Horizon Zero Sunset.

See what I did there? Yep, it was awful!

I know I’m repeating my last post but sorry I’ve been kind of absent lately. I said a post was in the works and here it is!

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170809004338

So, I finished Horizon Zero Dawn! I know we are only in August but I have to say… Game of the Year! As previously mentioned, I thought I would enjoy it but struggle with the combat, as my fella told me recently, I just kinda got it and thrived. (Make a note on your calendars, I just said something positive about myself!) I’ve talked about the fun combat and how visually stunning it is. How the music gave me goosebumps, So lets talk about the feels…


There were several points throughout the game where I clutched my chest as it constricted from what I was seeing and hearing onscreen. And the ending… tears streaming down my face! Also a few times where I was swearing like a sailor with rage! My boyfriend, during one of many conversations we had about the game, was like…

‘So if you’ve got to that building, so you’ve seen that bit with ‘spoiler’?’

(I was pointing my finger in the air and glaring even though we were on the phone and no one could see me…)

I don’t wanna say too much, if you have a PS4 then I can not recommend it enough.
Go! Play it! You won’t regret it ^^


I said I wouldn’t say anymore, screenshots don’t count, neither does a video hehe ^^


After I finish a game I kinda of go into limbo for about a week, especially something so story heavy. My brain needs time to process it, make it’s peace with it so to speak before I can pick up another single player game.

After finishing Horizon Zero Dawn I went back to reading more. I finished book 8 of the the awesome Joe Hawke series by Rob Jones, just in time it appeared as I got an email saying book 9, The Sword of Fire, has dropped! (Never loaded up my Kindle faster!) I also started back at the beginning of the Andy McDermott’s Wilde and Chase series. I know, I shouldn’t, I have a pile of books I haven’t even read once but the new Wilde and Chase, King Soloman’s Curse is due out Sept 21st and I fancied a little refresher on Nina and Eddie’s earlier adventures. So much I had forgotten, so many funny, stupid and crazy things Eddie has done, book one done, gonna start book 2 once finished with Sword of Fire.

I’ve also been playing a game called Fortnite with Simon.


Fortnite really feels like a bit of everything kinda game. It’s a sandbox, third person shooter, builder, collection, micro managing ball of fun!

The basic jist for Fortnite is suddenly, 98% of the worlds population disappears and a giant purple storm has appeared along with thousands of zombies! *gasp*
You are the Commander, no, not Shepard, wrong game, and you control a Hero in the field. There are four classes, Soldier, Constructor, Outlander and Ninja. Each one has perk. Soldier better with ranged weapons, Constructor build faster with less materials, Outlander gathers materials faster, Ninjas take less falling damage.

You start out with only a Soldier, Rescue Trooper Ramirez, and you unlock using the others through your levelling and obtain them by loot boxes, I’ll come back to that shortly.

You have a like a world map, (top left) and a local map (top right) where you take on missions. You may have ones to advance the story (bottom) or you may have to meet certain criteria like rescue a certain amount of people. You can go into a mission area but not do the mission itself to gather materials. you will need A LOT of materials!


Here is your Hero tab. You select what hero you wanna use before you set out. If you’re only gathering take an Outlander. Here I’m about to go out on a mission so Ramirez is ready to go. I’ve also unlocked the ability to have a squad bonus. They don’t come with you but they boost your stats and give you bonuses.

You have a base, a Storm Shield. Which, as part of the story will periodically need expanding and defending. Here’s my Storm Shield just before I took on level 4, it was a bit excessive but totally worth the time I took to farm the materials. I made a Tunnel of Death, loads of spaces to slow down and hurt the zombies before they even got anywhere near the walls. There’s also a couple of sniper towers so when Simon is in my game helping me, he likes to snipe, he has several spots to pick from ^^

Also on a lot of the missions you will need to find and defend a point on the map. To defend you will need to build a fort, or something like one. You have three options for materials, wood, brick and metal. Brick is stronger than wood, metal stronger than brick, the old Three Little Pigs method of thinking ^^ You can lay down floors, build walls, stairs and a roof for you building. Building is really super easy, and if you have more of the material it’s made from you can repair on the fly as you defend your base. Once that’s done you can lay traps, which you’ve crafted, for your uninvited guests. One of the other things you will need to craft is weapons and ammo, cause traps won’t be enough to keep out the monsters…

When you complete missions you get exp and your Commander level goes up! Here’s where you spend your points, The Skill Tree. Here you can unlock the other classes, boost your stats, improve your building skills… SO MANY THINGS! I mean it, there are like 4 pages of skills, this is just page one…

Not long into the game you gain access to Research which unlocks even more stuff!! Again, this is page one, there are four pages, two is bigger than one so…

Now, I mentioned loot boxes. They aren’t really boxes as such…more Llamas… I have no idea why, but they are. You can get them in many ways, maybe logging in daily, earning V-Bucks to buy them or spending real money for V-Bucks to buy them. Inside them you get Heroes, Defenders (You can set them up to help defend your forts) Survivors (You can set these guy up in groups to boost your stats) weapon and trap schematics. You then level up these schematics to improve the weapons you make. (The higher rarity the plan, the longer the item lasts, everything must break in the end, always good to have a back up, another reason to do loads of material gathering)

Luckily, all you Heroes, survivors, schematics etc are all kept in one handy place, Your Armory. Here you can view what you’ve got, level it up and recycle unwanted items.


Also in this tab is the Collection Book. Like any loot box, you will get doubles. You can recycle them to get back Exp to then level up other ones, or you can add them to the book, level that up and get bonuses with each level.


It is absolutely CRAZY how much there is to do in this game, and I’ve barely scratched the surface. The game doesn’t ‘officially’ launch till next year, where it will be free to play! Or you can buy and play it right now and start the fun early. It’s fun on it’s own, but so much more when you play with, up to four, friends ^^


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