I’m sorry I’ve been somewhat absent of late. It’s been nearly 3 weeks since I posted Homecoming. I was working on another piece, one that required a little research but in the mean time I was gonna do my usual posts of games, books etc…

However that has not come to pass. I started the new piece of writing, got up to where I needed to research and yet seem to have no willingness to do it… Also I’ve been pulling a little overtime at work and work has been stressing me out somewhat too >.<

I’ve also had the joys of feeling under the weather, then got what could be a migraine for over a week now, it’s still lingering above my right eye and won’t quite shift. I also may have an infection, getting it all checked out at the Dr’s tomorrow.

I have still managed to game, read etc but alas the blog has fell by the wayside. With feeling crappy I spent my time doing gaming and reading, trying to relax and calm my turbulent soul. It helped, somewhat, though feeling guilty about not posting here did weigh on my mind, not writing too. I also have correspondence to draft, write and send out and that has also been filed under the ‘To do’ pile. I did start to write a blog post about gaming but the headache wouldn’t allow me to finish it. As soon as I am able I will finish and post it.

I can only apologies, yet it doesn’t quite seem enough…


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