Kitten’s First Play Time


I gotta admit, this was tough and took awhile. I have virtually no knowledge of  any aspect of BDSM but an idea came into my head, a girl being punished, and it grew into this.

The other reason this took a while was because, like my heroine Nico, I had to research. I browsed through a few websites, listened (Read: read transcripts as headphones wasn’t sorted) to a podcast. Thank you Kayla Lords and John Brownstone! And I also spoke to an actual Dominant. He helped me get into the mind set of Michael, help me understands how he sees Nico, how precious she is to him. So thank you, you know who you are Sir, for helping. 

I hope you all enjoy!

I had my arm looped through yours as we walked up the small path to my front door. A sudden bolt of nerves hit me but I quashed it. I wanted this, I needed this…and I wanted to give you this. I just hope I was right.
We had met six months before in a small bar near where I worked. I don’t really drink a lot but after an even more than usual stressful day, I thought something stronger than water was in order. You had smiled at me from the other side of the long dark wood bar, tilting your tumbler of whiskey in greeting. The lighting showing the silver peppering your dark hair and beard. I raised my near empty glass of wine in return, matching your smile. I watched as you called the barman over and exchanged a few whispers, the barman looking my way briefly. By the time I had tilted my head back to finish my wine, you were beside me, your glass topped up and the barman was bringing over a fresh glass of wine. You introduced yourself as Michael, we chatted and drank, and I found myself staying way longer than I had planned. I really enjoying my time with you. We exchanged numbers and had been going out ever since.
I noticed that when we had sex you would take control. You would let me touch for a bit but then my hands were pinned above me, or you would flip me over so I was on all fours, so I could only kneel there and take the pounding you gave me. Once, you wound my hair around your fist, my back bowing to your strength. I noticed something else too…. I enjoyed you taking control. I enjoyed letting go and let you do with me what you will. The way you would tease me till I was begging for you to make me come. After you would hold me close, rub my back, run your fingers through my hair and place gentle kisses on my head.
I not only enjoyed, I thrived on it.
I’m not naive. I caught on as to what you were, what I seemed to be… So I researched. I asked the internet, scoured through websites, even listened to a podcast. It all fit into place. Feelings and sensations I had made sense, it all seemed so simple now. I knew what I wanted to happen now, I wanted to explore further, with you.
So I went shopping.
Some things felt familiar, others alien, yet there was no denying the thrill that shivered through me as I laid them all out on the edge of the bed before I left for our dinner. I had no idea what to really expect. I hadn’t rehearsed what to say to you, I left it all up to now.
‘Okay, you’ve been tense all evening. Tell me what’s wrong baby?’ You stopped just outside my front door and pulled me to you. One hand tight against my back, the other on the side of my neck, the tip of your thumb holding my chin up. Despite my heels you were still taller than me, your gaze intense and full of concern as I looked deep into your eyes. I pulled my courage to the surface, your thumb now caressing my jaw as I swallowed.
‘I have a surprise for you’
You smiled, ‘Is that it? That’s what got you so worked up? Silly girl.’ You kissed me gently and whispered in my ear ‘I can’t wait, let’s go.’ You tilted your head towards the door and tapped my bottom. I smiled, took a deep breath and unlocked the door.
I guided you through the darkness to my bedroom. I pressed a quick kiss to your lips. ‘Wait here’ And disappeared inside. No backing out now, I said to myself as I switched on the bedside lamps, their soft glow washing over the toys. I ran my fingers over the surface of one of them. I hoped he liked them. I took off my coat, dress and jewellery, putting them out the way and made sure my suspenders and stockings were still in place. I wore nothing else, except my heels. One final deep breath to steady my nerves, though I think it just made my heart beat faster. ‘Okay, come in’
Your fingers slid around the door as you pushed it open, your head appeared next, your eyes widening as you saw me standing there. ‘Oh Baby, what a surprise…’ You said as you stepped completely in, pushing the door closed behind you. You had removed your overcoat and jacket, your crisp white shirt sleeves now rolled up the elbows. Your walked towards me, arms open, ready to take me into them. Then you stopped. Despite the low light I could see your eyes were focused beside me, to the bed.
You fingers trailed over each item in turn, just like I had done as I had laid them out. First was a silk blindfold, the same deep red as my lipstick. Next came two sturdy sets of cuffs, followed by nipple clamps, a wooden paddle, a leather collar with a round silver tag, and a vibrating wand. The last item was in some ways the most innocent, yet it gave me the most thrill. A simple leather riding crop.
‘Nico? What’s going on?’ You moved to stand in front of me, holding me against you like you had outside, one hand on my back, the other on the side of my neck. I held your gaze. You didn’t know it, but your touch served to ground me, I feel like I could do anything if your skin was in contact with mine. ‘When we fuck…You take control…and I like it… love it in fact’ You face was giving away nothing ‘I’ve never felt anything like what I have with you, the way you make me feel. I didn’t know sex could be like this’ I took a deep breath ‘ and I wanted to explore that further with you, if you wanted to…Sir’
I hadn’t planned on saying Sir, it was spur of the moment, but your eyes seemed to flare when I said it. I did that to you, with just one simple word. It made me bold. ‘Please…Sir’ As I said it again I shifted slightly in your arms, rubbing my naked pussy against your thigh. Oh there was definitely a bulge against my hip. Suddenly your hand moved to tangle in my hair, pulling my head back, I gasped. You pressed your lips to my ear.
‘Are you sure you want this Nico?’ Your voice, no more than a whisper, made me shiver. ‘I’ve held back till now… God you have no fucking idea how much I wanted this, can you take it? Take all I have to give?’ I swallowed, could I do this? ‘Truthfully Sir, I don’t know, but I want to try…please’
‘That’s all I can ask of you Kitten’
As soon as I saw you in that bar, I just wanted to call you Kitten…My Kitten’
‘Yes Sir’
You chuckled against my ear. ‘Good girl’ You released my hair, pulling me to your side and turned back to the bed ‘Now, you’ve done some good work here Kitten, but let’s start this slow, one thing at a time, okay?
‘Yes Sir’ The words fell from my mouth so easily.
You picked up the blindfold, running the silk through your fingers. ‘This is beautiful, but I must see your eyes, so let’s put that to one side’ You placed it in your trouser pocket. You pointed to two items ‘Why both?’ I licked and bit my lip ‘The paddle is more traditional’ I said ‘True, and the riding crop?’ I looked down, I could feel a blush creeping up my chest and face. You hand left my back to grasp my chin, raising my head up ‘Eyes Kitten, why the riding crop?’
‘I had a dream Sir’
‘Did you now? Involving a riding crop?! This I must hear, leave no detail out Kitten’
I took a deep breath ‘I was dressed how I am now, and you were too, except your sleeves were down’ You let go of my chin and un-rolled your sleeves ‘Like so?’
‘What next?’
‘I unbuttoned your shirt, with each button I kissed your chest’
You held your arms apart, a smile gracing your lips. I slowly reached for the top most closed button, my fingertips caressing your throat, and slipped it through the hole. I stepped closer and pressed my lips to your warm skin.
With each button more of your tanned chest was revealed.
With each parting of your shirt more heat radiated from you.
With each kiss, my lipstick faded as I dotted your skin with red till I ended up on the floor, knees apart with your erection pressing into my throat as I pressed one last kiss to the fine hairs between your navel and belt buckle. I looked back up to you, licking my lips. I always thought you were handsome, but seeing you tower over me, shirt open, the imprint of my lips tattooing your skin… you looked like a God.
‘I’m liking this dream so far Kitten, what happened next?’
I slid my hands up your muscular thighs before undoing your belt buckle, button and unzipping your trousers. Holding your gaze, I reached inside your boxers to grip you and pull you free. I love your cock. So long, heavy and thick, glistening with pre-cum. I licked you from balls to tip, then began to slowly stroke you.
I smirked up at you ‘Next Sir, I sucked you, you put your fingers through my hair, held my head and fucked my mouth, but you didn’t come’
I gripped your shaft tighter and took the tip, lapping at the slit. You were looking down at me, your stomach muscles clenching as I began to suck. I swirled my tongue around the cut head before taking your further into my mouth. My hand moved lower to pull and roll your balls between my fingers tips. My eyes began to close of their own accord as I concentrated all my efforts on your cock.
‘Look at me! Your voice was firm and had dropped an octave. I opened my eyes to reconnect with yours. You smiled down at me, causing my heart to flutter knowing I had pleased you.
Your hands, which had been by your side’s came up to caress both of my cheeks before sliding into my hair. I could smell your cologne where you had sprayed your wrists before we went out, the cotton of your white shirt felt soft against my skin. I let go of your balls and slackened my jaw a little as I felt your fingers tighten around my skull. ‘Put your hands on my thighs Kitten, if it’s too much tap them three times, okay?’ I raised my hands to your thighs and squeezed them gently. I couldn’t really speak or nod so I blinked once to convey I understood. ‘Good girl’
You started with a few shallow thrusts at first, your cock sliding from just outside my lips to half way across my tongue, then the tip crept further and further back as you sped up. You tapped the back of my throat, I nearly gagged but held it. Another nudge. A third, I swallowed around your head, squeezing it. I heard a faint mumble of ‘Fuck…’ Your thrusts became harder and faster, I pushed the tip of my tongue down behind my teeth, raising the middle to increase the friction against your hot cock.
You snarled and suddenly stopped, holding yourself all the way in, my nose buried in your trimmed pubic hair. I could feel pre-come in my throat, I swallowed involuntarily. You pulled your cock free.
‘Please Sir…’ I begged  ‘I want your cum in my mouth’ I held my mouth open wide, my tongue out as if I was about to lick an ice cream. Beneath your open shirt I could see your chest rising and falling. ‘Maybe next time’
I reached for your cock, you knocked my hand away ‘That’s enough Kitten!’ It wasn’t quite a shout, but your voice was stern and raised. You reached towards the bed, grabbing the riding crop. I lowered my head, a small smile on my face. You had caught on to what had happened in my dream. ‘I told you to stop Kitten, and you didn’t, now you must be punished… get into position’
I rose to my feet and went to the antique chair I had in the corner of my room. Widening my stance, I bent at the waist to grip the sides of the seat, my bare bottom high in the air. Nothing happened for what seemed like forever, then I jumped as something touched my pussy. It felt cool against my warm skin. It rubbed against my lips before slipping easily between them. The riding crop.
‘You’re soaked Kitten’ You voice was rough, I hadn’t heard you sound like this before. The edge of the crop nudged my clit causing me to gasp. ‘But you’ve been bad….six strikes should be enough’ You had raised your voice slightly, almost like you were asking a question… trying to match my dream. ‘I’ve been very bad Sir….ten strikes’
‘Very well…count them out loud Kitten’ The crop disappeared from between my legs and landed hard on my left cheek. The sensation was new… exciting, painful yes but the thrill that ran through me overpowered every other feeling.
This felt even better than my dream.
You struck the right cheek next, just as hard.
‘Two’ I exhaled out the word. The whip cracked twice in quick succession. Left then right.
I could feel my juices running down the inside of my legs, I had never been this aroused in my life.
‘Oh God….’ I panted out
‘Count Kitten!’
The crop struck my flesh again. The sound almost echoing around the room.
Two more, so close together it almost felt like you hit both cheeks at the same time.
‘…Seven…Eight…’ I managed to gasp out.
I braced for the final strikes…but nothing came. I was about to turn my head when…
Before I even took a breath you plunged your cock inside me, deep and hard. I cried out, wobbling slightly on my high heels, your hand on my hip steadying me.
‘You did good Kitten, very good’
‘…Thank you…Sir’ The sensation of being filled so quickly was still making me shiver.
‘Ya know Kitten…Your ass looks so fucking good all red’ You caressed the heated skin with your callused fingers ‘Like a juicy peach I just want to bite into’ The crop slid between my folds again.
‘And speaking of juicy…’ Just as quickly as it touched me, it went, appearing by the side of my face. ‘Taste yourself Kitten, taste how fucking sweet you are’
I’ve never been shy sexually. I love licking my fingers when I’m done touching myself, even better when it’s my partners fingers that have been inside me. I opened wide and sucked greedily, tasting the leather underneath my own essence. I could feel your cock twitching inside me as you watched.
You pulled the crop from my mouth, letting it drop to the floor. You wrapped my hair around one fist, pulling my head back, your other hand seized my hip in a vice like grip. ‘Don’t cum until I say so Kitten’ And that was all the warning I had before you began to pound into me. ‘Oh fuck!!’
The slap of flesh on flesh…
The clinking of your belt buckle as it hung from your hips…
The growls emanating from your throat…
And my own pants and gasps of pleasure echoed in my ears as you fucked me hard and fast.
After sucking on you, the spanking and now having you ram into me, I could feel my orgasm closing in with each thrust of your hips. It had started as a tight knot in my stomach, but now I could feel it breaking loose, my whole body tingling with electricity. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying desperately not to cum. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out.
‘Oh God!….Please let me cum!!’
‘Not..yet..Kitten’ You snarled between thrusts.
‘Please Sir….Oh Fuck…Sir….Please…please let me cum!’
Your voice roared around the room ‘Now Kitten…cum now!’ Your hand leaving my hip to circle round and squeeze my clit hard between your finger tips.
I let out a breath I didn’t realise I was holding, and as the air left my lungs my cunt began to pulsate around you. Your grip on me was the only reason I hadn’t collapsed to the floor. I waited, gasping for breath, for that moment, when you would swear and hold yourself inside me as you pumped cum into me…. but you just kept going.
You released the pinch you had on my clit but kept your fingers tips on it, rubbing in time to the slap of your hips to my mine. You had fucked me through one orgasm, but one wasn’t enough, I could feel my stomach tightening again.
‘…Sir…I’m gonna cum…’ I barely recognised my own voice, it shaking with each thrust of your hips. You let out a deep, growled ‘No!’
‘Oh..God…I…can’t…hold….Aaaahhhh!!’ I exploded. A shock wave out from my pussy, fire and electricity in a spiral shooting down to my toes and along to my fingertips.
‘Ah Fuck!’ You held yourself still, your hips searing against my bottom. I could feel your cock pumping hot cum inside me, my pussy greedily quivering as it finally got what it wanted. We stood there for a moment, both catching our breaths.
‘Let go and stand up for me Kitten’
I released the death grip I had on the chair, thankful that it had survived, and stood up. You pulled me flat against your chest, my head resting on your shoulder. I could feel your heart thumping a drum beat against my back. Your hand slid upwards over my stomach, between my heaving breasts and up the side of my throat till your fingers rested against my lips. I opened my mouth to suck on the digit, moaning as the taste of myself danced across my tongue. You kissed my cheek. ‘I’m not done with you yet Kitten’
You slipped out of me and lifted me into your arms, moving to place me on my back on the bed. My limbs felt heavy, but I still reached for you, wanting you to join me.
I heard a clink, and a thud.
‘You came when I said No Kitten…’
I looked up. Your trousers and boxers had dropped to the floor. You took your shirt off next.
‘You need to be punished’
You dropped to your knees, pulling me by my ankles to the edge of the bed, knocking both my heels off in the process.
‘You’re gonna cum again’
Then you lowered your mouth to my dripping pussy. ‘Oh fuck!’
You licked, sucked and bit at my folds and clit. Each brush of hair from your beard burning a trail of fire on my skin. With one hand I gripped the sheets, nearly tearing them with my nails, my other hand went into your hair but you pulled it out, locking our fingers together. I tried to shut my legs but you moved your elbow and shoulder, pinning them apart. I was completely at your mercy. My head thrashed from side to side. ‘I can’t’ You plunged your fingers inside, curling them and stroking upwards while sucking hard on my clit.
My nails dug into the back of your hand and my thighs squeezed you tighter, my whole body was pulled taunt as you tore another orgasm from me. Even my breath caught in my throat. It seemed to go on forever, like I was held captive, suspended in that moment of pure bliss. I gasped for breath as your lips left my folds. I sank back down onto the bed, physically and mental drained, yet my body still twitched with aftershocks. You threw my legs up onto the bed making me turn on my side. I could sense movement but felt too exhausted to open my eyes, then the bed dipped behind me.
Your arm came around my waist, pulling me back against you before your hand slowly moved up to cup at my breast and pinch my nipple. Despite my exhaustion my body reacted, a spike of glorious pain and pleasure shooting through me. I wiggled against you, my eyes widening in surprise, you were hard again. Your hand left my breast to slide down my side, over my hip, along my thigh before grabbing behind my knee and wrapping it around your hip, then you thrust back into me. You nuzzled at my neck and jaw before moving your lips to my ear and whispering ‘I said you had to be punished Kitten’ I heard a faint click, followed by a constant buzzing sound. The wand.
You lent back, circling your arm around my neck to press the palm of your hand against my chest. I gasped as you held the wand against the side of my knee, before slowly, ever so slowly running it up my thigh. I shivered as it got closer to where we were joined. I held my breath, biting my lip in anticipation for that moment when you would brush it over my clit…but you didn’t brush it… You held it hard against my open folds as you started to fuck me again.
‘Oh Fuck!’ I nearly screamed. I try to wriggle away from the intensity, but you held me fast, raising your leg to hold my own open.
‘Don’t fight it Kitten, we’re nearly there…Cum for me just one more time…’ You growled into my ear. I was moaning and gasping with every thrust now, locked in your tight embrace. You turned the wand up faster. ‘C’mon Kitten’ I was desperate to cum, I wanted to please you, but it felt just out of reach despite everything you were doing to my body.

You knew I liked to be bitten and you used that knowledge, sinking your teeth into my shoulder as you fucked me harder. It was enough. There was no explosion this time, it was almost calming to cum. Like lapping waters at a sandy beach, ripples of pleasure ran through me, my skin tingling as you came with me, you cock twitching inside me one more time.

You switched off the wand and released me, the bed jostling as you got up. I lay there, breathing deeply, not quite believing everything you had just done to me. I knew it was gonna be intense, handing myself over to you to do with me what you will, but I had never expected it was going to quite be so… Could I even put into words what I was feeling?

Sore, a little. Exhausted, yes. Drained… absolutely!
But also…
Exhilarated and so immensely Satisfied.
You came up behind me once again, this time lifting me to lay under the duvet you had pulled down, crawling in beside me to hold me tightly to you, one hand firm against my back, the other rubbing slowly up and down my arm. I felt you kiss my forehead. ‘Are you okay Kitten?’ Your voice was no more than a whisper. I raised my head to look at you. Despite the low light, I could tell you looked a little pensive. I smiled. ‘Yes Sir’
You returned my smile before kissing me gently. ‘You did amazing Nico, I pushed you to the limit and I never saw you waiver, I’m so proud of you’ You placed another kiss to my head. ‘I truly didn’t know If I could do what you wanted me too’
‘You know you are strong Nico, in every other aspect of your life, why not here? Remember, the power doesn’t lie with me controlling you, it’s with you releasing the control to me, that takes great strength’ I pressed my lips to yours firmly.
‘Thank you’
‘Are you willing to give yourself to me again? Be my Kitten?’
I snuggled into you even more.
‘I am your Kitten, Sir’

I hope you enjoyed my work. Make sure you check out other hot steamy post from far more talented people over at Kayla Lord’s naughty little corner of the internet!



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