Feeling Better and Gaming.

I’m so sorry I went AWOL, I’m mostly feeling better, I feel more like myself again so hopefully on the mend!

So, lets do some catching up! I finally settled on a single player game after my week or so break after Horizon Zero Dawn (Did I mention you should play HZD? hehe) and I’ve gone back in time, not just to an older game but to Renaissance Italy,  oh yes it’s Assassins Creed II!

Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection_20170815155100

After completing Syndicate and realising ‘Hay, I can play games like this!’ I decided to go back to what some consider the best of the AC games….The Ezio Trilogy.

I knew the games ran on from one another, with regards to Desmond’s story so I loaded up an Assassins Creed 1 ‘movie’ on Youtube (My PS3 was put away at the time) Was just over three hours long and really set me up for the second game. I was lucky to grab The Ezio Collection my PS4 for a very good price. It includes all three games where you play as Ezio, AC2, Brotherhood and Revelations, as well as the short live action prequel movie Lineage, which follows Ezio’s father Giovanni and also Embers, the animated film which shows what became of Ezio after the end of Revelations. Embers also shows us Shao Jun, who you play as in Assassins Creed Chronicles: China.

Assassin’s Creed® Chronicles: Trilogy Pack_20170923160051

These games are quite old now (AC2 being released in November 2009, Brotherhood November 2010 and Revelations November 2011) so this won’t be a review, more of just a screenshot dump and me saying how much I enjoyed playing the games…and I really did!

Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection_20170827153024

I spent about two weeks playing through Assassins Creed II. I mainly play for 2-4 hours a night, depending on work shifts. On days off I grab another 2-3 hours in the middle of the day too. I enjoyed myself so much I spent two months going through Assassins Creed 2, Brotherhood, Revelations, 3 and Black Flag.

After finishing five AC games on the bounce, there was only a few days left until Origins was released. Not enough time to start and finish another AC. I still had Rogue and Unity to play through, but would come back another time.

I started Origins and it’s a truly stunning game! Kinda like an Assassin’s Creed game, crossed with The Witcher 3, set in Ancient Egypt. I’ve sunk about 30 hours into it so far and barely touched the surface! This game is huge!!

Not long after Origins landed, the DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn dropped. I much as I, now anyway, tend to stick to one game at a time, it made sense to go and do that. The Frozen Wilds is the only DLC for that they are doing for HZD and it truly is as amazing as the rest of the game. I would recommend using a save file where you’ve finished the game it’s then dumped you back before the final fights, don’t wanna ruin it but there will be additional dialogue throughout Frozen Wilds if you know a certain character from the base game. *cough* Sylans *cough* ^^

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171124161922

Credit for above in game screenshot from Frozen Wilds to my amazing other half Simon. The photo mode for Horizon is amazing but the things he can do with are just fantastic! Thank you for letting me use this huni ^^ (All mine are still on the PS4 and I haven’t finished the DLC yet hehe)

I then went away for a week. Stayed at Simon’s house. Recharged my batteries, physically and mentally, mainly mentally. With all the feeling ill it really made a dark shadow crawl into my brain, or maybe that should be let the one that always lives there have free reign. I mean, it’s not great to be sitting there with your head throbbing on one side so you just sit back, shut your eyes and think ‘This is it’ Whatever is causing these is gonna blow and I’m gonna have a fit, or collapse and my parents are gonna find me dead in the chair or on the floor. That’s how I felt though, I would sit and wait to die.

I haven’t had a full blown headache episode since 7th November, a couple of aches that required non or 1 pain killer, or simply me looking upwards and telling it to ‘You can fuck off!’ Yet more tests are being done on my eyes in January, even though I’ve been told by several opticians and eye Doctors that they can’t see anything wrong with my eyes…but there we go…what do I know… *shrug*

I felt better being away, more like myself. Batteries are recharged and I feel better mentally. Dunno if I’m 100% but no more thoughts of waiting to die, though that could be cause of no headaches, either way, moving in the right direction. Though it’s always immensely helpful when you tell someone that’s how you were feeling before you went away and they laugh at you… Yeah thanks for that… *sarcastic thumbs up*

Anyway, that went dark, but life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Hopefully with health mostly back on track I can concentrate on keeping this blog more active like when I started. While I was away I was planning on gaming loads! Switch, DS and PS Vita travelling with me, yet I barely touched them till Thursday, I was writing. For the first time in a while I had an idea that I thought I could actually turn into a written piece. I’m up to just over 3000 words at the moment and not even gotten to the good stuff yet but hopefully I will have it finished, sent to my fantastic editor friend, you know who you are, and then get it up *snigger* here for you all to, hopefully, read and enjoy ^^

I’m sorry again for being away for so long. I really hope I can be better blogger from now on.

Love to you all ❤


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