Not…doing anything really…

I wanted to do a post about what I’m playing right now, but I’m not really…

Mass Effect™: Andromeda_20170513175430

I finished Mass Effect Andromeda a week ago now, it was amazing! I dragged it out a little, maybe more than a little, but I didn’t want it to end! The next day I started a New Game+ on Hardcore…Why?!? I can’t shoot for shit but yep I did, this time playing as Scott. Got to the Nexus and saved it there for now.

Mass Effect™: Andromeda_20170514121517

I then planned to get back to some games I had started but not finished before the next new one drops. Main ones being…

The Last of Us
The Last of Us™ Remastered_20161219010345

Horizon Zero Dawn
Horizon Zero Dawn™_20170305221955

I loaded up Last of Us, did a little more. Left Tess so just Joel and Ellie now, met up with Bill and just left the church, but then I stopped, just wasn’t feeling it… So switched to Horizon, loaded it up, ran around a little, killed some enemies but…just wasn’t feeling that either… It’s not just the games either, the Sky box is backing up a bit, and the books are stacking up too….

I started to re-read the amazing Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, got up to book six then stopped. With the sequel movie out in August it would be awesome to re-read Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, been many years since I’ve read it. Andy McDermott has a new Wilde and Chase out in September, would love to revisit those too. I’m on book four of the Joe Hawke adventure series by Rob Jones. The Mass Effect Andromeda prequel Nexus Uprising definitely needs to be read! Not to mention a few others including the first of each of Sigma Force, Ben Hope and Matt Drake series all ready on Kindle to see if I like those….

I hate it when I get like this…. so many things to do but just not feeling any of them…It’s like I’ve given myself to much to do, which to be honest I have, I guess I can’t help liking so many things…
This feeling comes up every so often, a few days, maybe a week of being swamped, I usually can climb my way out. I think a lot the way I feel comes from monthly hormones, they can really serve me a curve ball, ranging from being very emotional, to evil bitch brain appearing and making me feel worthless, or, this month it seems to be the swamped feeling again. You would think that about fifteen or so years of this I would get used to it, taken me this long to work it all out. I know there are people out there who feel like this more, and for more serious things, or even all the time. I don’t mean to trivialise how you feel and I’m sorry if I have


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