind of your erection against the cleft of my bottom. I groaned, my stance widening as your hands slid down my body again, this time past my hips to fist my skirt in your hands, dragging it up so it bunched at my waist. I felt one of your fingers follow the line of my thong down before you suddenly slapped each cheek hard. I cried out, I couldn’t help it, but I left my hands above me on the wall. I hadn’t been spanked before, it was… painful… but fucking arousing! You caressed the skin briefly before sliding your hand around my thighs, pushing  my thong aside to dip between my lips.
I hadn’t realised how wet I was till I felt how easily your fingers slipped around my clit, first one way, then the other, you caressed in slow circles. I whimpered at the loss of your touch when you withdrew but then I heard the clink of your belt, the soft grind of your zipper.
I bit my lip as the hot head of your hard cock seared my outer folds as you rubbed yourself against me before settling against my entrance. I pushed back, desperate for you to fill me, and you did, in one hard thrust of your hips. I flung my head back and a groaned out ‘Yes’ escaped my lips. I felt your fingers tangle in my hair, the other hand settling on my hip as you pulled out slowly before slamming back in. I tried to dig my nails into the wall but couldn’t. You fisted my hair as you pounded into me. Every bruising thrust caused my uncovered nipples to rub against the wall, bolts of arousal shooting through me every time the sensitive flesh struck. This wasn’t gentle sweet love making, it was gonna be fast and rough fucking and that thought made my pussy clench around you.
‘Fuck! That how you wanna play it huh?’
Your hand released it’s searing grasp on my hip to hoist my left leg into the air. The sudden change in angle caused me to gasp as you slid even deeper than before. Your rough fingers slipped between my lips, your own thrusts rubbing my clit against them hard. I cried out, trying harder to grip the wall. My stiletto fell to the floor with a clack, but I didn’t care.
The grip in my hair
My nipples rubbing the wall
The position of my body
The bruising thrusts of your hips
Your fingers unrelenting against my clit
It was too much.
Trapped in the prison between the hard muscles of your body and the unrelenting wall, I came with a cry, my body going ridged, my breath catching in my throat. I could feel my pussy pulsating around your cock, squeezing it tighter, begging for you to give it what it desperately wanted. My juices ran down my inner thigh. I wanted to slouch against the wall, I had never come so hard before, but your grip was still tight in my hair. I wobbled in my one high heel, my knee nearly buckling as your long shaft pounded me, one, two, three more times as with a fiercely growled ‘Fuck!’ in my ear you came, hips grinding against my ass.
We stood there, locked together, as we tried to catch our breaths. You released my hair, placing your lips to my cheek briefly as you lowered my bare foot to the floor, your now soft cock slipping out of me. I steadied myself against you, not trusting my own legs to hold me up as you turned me in your arms to kiss me, slow and languid now, a contrast to the fire and passion when you came through the door. You broke the kiss to bury your face in my neck, inhaling deeply as you arms held me tight.
‘Hey’ I said, almost a whisper ‘What got you so excited?’
‘You wouldn’t believe me if I told ya’  You chuckled against my skin.
I slid my fingers into your hair again to lift your head, looking deeply into your dark eyes. ‘Try me’ and pulled your lips to mine once more.
I hope you enjoyed! 
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