Still going…mostly

It’s been a few days and I’m still gaming away, when not in work anyway >.<

Assassins Creed Syndicate is still going great! Onto Sequence 9 which is the last but I’m gonna wrap up the London Stories, Associate Activities etc first then after the end I’m gonna do the Jack the Ripper DLC (Which I’ve heard is very dark!)

Assassin's Creed® Syndicate_20151231233429

Still slowly chipping away at Fire Emblem Awakening! I’m on Chapter 17, out of 26 (Got to Chapter 24 before I realised I was missing Sumia’s child >.<) Picked up seven of them with five to go them I’m gonna carry on with the story till the last lot of Paralogues unlock, well they are already on the map, just need the final paths to access them ^^


I still have all three of Fire Emblem Fates to play, as well as Echoes ready to go too. Though I’m tempted to go back to some other games I stopped playing halfway through, for whatever reason, and get them finished too. To that end there’s a few games in that pile! Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last of Us I’ve mentioned before but also Tales of the Abyss. Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice, Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, Golden Sun Dark Dawn…


Now…there’s a game, well two in fact that were so under appreciated for their time. Golden Sun and Golden Sun The Lost Age for the GameBoy Advance came out in 2001 and 2002 respectively and they were fantastic turn based RPGs.


Basic gist is Alchemy was sealed away on the planet long ago and a group of people are trying to unleash it. It follows the, almost typical band of heroes that start out as friends in a small village to stop the bad guys from destroying everything. Your protagonist, Issac never says a word apart from when your companions ask you questions and you give yes or no answers in the form of nods and shakes of the head. Issac and his three friends are all ‘Adepts’ they can use ‘Psynergy’ Which are the games magic, there’s Mars (Fire) Jupiter (Wind) Venus (Earth) Mercury (Water) these can also be used outside of battle to solve puzzles, for example, freezing a puddle of water into a column for you to then jump across a gap. The other main element, and what set it apart from other RPGs was the collecting and using of Djinn. Djinn were little creatures, also each of an element and you ‘Set’ them to a character, increasing stats and you can unleash them onto your enemies. Unleashing several could then add up to give you powerful summon for devastating damage! If you ever fancy playing an old school turned based RPG, try out Golden Sun ^^


As you can see by the list above I love me some quirky games, Ace Attorney being one of the kings of them. I really hope they make another one for western audiences soon!

Also managed to pick up the book I was reading before, Rob Jones’ fantastic Joe Hawke series. I’m currently on book 5, Valhalla Gold. The first is called The Vault of Poseidon and the series follows ex SBS Joe Hawke as him and, what I can only describe as a gang of misfits, try to save the world from the crazy guy trying to destroy it. These stories are action packed, full of humour and yeah, they probably all should of died four/five times in each book but you don’t care cause you are having a blast! Who reads these kinda books for ‘realise’ anyway?!?!

With all the good things going on I have hit a bit of a rut with writing. I’m was so close to finishing one piece, couldn’t and tried to force it so ouch, painful head and writers block. So giving myself a few days away from it to clear my head and hopefully I’ll be able to complete it and load it up here soon. I was also worried as had no ideas for after that piece was finished, but thanks to a naughty conversation with a friend, you know who you are, I have another idea, which I’ve written the first few lines of so they stop poking my brain, so, if all goes to plan, 2 pieces are in the pipeline, for those among you who like my smutty works ^^



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