Ya know, I don’t know what I’m doing…

As I said in my first post, never thought I would create a blog, I mean, what am I meant to post about? Do you guys really wanna hear about how I spent the morning, and early afternoon (Naughty Twitter distraction) dusting, cleaning and hoovering my bedroom? How I put away the washing that I hung up to dry last night. Sorted a bag of books to take to the charity shop and how I sat there staring at this screen with it’s flashing little line thinking ‘What am I meant to write?’

You didn’t want to hear but I guess you have now lol

On the plus side all the jobs, for today anyway, are now done. I don’t normally have that many jobs to do indoors (Rents are on holiday) safer to stay out the way when rents get their clean on! (Same when mum decorates the Christmas tree) Downside is I left just enough time to shower, eat and now it’s time for work, only four and a half hours but still *Disgusted Noise*


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