Puff Pastry Quiche


I must admit, I never used to eat quiche, I thought it was weird looking lol But my parents liked it so I learned how to make it for them, well for the most part, I used to buy the ready done pastry cases and just mix up the middle hehe

I tried some not long ago, this time warm and it tasted so nice so I thought it was about time I made another one. However, the shop I used to get the plain pastry cases from have now stopped doing them, another shop does the sweet version, which is no good for a quiche (though maybe I should learn how to make a tart one day and use them) so I was kinda stuck, but noticed that all three of the little supermarkets in my village stock puff pastry sheets…Could I make it with puff pastry?

Quiche originated in France and is an open pastry crust with a savoury custard, cheese and at least one of meat, vegetables or seafood filling. It can be eaten hot or cold and is great for a lot of different occasions, lunch, dinner, parties, lunch boxes or picnics.

This recipe is super easy, hell if I can do it, anyone can!


1 Puff pastry sheet
Cheese – Any variety you like, I used a nice strong Chedder and Red Leicester to add extra colour to the top
Eggs – I used three large ones
Milk – Semi Skimmed will do fine
Filling of your choice – I added ham to this but literally anything can go in this dish!
Salt and Pepper – For seasoning

First, read how your pastry sheet wants to be treated, no I don’t mean to a nice meal and movie date. The one I used needed to be kept in the fridge then got out 10 mins before use then used immediately.


I lined a roasting tin with baking parchment, I use the stuff that’s backed with foil, it’s stronger and you get a nice even bake. Get the oven warming up, want it about 190 degrees.

Crack your eggs into a jug, whisk them up and about the same amount of milk, season well with salt and pepper, you’re looking for a pale mixture.


Grate your cheese/cheeses. Yep, hand grate, get that arm going! I never used pre-grated cheese, the potato starch, used to stop it sticking together, I find means it doesn’t melt properly. You will need quite a lot of the main cheese you are using, for me the Chedder and less of the Red Leicester, about half as much.


Lay your pastry sheet over the covered tin and press gently into place, there was some over hang at the shorter edges, I just crimped it up. Then fill it up with cheese! I tend to do it like layers so half the Chedder on the bottom, then I ripped up some ham on top of it, then rest of the Chedder, more ham, then the Red Leicester. Then pour your egg and milk mixture all over the top so it seeps into all the gaps.


Place in oven and let it cook for about 20-30 mins. After 20 check on it. It it still ‘wobbles’ when shook very gently it needs longer. When it doesn’t wobble anymore, insert a knife into the middle and see if it comes out clean, a little ‘cheese oil’ is fine. You’re trying to make sure that the eggs have cooked. If you’re getting white stuff, back in. I gave mine another few minutes after the clean knife to make sure, I also put the knife in several places to make extra sure too. Uncooked egg is a big no no.


When it’s done leave to cool and then chop it up into chucks for a nice lunch, dinner or maybe take some to work the next day and make all your colleagues jealous! I’m on Twitter so if you make this then hit me up with a picture, I would love to see it!

Just as I was about to hit publish my mum came home…and this happened…
(Her comments were a lot of mmmms and ooooo that’s cheesey)


Enjoy! ^^


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