Holiday! Celebrate! 

Though, as I write this I’m heading home tomorrow >.< Been staying at my boyfriend’s house for a week so loads of chilling, hand held gaming catch up and reading.

Before I left for holiday, a little while ago in fact, I finished Assassins Creed Syndicate. As I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t played any other AC games so can’t compare to the previous titles but I really enjoyed it! Thought the characters were interesting, the story was good, the voice cast did a great job and the music was very fitting.

The DLC, Jack the Ripper, started out a little creepy I must say, don’t want to spoil it for you if you think you’re gonna play it at some point. I’m now playing as Evie on it, looking somewhat different, as it’s set quite a few years after the end of Syndicate. I haven’t got very far into it yet, but I do want to finish it, it’s on the list as they say ^^

Now, most, of Assassins Creed Syndicate is done. It was back to Horizon Zero Dawn. I started this game when it first came out and was blown away by it. It is beautiful in every sense of the word. The visuals are stunning. Guerrilla make games exclusively for PlayStation and with the help of the very guy who basically designed the PS4 they can push it to it’s absolute limit, and it really shows. Plus, with its impressive photomode, a great screenie, can turn in to an amazing one.

The combat is fantastic. With many different types of weapon you can fight how ever works best for you. It could be making enemies vulnerable with elemental bombs thrown from a sling, or arrows from a bow. Pinning them to the floor with ropes. Planning and setting up traps to make them run into them. You can fire arrows that will tear bits off the machines damaging them and making them easier to fight. The possibilities are endless. I was worried I couldn’t pull off the combat in this game, but I absolutely love it!

This video is about 15 levels old now but gives you a gist of how I play. Arrows, elemental bombs and ropecasters ^^

I’m just over halfway through now so still plenty to do.

When I’m away from home, luckily, I don’t have to stop gaming. With a 3DS and PS Vita packed to come with me, along with my Kindle I have many hours of relaxation planned.

My Kindle has been hammered quite a bit over last few days, though it always does truth be told, that baby comes everywhere with me. I’ve managed to write a bit more of one of my pieces, I have two ‘open’ at the moment. I think they are both going okay. I’ll post them up when they are done. I’ve also finished book seven in the Joe Hawke series by Rob Jones. I’ve started book eight but, it’s hard with how The Hunt for Atlantis ended, I’m not gonna hide it, there were tears *sniff*

I’ve also started reading the Edge Security series by Trish Loye. Good action with a smattering of romance ^^

I’ll quite happily sit at home and play hand held games, but they come out to play more I’m away from home, which makes sense as that’s what they are for lol This week I’ve mainly been playing Assassins Creed Liberation on the Vita. Had to pick it up after wanting to play more AC, was a toss up between Liberation and Chronicles. I will get Chronicles eventually, mainly deciding what console to get it on, Vita or PS4. I think the style suits the Vita well but what’s the point in sitting there with a small screen when I could be playing on the bigger screen? More thought needs to go into this, maybe after I’ve made a dent in some of the gaming pile >.<

I’m really enjoying Liberation. I’m onto sequence three now. Love the switching of Personas from Assassin, Slave and Lady. Makes things interesting, fun and adds to the challenge. Very much looking forward to playing more.

Also continuing my stupidly slow progress of Fire Emblem Awakening. Just got one of the future kids to pick up now, Cynthia. Then I can, hopefully plow through remaining main story chapters and additional side ones. Then I can focus on Fates properly without Awakening waving at me out the corner of my eye. I’m still collecting characters in Fire Emblem Heroes too on my phone. It’s so weird going back to a full Fire Emblem after the playing the phone one ^^

I’ve put Lon’qu here to represent Awakening and Heroes as he’s one of my favourites, complete coincidence that’s it’s his ripped clothing art from Heroes showing off his strong arm…*sigh*

*cough* Kim? There’s a bit more to write…

What? Oh yeah, games! Waiting for me at home is a brand new console so even more games to play. An Nintendo Switch!

I knew I wanted one when they were first shown, but wanted to wait, like I did with my PS4, for a game or games that I wanted to play. Now it came out with The Legend of Zelda, which I wanted but I knew it would hard to obtain and it was coming out in Mad March (When Horizon, Nier and Mass Effect Andromeda was dropping) so I decided to wait. I wanted Fire Emblem Warriors, which is due out later in the year, so I thought I would spread the cost a bit and not pay out loads in one go, buying The Legend of Zelda a couple of months ago, and a case for it back in May. I put an order in for the Switch itself on Amazon in the middle of June, as it said it was due back in stock at end of July. I thought perfect, spread the cost well and then I’ll all be ready for Warriors at the end of the year, and a whole brand new Fire Emblem *squeal* next year.

So that was the plan, but I get an email the day before I go away saying, it will be in stock a whole month early, in three days time…

Holy Crap!

So, I go away the Saturday, and on the Monday a Switch turned up at home! I can not wait to get home and set it all up tomorrow, once I’ve done a little bit of adulting of course. Grrrr dusting and washing >.<

Happy Gaming people!


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